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FAQ ( frequently asked question )

The most likely answer is that the ticket has not been entered into the online payment system.  Please try again in a day or two or contact the Finance Department at (309) 454-9769. View information on payments. ( Finance - Normal )

The current tax rate is 8.75%. For more information, visit the Taxes and Fees webpage. ( Finance - Normal )

According to local ordinance, any vehicle registered to an address within the city limits of Bloomington or Normal is subject to this local use tax. You will receive a letter after the State has notified the Town of such registration. View frequently asked questions about the use tax. ( Finance - Normal )

Call the Use Tax help line at (309) 454-9625. ( Finance - Normal )

Station tours may be scheduled by calling Normal Fire Headquarters during regular business hours at 309-454-9689. Tours should be scheduled at least 2-3 weeks in advance if possible. Since the fire station may receive an emergency call while the tour is in progress, responsible adults are required to accompany all tours to monitor the children while the firefighters are gone. In the event that an emergency call comes in prior to the tour, and you arrive and there is no one at the station, please wait patiently as we will return to the station as soon as the call is completed. If it is not possible to return, we will be happy to reschedule your tour. ( Fire - Normal )

If no one is feeling ill: 1. Listen to the pattern of the beeps to determine the type of problem. A label or markings on the alarm should tell you what the beeps mean (i.e. faulty alarm, low battery, or alarm). 2. If you are unable to determine the nature of the beeping, turn off all appliances and sources of combustion (i.e. furnace, gas stoves, and fireplace). 3. Ventilate the house with fresh air by opening doors and windows. 4. Call a qualified professional to investigate the source of the possible CO buildup. If illness is a factor: 1. Evacuate all occupants immediately. 2. Determine how many occupants are ill and determine their symptoms. 3. Call 9-1-1 and when relaying information to the dispatcher, include the number of people feeling ill. 4. Do not re-enter the home without the approval of a fire department representative. 5. Call a qualified professional to repair the source of the CO. ( Fire - Normal )

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement. Many fatal fires begin late at night or in the early morning. For extra safety, install smoke alarms both inside and outside sleeping areas. Since smoke and many deadly gases rise, installing your smoke alarms at the proper level will provide you with the earliest warning possible. Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. ( Fire - Normal )

Yes! But you have to make an appointment. Certified car seat safety technicians will provide a one-on-one opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn about child passenger safety and have their car seats inspected for proper installation. Please bring the children who will be riding in the car seats, the vehicle owner manual, and the car seat instruction booklet if at all possible. Car seat checks are handled BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Call 309-828-1892 to schedule your appointment. To ensure we are able to provide the quality time to every family, there will be no walk-ins accepted. To make an appointment, contact Child Care Resource and Referral Network at 309-828-1892. ( Fire - Normal )

It depends on what you’re planning to burn. The Town of Normal allows outdoor fires without permits under two conditions: Cooking fires and Recreational Fires. Cooking fires are allowed under the following conditions: (1) The fire is built in a fireplace, or grill; (2) The fire is used for cooking purposes only; (3) The fire is kept under competent and continuous supervision; (4) All flammable and combustible material not used as fuel for the fire is removed a sufficient distance from the fire so as not to constitute a hazard; (5) All fires and coals are thoroughly extinguished after the use thereof has been completed; and (6) Only clean, dry firewood or charcoal may be used for cooking fires. Construction materials or yard waste are strictly prohibited. The use of flammable or combustible liquids, other than commercially produced charcoal lighter fluid, to start the fire is strictly prohibited. Recreational fires are allowed under the following conditions: (1) The fire is in a commercially available portable fireplace, a chiminea, a permanent outdoor fireplace constructed of stone or firebrick, or in an approved fire pit. For purposes of this Section, an approved fire pit shall be bare ground with no vegetation no less than fifteen feet in diameter. (2) Only clean, dry firewood may be used for recreational fires. Construction materials or yard waste is strictly prohibited. The use of flammable or combustible liquids, other than commercially produced charcoal lighter fluid, to start the fire is strictly prohibited. (3) The fire is kept under competent and continuous supervision. (4) All flammable and combustible material not used as fuel for the fire is removed a sufficient distance from the fire so as not to constitute a hazard. (5) All fires and coals are thoroughly extinguished after the use thereof has been completed. (6) No fire shall exceed three feet in diameter or two feet in height. (7) No fire in an approved container (portable fireplace or chiminea) shall be located within 8 feet of a building. No fire in a fire pit shall be located within 25 feet of a building. (8) At least one functioning, portable fire extinguisher with a 4-A rating shall be outside and available for immediate use at all times when the fire is burning, or a functional garden hose attached to a functional water source. (9) No recreational fires are permitted between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (10) No recreational fire shall be permitted when the Fire Chief or his designee has issued an order banning all recreational fires. The Fire Chief may issue an order banning all recreational or special event fires when wind conditions or drought create a significant risk of fire spreading beyond the recreational or special event fire. (11) All recreational fires shall be extinguished when repeated wind gusts in excess of 20 miles per hour are presented or when there is sustained wind in excess of 15 miles per hour. For further details, refer to section 6.4-17 of the Town of Normal Municipal Code "OPEN BURNING & PERMIT SYSTEM." Municipal Code - Chapter 6 ( Fire - Normal )

