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Social Worker I or II Job opening - Tolowa Dee-Ni Nation state California  ( Job openings )

Social Worker I or II Job opening - Tolowa Dee-Ni Nation state California ( Job openings )

Tolowa Dee-Ni Nation , state California ( By Press Release office)
2022-02-02T00:00 - 2022-03-04T00:00 | 34 | 2
   Social Worker I or II
   Community & Family Wellness Services
   Full Time
   Pay Grade: 
   7-8 ($20.88-$32.01)
    Family Services Program Manager
   Grant Funded: 
   Position Summary: 
   Social Worker is a professional position responsible for providing a wide range of case management and supportive services to Indian families. They assist clients in understanding the causes of their problems and work with them to modify and change attitudes and behavior. Social workers assist families and individuals in developing case plans to address safety issues and to correct problems that create substantial risk factors. When necessary social workers may initiate court action to protect children and vulnerable adults.
   The Social Worker II assists Social Worker I with unusual situations that do not have clear precedents or when clarification or interpretations of established policies/regulations are needed. Employees work with a high degree of independence in administering services and in using agency or community resources; working independently toward established objectives. Other duties will require the development and delivery of staff and clientele training materials, working with the Tribal Community to plan and deliver effective human services that meet the needs of the community.

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