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Office Assistant I II Job opening - Plumas County state California  ( Job openings )

Office Assistant I II Job opening - Plumas County state California ( Job openings )

Plumas County , state California ( By Press Release office)
2022-01-24T00:00 - 2022-02-23T00:00 | 45 | 2
   Position Information
   Salary Information:
   Office Assistant I: $15.00min - $15.75max
   Office Assistant II: $15.75min - $16.54max
   Office Assistant I:
   Performs a variety of general or specialized clerical duties related to filing, reception, form processing, record maintenance, mail, typing or data entry; obtains and compares information related to department records, programs, and services; may perform the initial applicant screening as an incidental function and initiate cases through the department's automated system; and performs related work as required
   Working under close supervision, Office Assistant I is the entry/trainee level in the Office Assistant series. Employees in this class receive in-service training and are given detailed instructions in the performance of routine clerical duties related to filing, reception, form processing, record maintenance, mail, and typing or data entry and performs tasks that are more structured and repetitive than those assigned to level II. As requisite skills and knowledge are developed, greater independence and the full scope of responsibility are exercised.  Unless a position is permanently allocated to level I due to the nature of the work, employees are expected to promote to the Office Assistant II level after one year of satisfactory performance at the trainee level.
   Office Assistant II:
   Working under general supervision, Office Assistant II is the journey level in the Office Assistant series. Employees at this level are expected to be fully qualified and able to perform difficult and responsible office support work within the framework of established work methods and procedures and to use independent judgment in selecting and applying specific references, procedures, sequences, and alternatives to different work situations, referring non-procedural questions to the supervisor. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the lower level of Office Assistant I, or if filled from the outside, require prior related experience.
   The Office Assistant II differs from the Office Assistant III by the level of supervision received, the scope and effect of functions performed, the degree of independence exercised, and the complexity of work assigned. The Office Assistant III may also be assigned lead worker duties, or screening duties on a consistent rather than incidental basis. The Office Assistant series differs from the Account Clerk series in that the primary duties of the Account Clerk involve the application of mathematical skill and ability in the use of financial, numerical and statistical data and information. The Office Assistant class performs a wide variety of general office support duties in which the use of mathematical ability is incidental to the primary function and most frequently performed duties.
   Minimum Qualifications
   Office Assistant I:
   Experience and/or training in an office setting, paid or unpaid, related to filing, reception, processing mail, typing, data entry, answering telephones, assisting the public or other clerical duties.
   Office Assistant II:
   One (1) year of full-time experience performing clerical duties in an office environment.
   Supplemental Information
   A valid driver license may be required at the time of appointment. Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to a disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
   Positions may require pre-employment screening, including background checks, and fingerprinting. 
   Government agencies accessing US government information, which include federal tax information must ensure that background investigation requirements for all agency employees and contractors that have access to federal tax information are consistent to the IRS background investigation requirements for access to federal tax information. A background check may be required if the position requires access to these types of records. Background requirements consist of three components which include, fingerprinting, citizenship verification and local law enforcement checks. Applicable agencies must conduct investigation during time of hire and ensure a reinvestigation is conducted 10 years from the date of the previous background investigation for each employee that has access to federal tax information. 
   Recruitments that note continuous under the closing date are subject to close at any time. Applications will not be accepted after a continuous recruitment is closed. 
   The written exam and oral exam dates will be determined once the recruitment closes.
   If supplemental questions are included as a part of this job bulletin, applicants may be rated based upon their responses to the supplemental questions. If rated, only those that are determined to be highly qualified will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.
   Special testing arrangements may be made to accommodate applicants for disability, military, or religious reasons. If you require such arrangements, please contact California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), Merit System Services (MSS), at
    or 916-323-2363 upon notification that your application has been approved. Documentation from medical, military, school, or church officials outlining the accommodation request must be received by our office a minimum of five business days prior to a scheduled examination.
    CPS HR Consulting
    Merit System Services Unit
    2450 Del Paso Road, Suite 160
    Sacramento, CA 95834
    Phone: (916) 471-3507

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