Normal Fire Department ambulances are staffed with two paramedics. Based on information our dispatch center receives prior to our arrival, we may need more equipment or manpower to properly care for the patient. Sometimes the condition of the patient may require both paramedics to work on the patient in the back of the ambulance or sometimes the paramedics need assistance moving the patient to the ambulance. The engine company is sent to calls where the likelihood of that situation is the greatest. The engine company provides additional manpower and additional help for the paramedics if it is needed at the call. If the engine is not needed, it is returned to service. Also, our engine companies carry medical equipment on board. Depending on where the call is, the engine may be closer to the call than the responding ambulance. In this case, the engine company acts as the first responder to assess the patient condition and prepare the patient for transport when the ambulance arrives. ( Fire - Normal )

The McLean County Emergency Management Agency has a Functional Needs Registry program in place to assist those with functional needs during times of emergency. The information is updated periodically and is totally secure and free of charge. Any information provided is automatically linked to your address in our dispatch software so that responding units will have the information as they are responding. To register for the program or for more information, click the link below. McLean County Functional Needs Registry ( Fire - Normal )

All questions regarding medical billing are handled through our business office. Please contact our office associate at (309) 454-9613 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. ( Fire - Normal )

Generically, a "truck" could be almost any vehicle used by the fire department, but the term has become specialized over the years. Originally, "engine" referred exclusively to "pump", the important tool for getting water to a fire. Today, "fire engines" are those vehicles of the fire department that pump water. The term "truck" is reserved for other types of vehicles, usually having one or more ladders. Since Fire Engines and Fire Trucks perform significantly different functions at a fire scene, they are very different. Fire engines are equipped with hoses and water so that personnel can aggressively fight the fire. Fire Trucks are like the firefighter's tool box -- carrying ladders, rescue equipment and other tools to enable personnel to support firefighting activities. ( Fire - Normal )

Information regarding eligibility requirements and job application packets may be downloaded by clicking this link. ( Fire - Normal )

The most widely-accepted reason that fire engines are painted red dates back to the 1800s -- a time when there was a LOT of competition between the fire brigades of neighboring cities and towns. The firefighters of each brigade took great pride in their pump. Each brigade wanted their rig stand out by being the cleanest, having the most brass, or being a regal color. Because red was the most expensive color, that's what color most crews chose to paint the pump. Other sources cite the tradition of painting fire engines red going back to the early 1920's. Henry Ford wanted to make cars as inexpensively as possible and only offered cars in one color: black. With all of these black vehicles on the road, the fire service began painting their vehicles red in an effort to stand out. Today, just as you have many more choices of colors available to you for your vehicle, so do the fire engine manufacturers, and it is not uncommon to see white, yellow, blue, orange, green, or even black fire engines, in addition to red. And while some studies hint that colors such as lime-green may be more visible to the public than traditional red, the vast majority of fire departments continue to use red fire engines -- a color instantly recognized by everyone as that of a fire engine. Normal Fire Department apparatus and ambulances are painted with a black top over red body. This is a traditional nod to the first closed-cab chief's cars in Chicago. Back then, they had black canvas tops which would not take paint. Someone in administration liked the appearance, so as new closed-cab apparatus came into service, they painted the cab roofs black, and the tradition continues today. You may also notice the green light on some fire engines. This is also a traditional Chicago-style fire engine feature. Commissioner Albert Goodrich of the Chicago Fire Department (1927 - 1931) had a nautical background. He applied the marine scheme (red light on port, green light on starboard) to fire apparatus, and the idea became a tradition of the Chicago Fire Department. It is also used to mark the bay doors at most Chicago fire stations. ( Fire - Normal )

Normal Fire Department is pleased to offer text alerts through the social networking site, Twitter. Simply text “Follow NormalFire” to 40404 to subscribe to our emergency alerts. Standard text messaging rates may apply; Check with your wireless provider. To stop receiving text alerts, text "Stop NormalFire" to 40404. You may also follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds online for the latest department news and information. View the NFD Twitter Feed ( Fire - Normal )

Each commercial occupancy in the Town of Normal is inspected at least once a year, and for certain occupancy types, such as daycare centers and liquor license establishments, at least twice times a year. The inspectors will notate any violations and will return on a re-inspection to ensure that the violations have been corrected. Learn more... ( Fire - Normal )

Test it! Push the test button on the front of the unit and it should emit a loud beeping sound for as long as the button is depressed. If you have a smoke alarm with batteries: Smoke Alarms powered by long-lasting batteries are designed to replace the entire unit according to manufacturer’s instructions. In standard type battery powered smoke alarms, the batteries need to be replaced at least once per year and the whole unit should be replaced every 8-10 years. In hard-wired, battery back up smoke alarms, the batteries need to be checked monthly, and replaced at least once per year. The entire unit should be replaced every 8-10 years. ( Fire - Normal )

Contact our public education officer by calling 309-454-9622 at least two weeks in advance to schedule your event. We are proud to offer fire safety programs for all ages and audiences. Learn more... ( Fire - Normal )

To hold their bunker pants up. (Please, stop asking!) ( Fire - Normal )

Consider relocating the detector to a location further away from the stove. Do not disable your smoke alarm if it alarms due to cooking or other non-fire causes. You may not remember to put the batteries back in the alarm after cooking. Instead clear the air by waving a towel near the alarm, leaving the batteries in place. The alarm may need to be moved to a new location. Some of the newer models have a “hush” button that silences nuisance alarms. ( Fire - Normal )

