About us in a few words

What we do?:

An unique service that provide access to millions of press releases only from official state agencies . Our search engine is up to date . We scan every 30 minutes all agencies .

Useful ? : We think so . For many reasons . Here are a few:

Stay informed only from official sources . No fake news . No "click-bait" . No "out of context" . Full news from official press releases.

Read news with one click from over 400 state agencies (our final target ) and from 7079 local news sources (small cities and various small organizations) .

Historical resource ,as we index old press releases .

Up to date? : Yes, every 30 minutes.

What is a Press Release (PR) ? : A press release is an official statement sent to members of the news media with the goal of presenting information, making an official remark, or making a public announcement. Press releases are also regarded as primary sources, as they are the first sources of information.


We consider that we provide a service more than content .

Why this service is unique , how we add value , explanations :

Great resource for informations, great for news writers , newspapers.

A press release can become news . Most of the time, press releases become news . Imagine browsing thousand of state and local authorities for press releases one by one . How easy is to have it all in one place !

Alternative news . An alternative to read news from papers for everyday users . As we said , NO "click-bait" titles ,NO "out of context" , NO "personal opinions expressed" .

You can find many interesting and up-to-date news for official sources.

Powerful and comprehensive search engine.

Our search engine is fast, using the latest database techniques for blazing fast access to millions of press releases .

Historical resource .

We will index any press release , no matter how old it is .

Up to date .

Our crawler monitor all news source every day for news and press releases .


We quote every press release , stating clearly what agencies release it . We provide also direct link to the press release to verify the accuracy . So , if you dont trust us , just click the the link to the press releases.

Increase visibility .

We increase visibility for the press releases from agencies .


Our website in a few simple statistics


Press releases from all agencies .(national)


Press releases from all agencies .(local)


We provide the following services :

Indexing old and new press release . May be used for historical purposes .

We index press release from official government agencies.

Search section

Fast search section with many filters and options (complete possibilities to search).

Increase visibility

We offer increase visibility to press release from government agencies with the help of the site and the newsletter service.

Newsletter service

Newsletter service for users that are interested .

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