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Swansea Departments: Quick Overview and Contacts;

FAQ ( frequently asked question )

Public records, resolutions and ordinances, and other information can be requested by submitting the Records and Information Request Form to the Village Clerk's Office. Historical information that is not available from the Village Clerk's Office can be obtain from the Village Historical Society. Records and Information Request Form ( City Clerk - Swansea )

If you have sustained an injury or damage for which you believe the Village or one of its employees is responsible, you may file a claim against the Village. Filing a Claim ( City Clerk - Swansea )

The current population of the Village is 200,000 people. ( Economic Development - Swansea )

Only for Seniors, the Village has the Senior Van for our senior who need a ride to the store or doctors office.. ( Economic Development - Swansea )

Vendors who are interested in selling products and services in the Village can find the requirements and opportunities from our Building and Zoning Department. Purchasing Services ( Finance - Swansea )

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payroll, contact the Payroll Office at(618) 234-0044 ( Finance - Swansea )

In the case of life-threatening emergency, we will dispatch a fire truck along with an EMS unit to provide extra assistance since all of our personnel are trained to provide at least Basic Life Support. ( Fire Department - Swansea )

Normally, residents are allowed to burn leaves or yard waste certain times of the year. You can burn on Wednesday & Saturdays from 11:00am to 4:00pm in the months of April 1st through June 15th, and October and November. ( Fire Department - Swansea )

Our average response time within the Village is based on factors such as traffic, weather and distance. ( Fire Department - Swansea )

Contact our Government Center at (618) 234-0044. Or you may view our facilities on our website under Parks & Recreation. Facility Rentals. ( Parks & Recreation - Swansea )

For a copy of an accident report, please contact the Police Department at (618) 233-8114 or come by the Police Department at 1400 North Illinois between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. ( Police Department - Swansea )

No ( Police Department - Swansea )

Contact the Sewer Department at (618) 234-0044 then press 1 to establish new sewer service. . ( Public Works - Swansea )