The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and first responders. First Responders across North America use the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System to prevent costly entry damage while protecting property and lives. When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, Knox® products allow immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. Property owners store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box key boxes mounted near building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by Normal Fire Department. In the Town of Normal, if you have an automatic fire alarm system or a sprinkler system installed in your property, you are required to install a Knox Box. Additionally, if you have a family member who lives alone, or someone who is frequent to falls or other medical emergencies, you may consider installing a residential Knox Box so our paramedics can easily gain entry to the house without causing damage to doors or windows. Visit ( Fire - Normal )

Fire re-inspections are scheduled two to three weeks from the date of initial inspection. The reinspection will be unannounced and will occur sometime in the WEEK listed on your original inspection form. If you are unable to correct the violation by the time you are scheduled for re-inspection (ex: parts are ordered, but have not arrived), please contact the Prevention Division as soon as possible at 309-454-9616. ( Fire - Normal )

Normal Fire Department investigates all reported automatic fire alarms within the Town limits. If a fire alarm goes off, it is important to EVACUATE the building and wait for instructions from fire personnel. NEVER silence or reset the fire alarm without permission of a fire official. Doing so assumes great liability and could potentially result in injury or the loss of life. Fire alarms by nature are sensitive, and may go off for reasons other than a fire. We understand this and we deal with it on a daily basis. However, if an alarm is sounding on numerous incidents and there is no emergency, we consider that alarm to be a nuisance alarm, which the Town has specific ordinance to regulate. False Alarm means an alarm signal eliciting a response by the police or fire department when a situation requiring a response by the police or fire department does not in fact exist. False alarm does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business operator or alarm user. Alarms resulting from the following conditions are not considered false alarms: 1. Criminal activity or unauthorized entry. 2. Earthquake causing structural damage to the protected premises. 3. High winds sufficient to activate motion detection system or causing physical damage to the protected premises. 4. Flooding of the protected premises due to overflow of natural drainage. 5. Lightning bolt causing physical damage to the protected premises. 6. Telephone line malfunction verified in writing to the Town by at least a first line telephone company supervisor. 7. Electrical service interruption verified in writing to the department by local power company. 8. Communication to the police or fire department before a unit is dispatched to investigate clearly indicating that the alarm resulting from authorized entry, authorized system test, or other non-criminal cause. 9. An alarm caused on the reasonable but mistaken belief that a burglary, robbery, or other criminal offense, fire emergency, or medical emergency is in progress. 10. The generation of a false alarm which is beyond the reasonable control of the system user. SEC. 22.12-3 EXCESSIVE FALSE ALARMS AND FEE ASSESSMENT A. If any alarm system produces a false alarm in any calendar year, the chief of the involved department shall provide written notice of the fact, which shall be given by certified mail or delivery to the subscriber asking the subscriber to take corrective action in regard to false alarms and informing subscriber of the false alarm fee schedule provided herein. B. Subscribers installing a new system or making substantial modifications to an existing system shall be entitled to a grace period during which alarms generated by such system shall be deemed non-false alarms. The grace period shall cease thirty (30) days after installation of or modification to an alarm system. C. Upon any alarm system producing more than one false alarm in a calendar year, a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per false alarm shall be charged to the subscriber. SEC. 22.12-4 All fees assessed must be paid to Town Finance Department or a written appeal must be submitted to the City Manager within three (3) days of fee assessment. ( Fire - Normal )

McLean County uses a consolidated booking center.  All agencies in McLean County, including the Town of Normal transport arrestees to the McLean County Jail.  Arrest Records are maintained by the McLean County Sheriff’s Department and should be requested directly through that agency.   Follow this link to be directed to the McLean County Sheriff’s Online FOIA Request Form . Select the Submit a Request button. ( FOIA - Normal )

Background checks are not processed under the Freedom of Information Act. Please contact Police Records for additional information of requesting a Background Check at 309.454.9528. ( FOIA - Normal )

Court Records are maintained by the McLean County Circuit Clerk.  If you are seeking Disposition information, Charges, or if you have a Court Case Number (ex. 2019CF1234, 19TR1234, 19 CM 1234) they may be available through the McLean County Public Access web page. Follow this link to be directed to the McLean County Circuit Clerk Public Access web page. ( FOIA - Normal )

Pursuant to law, you are entitled to appeal the decision denying your request for certain information.  You may appeal by requesting a review by the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor within 60 calendar days from the date of this denial.  Here is the contact information of the Public Access Counselor:         Office of the Attorney General Public Access Bureau 500 S. 2nd Street  Springfield, Illinois 62706 217-558-0486 You also have the right to judicial review.  Suit may be filed in the Circuit Court for McLean County: Law and Justice Center Circuit Clerk 104 W. Front St.  Bloomington, IL 61701  309-888-5301   ( FOIA - Normal )

Pursuant to the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, police reports involving a juvenile who has been arrested or investigated may not be released.  Reports involving a juvenile who has been arrested or investigated may only be released upon receipt of an Order from the presiding juvenile Court judge. ( FOIA - Normal )

Property owners must fill out a COA for any exterior alteration (other than landscaping or painting an already painted surface) to a designated landmark or property within a historic district. This application must be approved before the Town Inspections Department will issue a permit. ( Historic Preservation Commission - Normal )

