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RECREATION LEADER Summer Programs Job opening - Inglewood state California  ( Job openings )

RECREATION LEADER Summer Programs Job opening - Inglewood state California ( Job openings )

Inglewood , state California ( By Press Release office)
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   Under immediate supervision, assist in organizing, planning, directing, and implementing a wide range of recreational programs that foster human development by ensuring safety participants and security of city-sponsored activities and special events. 
   Summer Day Camp 
   Plan, organize, and lead a variety of leisure activities such as arts and crafts, sports, games,
   Assist in arranging recreational and educational classes, speakers, and field trips; 
   Monitor and assist in supervising participant safety and behavior and communicate with parents/guardians as needed. 
   Complete, organize, and maintain attendance records, payments, and other related paperwork.
   Set-up, prepare and clean designated areas for activities and events; 
   Distribute flyers, promote and provide information to patrons regarding camp activities;
   Check and track supplies and materials; 
   Serve meals to youth on an as-needed basis; 
   Summer Food Program 
   Serve meals to youth daily, set up, prepare, and clean designated serving and eating areas for use; 
   Adhere to all regulations specified by the CDE, Health Department, and other regulatory agencies;
   Monitor and supervise program participants to ensure safe and proper conduct; 
   Complete, organize, and maintain records and documentation of attendance and other related paperwork;
   Check and track food inventory, supplies, and materials; 
   Provide outreach to the community;
   Recreation Leader – Facilities
   Supervise recreational facilities and program participants, enforce City's policies and procedures;
   Prepare and supervise buildings for rental activities; 
   Set-up, breakdown, and monitor park facilities and activities;
   Monitor and secure park facilities, restrooms, gates, and fields. 
   Maintain athletic activity areas such as preparing fields for games and practices;
   Completes incident/accident and behavior forms as needed;
   Maintain high standards of health and safety in all activities;
   Assist in collecting, organizing, and recording records of attendance, payments, and other related paperwork;

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