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Communications Technician 911 dispatcher Job opening - Cortez state Colorado  ( Job openings )

Communications Technician 911 dispatcher Job opening - Cortez state Colorado ( Job openings )

Cortez , state Colorado ( By Press Release office)
2022-01-17T00:00 - 2022-02-16T00:00 | 33 | 2
   Monitors radio traffic, maintaining status and locations of officers, firemen, EMS personnel and others with two-way radio, keeping officer safety and public safety a high priority at all times.
   Monitors telephone and other telecommunication systems (computer, tdd, enhanced 911). Receives and relays information to proper personnel and departments. Dispatches calls to appropriate law enforcement and emergency units, prioritizing according to degree of emergency and location.
   Records and maintains accurate documentation of information received and disseminated. Records and maintains accurate documentation of police and emergency unit locations and activities. Documents information pertaining to crime activity and critical events. This is accomplished with the use of computer aided dispatch system, computer related telecommunications systems, various paging devices, tdd phone and enhanced 911.
   Provides information and assistance to police and emergency units in the form of directions to locations, additional personnel and needed resources. Must have knowledge of available information and resources. Makes notification of dispositions to all necessary and involved personnel.
   Responsible for the security, operations, maintenance, and upkeep of equipment and immediate work area.
   Provides Emergency Medical Dispatch to trauma, EMS and fire calls as the first person on the scene.
   Performs other duties as assigned.
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