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) reviews COA applications according to the guidelines set forth in the Historic Preservation Code Sec. 15.16-5(f) . The HPC meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm on the third floor of Uptown Station at 11 Uptown Circle, unless otherwise posted. Some applications qualify for expedited review by the commission chairperson and Town staff without review by the full commission. ( Historic Preservation Commission - Normal )

Expedited review of an application generally takes 3-4 working days. The following projects qualify: Work being done to a noncontributing structure (often homes built post-1945) When materials are being replaced with like materials (i.e., asphalt shingles replaced with asphalt shingles, wood siding replaced with wood siding, etc.) Emergency situations ( Historic Preservation Commission - Normal )

No, paper applications are not accepted. All applications must be submitted online. If you require an accommodation for the application process, please contact Human Resources. ( Human Resources - Normal )

Yes, you can always contest a charge. You have an absolute right to plead not guilty and you are presumed innocent until the Town proves your guilt. The Town has the burden of proof. Unlike a criminal charge, however, the Town need only prove you guilty by a preponderance of the evidence. The Town need not prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. ( Ordinace Violations - Contesting an OV - Normal )

If you wish to contest a charge, you must appear in court on the date and time indicated on the ticket. In court, you must plead not guilty. A date will be designated for a trial. ( Ordinace Violations - Contesting an OV - Normal )

An ordinance violation is a charge issued by a municipal government for violating local municipal rules. An ordinance violation is not considered a criminal matter. Ordinance violations are not recorded as criminal charges and no criminal record results from an ordinance violation conviction. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

Town ordinances can be found in the Town of Normal Municipal Code . Your ticket lists the municipal code section you are alleged to have violated. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

You have two options: a.      You may settle the case by paying the fine prior to your court date. b.      You may appear in court and plead either guilty or not guilty.  ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

Most fines range from $25 to $500. Fines are generally listed on the ordinance violation ticket. If you cannot locate the fine amount on the ticket, you can view the fine by searching for your ticket through the Town’s online ordinance violation payment portal or by calling the Legal Department at (309) 454-9507. Court assessments are in addition to the fine and are included after a guilty plea or guilty verdict in court. Assessments on ordinance violation cases are $100. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

No. Public service work is not available for ordinance violations. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

Pursuant to State law, a court conviction for unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol will be sent to the Secretary of State for license suspension or revocation. (Payment at City Hall is not a conviction). Any misuse of a driver's license or possession of a false ID may be sent to the Secretary of State for license action. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

Possibly. The McLean County Circuit Clerk has resources and forms about expungement and sealing that can be found on McLean County’s Expungement/Sealing webpage or by visiting the Circuit Clerk’s office at the McLean County Law and Justice Center, 104 W. Front St., Bloomington, IL 61701. ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

You can contact the Town of Normal Legal Department with any questions: o      Phone: (309) 454-9507 o      Email: ( Ordinace Violations - General Information - Normal )

Your court date is listed on the ordinance violation ticket. If you cannot locate your ticket, you may check the McLean County Public Access Search System and search for your name under the “Traffic and Criminal Cases” heading. Ordinance violation tickets are assigned case numbers containing “OV.” If your ordinance violation case does not appear on the public access site, you should contact the Legal Department at (309) 454-9507. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

Only a licensed attorney may appear on your behalf and represent you. However, you are welcome to bring a friend and/or family member to the courthouse with you. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You may represent yourself or retain an attorney to represent you. Because you cannot go to jail for ordinance violations, no public defenders or court-appointed lawyers are available for ordinance violation cases. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You may plead either guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, a payment plan or pay-by date will be given to you. Court assessments (costs) will be added on to the fine. If you plead not guilty, the matter will be set for trial. You will not owe anything unless you are found guilty by the court. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You will be fined and assessed court assessments (costs). For unlawful possession of alcohol or unlawful consumption of alcohol, a guilty plea will also result in suspension of your driving privileges. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You may be given more time to pay the fine and assessments (costs) or you may be given a monthly payment plan. If you pay according to the payment terms in your guilty plea, you will not need to return to court for the ordinance violation case. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You will incur assessments (costs) in addition to a fine. You may incur a higher fine than was offered by the Town as a settlement. By appearing in court, you will then have a court record, which becomes part of a public record and is accessible when searching McLean County’s Public Access Search System. While a settlement with the Town is also a matter of public record, rarely do background checks include a check for an ordinance violation. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

The only way to be found not guilty and avoid a fine and court assessments (costs) is to plead not guilty. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

You will have an additional court appearance for trial. If you lose, you may receive a higher fine than that offered by the Town for a settlement or guilty plea and the payment terms may be less favorable than you could have agreed to with the Town. ( Ordinace Violations - Going to Court - Normal )

Yes. Most persons issued an ordinance violation ticket can avoid court by paying the ordinance violation fine. This is called a settlement. Settlement is not an admission of guilt, but it bars you from challenging or disputing the ticket or the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the ordinance violation. By paying the fine before court, you accept these terms. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

Because both you and the Town are giving up certain options in exchange for not having to appear in court. By paying and signing the settlement agreement, and after acceptance by the Town, you release any claim you may have against the Town and the Town releases its right to prosecute you for the violation. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

Most people are eligible to pay a settlement before court. Under certain circumstances – for instance, repeat offenders – a settlement may not be offered. The Town reserves the right to withdraw any settlement offer and reject any payment sent for purposes of settlement. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

You must pay the fine amount that is listed on your ticket. Settlement amounts can also be found in Section 17.9-3 of the Town of Normal Municipal Code . If you cannot locate the fine amount on the ticket or in the Municipal Code, you can find it by searching for your ticket through the Town’s online ordinance violation payment portal or by calling the Legal Department at (309) 454-9507. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

You will likely be allowed to pay at City Hall or through the online ordinance violation payment portal . If you have more than one prior ordinance violation, you may settle out of court only by agreement with the Town's Legal Department and you may be required to pay an increased settlement amount. The Town reserves the right to refuse any settlement offer. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

If you receive more than one ordinance violation ticket arising out of a single incident, you may pay the most serious charge (the highest fine/settlement amount) and all the tickets received in that incident will be considered settled and dismissed accordingly. If the charge due is the same dollar amount on multiple tickets, you can decide which violation you pay. If you receive multiple violations and any one of the fines does not appear on the ticket, call the Legal Department at (309) 454-9507 to confirm your settlement options. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

You may pay online through the online ordinance violation payment portal , in person at City Hall (3 rd Floor, Finance Department), or by mailing your payment to the Legal Department. You must sign the back of your ticket and include this with your payment. Payment should be made to the Town of Normal. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

Town of Normal Legal Department 11 Uptown Circle P.O. Box 589 Normal, IL 61761 ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

You must pay the settlement prior to the court date listed on your ticket. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

No. Only payment in full is accepted as settlement for ordinance violations. If you are unable to pay the settlement amount in full prior to your court date, you must go to court and plead guilty to be put on a payment plan. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

If you have not paid the settlement by your court date, you must appear in court on that date. Failure to pay the settlement and failure to appear in court will result in a default judgment being entered against you. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

If the ticket was already filed in court, it will be dismissed. If it has not been filed in court, the Town will keep a record at City Hall, but it will not be filed in court. ( Ordinace Violations - Settling Before Court - Normal )

You may have either a bench trial or a jury trial. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

A bench trial is a trial in which the judge alone determines whether the Town has proven you guilty. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

You have the right to a trial by jury. However, you must demand a jury trial at your first court appearance. You will also be required to pay a jury fee in court at the first appearance date. The jury fee is non-refundable and is in addition to any fines or assessments that may be ordered if you are found guilty. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

The Town will present its case. You will have the opportunity to question any witness(es) testifying against you. You may then testify on your own behalf and present evidence and witness(es) to support your case. The Town will question your witness(es). The judge (or jury) will weigh the evidence presented by both parties and determine whether you should be found guilty or not guilty. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

No one can say with certainty whether you will win or lose your case. Your chances of being successful in court depend on the strength of the testimony and evidence against you and the evidence you present on your own behalf. Unlike a criminal case, the Town does not need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but only by a preponderance of the evidence. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

You will be found not guilty and no fine or court assessments (costs) will be imposed against you. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

You will be ordered to pay a fine and court assessments (costs). The fine is set by the judge and may be more or less than that offered as a settlement prior to the trial. The Town’s and court’s records will also reflect that you received an ordinance violation conviction. If you are found guilty of unlawful consumption of alcohol or unlawful possession of alcohol, your driver's license will be suspended by the State of Illinois. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

The judge will order the fine and assessments (costs) be paid by a certain date or by installments. Your personal financial circumstances will factor into the amount of time and/or the size of the installment payments you are ordered to make. ( Ordinance Violation Trial - Normal )

There a few different ways you can choose to register for programs: 1. Select "Registration" on the Parks and Rec Home Page and it will take you directly to their online registration system in order to register on-line. 2. Fax-in a registration form to (309) 454-9701. 3. Mail-in a registration form to: Normal Parks and Recreation 100 E. Phoenix Normal, IL 61761 4. Stop by the Parks and Rec office to register or to drop off a registration form Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Make checks payable to: Town of Normal. Only Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover will be accepted via online registration and Fax-in registrations. **Registration forms and detailed instructions can be found in the on-line Activity Guide.  Activity Guide ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

Yes, Normal Parks and Recreation offers a summer and fall Softball League (Men’s Rec, Co-ed and Church Leagues), fall Soccer and winter Basketball . Golf Leagues are also offered at Ironwood Golf Course. ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

Shelter, Baseball and Softball Field reservations begin the first business day in March through October 31. Reservations must be made in person at the Parks and Recreation office, 100 E. Phoenix, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Check shelter availability by calling 454-9540. Reservations are given priority. ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

All Activity Guides are mailed to Town of Normal residents. The Summer Activity Guide is available to view on-line in mid-March. The Fall Activity Guide is available in early August. The Winter & Spring Activity Guide is available on-line in December. Activity Guides can also be picked up at the Normal Parks and Recreation office, Children’s Discovery Museum, Normal Public Library and Normal City Hall (2nd floor of Uptown Station). Activity Guide ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

Applications can be submitted for summer employment beginning in January. We usually begin calling applicants in for interviews in late February or early March. Select Employment on the Parks and Rec Home Page for open positions and an application. ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

Pool Passes are sold at the Parks and Recreation office, 100 E. Phoenix, beginning March 1. Passes are discounted if purchased early.  A season pass will admit the passholder into both Fairview and Anderson Aquatic Centers.  After the pools open, passes can be purchased at the pools in addition to the Parks and Rec office. ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

The Pools open at 11 a.m. Fairview Family Aquatic Center is open each evening until 8 p.m. The facility opens for the season Memorial Day weekend and the last day of operation is Labor Day. Fairview Family Aquatic Center hours will be 4-8 p.m. on days that Unit 5 schools are in session. Anderson Aquatic Center closes at 6 p.m. each evening. AAC opens the Saturday following Memorial Day and closes for the season the second Sunday in August. Occasionally Anderson Pool will close early to host a swim meet. Be sure to check the website calendar for dates the pool will close early. Aquatic Centers ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

Most cancellations are weather related. If you are questioning if a program will be held, call the Parks and Recreation Rec-Line at (309) 433-3434. ( Parks & Recreation - Normal )

The Town permits up to two of any animal in a residence, with the exception of livestock listed in Section 17.8-7 of the Municipal Code . ( Planning & Zoning Division - Normal )

The Town has a current zoning map available. It is always a good idea to call the town planner at (309) 454-9590 for any recent zoning changes. ( Planning & Zoning Division - Normal )

You must first know the zoning classification of the property. You must also check the list of uses permitted in that zoning classification by reading Chapter 15 (Zoning), Division 6 (Principal Use and Standards) of the Municipal Code . ( Planning & Zoning Division - Normal )

Visit the Requesting a Police Report section of our website. ( Police - Normal )

Payments are accepted in person at the Finance Department or online . ( Police - Normal )

Yes. Contact the Town of Normal Legal Department at (309) 454-9597. ( Police - Normal )

Visit the Requesting a Police Report section of our website. ( Police - Normal )

Please review the Vehicle Reclamation Procedures . ( Police - Normal )

The Town of Normal places a vehicle reclamation fee on vehicles towed as a result of certain arrests. Towed vehicles are subject to a $500.00 reclamation fee. This fee is in addition to any fees from the towing company. ( Police - Normal )

Call the Police Department Business Line at (309) 454-9535. If the officer or detective you wish to speak with is not available, you can leave a message for them with the desk officer. ( Police - Normal )

Contact the officer who initially took your report or the detective who was assigned to it by calling the Police Department Business Line at (309) 454-9535. You may leave a message if the officer or detective is not available. ( Police - Normal )

The McLean County States' Attorney's Office must approve the release of all evidence and property seized by the Normal Police Department. Found property can generally be released immediately. Contact Detective Steve Koscielak at (309) 454-9799 for more information. ( Police - Normal )

All adult custodies are taken to the McLean County Jail - 104 W. Front St., Bloomington. Bail must be paid in person or mailed to the inmate. The Mclean County Jail only accepts cash, certified bank check or money order payments (please note cash cannot be mailed to inmates). For other questions, contact the McLean County Jail at (309) 888-5065. ( Police - Normal )

Please visit the Domestic Violence section of our website for information on obtaining an Order of Protection. ( Police - Normal )

The Normal Police Department can only provide a history of criminal arrests within the Town of Normal. All requests must be made in person at the Normal Police Department Records Division Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. Any person requesting this information must provide a valid government-issued photo ID. Persons requesting a statewide criminal history can fill out a form at the Normal Police Department Records Division to be submitted to the State of Illinois. The form must be completed in person and requires a fee. The Illinois State Police website contains more information on statewide criminal history checks. For additional information, contact Mindy Vaughn in the Police Department Records Division at (309) 454-9528. ( Police - Normal )

All traffic tickets are sent to the McLean County Circuit Clerk's office for data entry and settlement. Tickets require at least one business day for processing before payment can be made. The Circuit Clerk's Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the McLean County Law & Justice Center, 104 W. Front St., Bloomington. Hours of operation are 8:30am-4:30pm. For more information, contact the Circuit Clerk's office at (309) 888-5301. ( Police - Normal )

Please visit the Finance Department Parking Tickets page of the Town website or call (309) 454-9769 for information on paying parking fines. ( Police - Normal )

To dispute a parking ticket, you must submit a parking ticket appeal. If you are appealing a parking ticket, you do NOT need make a payment at this time – payment will not be required until your appeal is resolved. You may submit a parking ticket appeal in one of three ways: Online by using the online parking ticket appeal form . After clicking the link, look up your ticket by either entering the ticket number or by entering your license plate number. Then click the "Appeal" button for the ticket that you want to dispute. In person by completing a written appeal form at the Legal Department (City Hall, 2nd floor). By mailing a letter explaining why you believe you should not have received the ticket. In your letter, be sure to include your ticket number, license plate number, phone number, and return address or email address. Mail your letter to: Town of Normal ATTN: Parking Ticket Appeals 11 Uptown Circle, 2nd Floor Normal, IL 61761 You will receive an email or written response to the address you provide on your appeal form. It can take up to two weeks for your appeal to be reviewed and for a decision to be made. The amount of the ticket will not increase until the appeal is resolved. If the ticket is found to be valid, you will have seven days from the date of the decision to pay the ticket before late fees are added on. If your appeal is granted, the ticket will be voided. If you request an email notification, please be aware that it may be delivered to your spam folder.  If you have questions, please call the Legal Department at (309) 454-9507 or complete the Parking Ticket Question Form . ( Police - Normal )

Contact the Town of Normal Human Resources Department to submit your Employment Interest Form. The HR Department can be reached at (309) 454-9518, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. ( Police - Normal )

Not if what is being reported is the truth. We will not bring charges against a person who has acted in good faith. Making malicious or false allegations may have legal ramifications. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

Yes. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

We prefer to talk to you in person because if the matter is a minor misunderstanding, we may be able to resolve the problem quicker during a face-to-face conversation. We will also accept a complaint by mail. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

We sincerely hope that will not be the case. If it does, you may contact the city manager. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

That will depend on what the officer did. If the officer's actions were criminal, they will be dealt with like any other citizen. If the actions were improper, but not criminal, appropriate internal action will be initiated. Training may also be implemented to correct the problem. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

Either the Chief of Police or his designee will investigate your complaint. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

A complaint should first be taken to the duty shift commander. This person can be reached by calling (309) 454-9535 and asking for the on-duty supervisor. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

Yes. The chief of police or his designee will respond to you in writing. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

We have found it is much easier to investigate a written complaint and therefore we prefer complaints to be written. If for some valid reason this cannot be done, we will make other arrangements. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

Every complaint is take very seriously. We want to find out where we went wrong. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

The chief of police receives a copy of all complaints against officers. ( Police Citizen Complaint - Normal )

Single stream recycling allows residents to place all eligible materials into one container for collection--no sorting is needed. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills (thus saving money); conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals; prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials; saves energy; reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change and helps sustain the environment for future generations. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Yes. Town-issued carts are required based on their durability as they will be lifted and emptied with the aid of an automatic arm. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

In April of 2015 we rolled out our new Yellow-Lid recycle cart. All new recycle carts delivered now have a yellow lid to signify that it is a recycle cart—stickers are NOT needed on this cart. However, while we transition all recycle carts to Yellow-Lid recycle carts, Town-issued carts with recycle stickers on each side are still acceptable for curbside collection. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Yes, except for Christmas Day, both garbage and recycling are collected on all holidays. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Yes, you may request free stickers online or by calling 454-9571. Place one sticker on each side of a cleaned portion of the cart so that they can be seen easily when the Waste Removal truck driver collects them. The stickers should be placed high on the cart, on the fullest part of the cart. This placement will avoid having the automated arm grab and wear the stickers out over time. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Recycle carts will be emptied each week on your regular waste collection day between 6:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Place your recycle cart so it is the first cart that is viewable for collection with the arrows facing the street. Place your recycle cart near the curb at least 3 feet from your other carts or other obstructions (mailbox, fence, etc.). ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

No. The monthly garbage collection fee includes regular garbage, bulky waste, recycling, landscape waste and brush collection and is charged to all residents in single family and duplex homes. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

The Town also provides 8 recycling drop off centers for sorted paper, cardboard and containers and recycling drop off programs for electronics, thermostats, household batteries and landscape waste. Information is available on the website . Information about additional opportunities to recycle various materials is available at the Ecology Action Center (454-3169). ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

A list of eligible items for recycling is available here . ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Items that do not qualify for recycling in our recycling programs are listed here . ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Please do NOT put recyclable items in a plastic bag – place them loose in your cart. All items in the cart must be recyclable. One exception to this is shredded paper. See the next Q & A. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Please place shredded paper in a CLEAR plastic bag and place in your recycle cart. This is the only time a plastic bag should go in your recycle cart. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

If you had your recycling cart out no later than 6 a.m. on collection day and it hasn’t been picked up by 2:30 p.m., you may call our office at 454-9571 to report the miss. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Recycling carts may be ordered online , by calling the Finance Department at 454-9516, or at the City Hall Finance office (11 Uptown Circle, 3rd Floor). ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

The cost of a 95 or 65-gallon cart is $60. The cart will be delivered by a Public Works employee within 1-3 business days. You may wish to use a permanent marker or paint pen to put your address on your cart to distinguish it from your neighbors’ carts. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Questions about the recycling program may be submitted by email or by calling 454-9571. Questions about payment may be directed to the Finance Department by calling 454-9516. ( Single Stream Curbside Recycling Program - Normal )

Complete the Business License Application . Submit the completed application to: Town of Normal City Clerk P.O. Box 589 Normal, IL 61761 ( Town Clerk - Normal )

Birth and death certificates are available through the McLean County Clerk's Office . ( Town Clerk - Normal )

Request for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information, such as a police report, must be made in writing. A form may be completed at the clerk's office or a request may be made by mail, email or fax to the clerk's office. ( Town Clerk - Normal )

Effective September 1, 1990, the State of Illinois changed the law as it applied to local sales taxes. From that point forward, the State began collecting the 0.75% sales tax on all purchases, with the exception of the sales tax applied to all titled transactions. This tax, according to state law, was to be collected locally and would apply only to the residents of cities that had previously applied the local sales tax. ( Use Tax - Normal )

No, however, the name and method of collection are new. The cities of Normal and Bloomington have, at separate council meetings, decided to proceed with the local collection of the Use Tax. Since the tax only applies to all titled items, it is called a use tax. ( Use Tax - Normal )

Local dealers are required to collect the tax at the time of purchase of any item requiring a title. Collection for out-of-town dealers is discretionary. ( Use Tax - Normal )

The Bloomington/Normal Use Tax Division notified most new car dealers within a 60 mile radius of Bloomington/Normal. Their cooperation in collection of the tax is requested. It was also suggested that the dealers who chose not to collect the tax notify the purchaser that they would receive an assessment from the Bloomington/Normal Use Tax Division. ( Use Tax - Normal )

It is a cooperative effort to economize. Bloomington and Normal have designed one local system to collect the tax for both cities. ( Use Tax - Normal )

The 0.75% tax collected from residents of Bloomington is paid to the City of Bloomington. The 0.75% tax collected from residents of Normal is paid to the Town of Normal. ( Use Tax - Normal )

These revenues go into the General Fund to provide basic services to residents of the two cities. ( Use Tax - Normal )

The ST-556 form is completed by the dealer to submit your 6.25% sales tax to the state. The dealer should give you the blue copy of this form. If you do not have the form, please call your dealer to get a copy. ( Use Tax - Normal )

The mailing address is: Bloomington/Normal Use Tax 11 Uptown Circle, 3rd Floor P.O. Box 589 Normal, IL 61761 ( Use Tax - Normal )

For more information on Bloomington/Normal Use Tax please call 309-454-9625. ( Use Tax - Normal )

A fully automated system describes a waste removal collection process whereby an automated arm on the waste truck is used to retrieve, dump and replace a cart. The driver of the waste truck need not exit the vehicle in order to collect the trash. Residents in single-family or duplex units in Normal must use a Town issued cart. If the previous owner did not leave the cart, or it is a new home, a cart must be purchased from the Town of Normal at a cost of $60. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

This type of collection system: Improves the efficiency of the trash collection process by maximizing the number of stops collected per day Delays the need for additional personnel and trucks. Reduces the risk of injury to the drivers who have been subject to injury from sharp or heavy objects Uses garbage carts that have wheels, are easy for residents to maneuver, can withstand strong winds and prevents the messy conditions associated with animals getting into garbage bags. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Yes. Single-family and duplex residences must use the Town-issued cart. All trash (or recycling, as applicable) must be placed inside the cart. Residents on private streets who contract for private waste collection should not purchase carts as they are not eligible to participate in the Town's automated garbage and curbside recycling programs. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Residents must place all household trash inside the cart and wheel it to the curb for collection. Carts must be placed at least three feet away from mailboxes, trees or other carts or bulky waste so that the automated arm can grab, dump and replace it on the curb. Carts should not be placed on the street. Carts should be retrieved from curbside within 12 hours after collection. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Regular household garbage must be placed in the cart. It is suggested that residents continue to use garbage bags in order to minimize odor and to keep the cart clean. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

All waste must be placed inside the cart for collection. The lid need not be closed in order for the waste truck to pick up the cart. If there is still more trash than can fit in the cart, even with the lid open, residents are asked to do the following: Recycle as much material as possible by either placing recyclable materials in your recycling cart or by taking recyclable materials to one of the Town’s drop-box recycling sites. Hold a bag or two of trash until the next collection day, when all waste could fit in the cart. If you just moved in or are moving out of your residence, call the Town at 309-454-9571 for special instructions on how to handle extra bags of garbage. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Carts are available for purchase at $60 in two sizes: 95 gallon and 65 gallon. Most residents will find that the 95-gallon cart is easy to use and that the larger capacity will be handy following holidays, special events and after spring or fall clean-up. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Residents must use a cart provided by the Town. The carts have been tested and can withstand the grip of the automated arm of the waste truck. The efficiency of a fully automated system is supported by the use of standardized garbage carts for the Town’s more than 10,000 customer stops. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

No. Garbage or recycling must be placed in a Town-issued wheeled cart only. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

All waste should be placed at the curb by 6:00 am on collection day but no earlier than 6:00 pm on the evening prior to collection day. Your pick up time may vary based on weather, drivers and equipment. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

A cart previously purchased from the Town can be retained for use as an extra cart for garbage, or as a recycling cart by adding “Recycling” decals on both sides of the cart, or it can be utilized for landscape waste by adding a “Landscape Waste” decal (all decals are available free of charge by calling 454-9571). Residents may want to drill holes in the bottom of any landscape waste cart to allow drainage. If the resident does not want to retain the old Town cart, it can be placed (empty and open) at the curb on collection day for pick-up and call the Public Works department at 454-9571 to request pick up. Old carts that weren’t purchased from the Town and garbage cans can also be placed out (empty and open) on collection day for disposal (also call the office to notify us). ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

No. Carts provided by the Town in September 2011 should stay with the property. Any cart that the resident purchased from the Town may be taken when moving away. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

The carts are made of durable plastic that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can use soap and a hose to wash your carts out. Dry the cart by setting it upside down to drain. It is a good idea to rinse your cart out regularly to keep it clean and reduce odors. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Carts should be stored either in the garage or behind the front line of your home. If you live on a corner lot, carts are not allowed to be stored on the corner side of the house unless it is adequately screened from view. ( Waste & Recycling - Normal )

Is water bubbling up from the ground? Is an area in the grass or the pavement unusually wet when it usually is not? If so, please call (309) 454-9563 during business hours or (309) 454-9560 after 5:00 pm and before 8:30 am. ( Water - Normal )

Please call any of the following numbers listed below: (309) 433-3411 (309) 454-9710 (309) 454-9565 (309) 454-9563 (309) 433-9911 For emergencies, after hours and on weekends please call the Utility Department at (309) 454-9560. ( Water - Normal )

Our chemist can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at (309) 454-9657 or (309) 454-9563. ( Water - Normal )