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The City Attorney is the lawyer for the City of Midland government. When the City is sued, the City Attorney represents the City in court as the defense counsel. When the City’s interests are infringed upon, the City Attorney files suit to protect the City. The City Attorney also serves as legal counsel to the City Council, the City Manager, the City's boards, commissions and various committees, its departments and staff by drafting ordinances, regulations and policies, reviewing all contracts and providing other legal assistance including criminal prosecution of City ordinances and traffic matters. The County Prosecuting Attorney investigates and prosecutes criminal activity in violation of certain state laws, occurring in the city and the county. ( Attorney - Midland )

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. ( Attorney - Midland )

No, the City Attorney does not represent individuals in private legal matters. The City Attorney represents the City itself, City Council, the City Manager, the City's boards, commissions and various committees, its departments and staff. ( Attorney - Midland )

No. The City takes the position that such information is exempt from the disclosure requirements of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, the City will not release such information without a valid court order directing it to do so or through court proceedings. Such information could be used to harass citizens who report code violations in their neighborhoods. ( Attorney - Midland )

The City Attorney does not represent individuals in private legal matters and cannot give any legal advice unless the matter involves the City directly or is in violation of a local ordinance. The City Attorney represents the City itself, City Council, the City Manager, the City's boards, commissions and various committees, its departments and staff. ( Attorney - Midland )

For inspections on property within the city of Midland, call the City's Building Department at 989-837-3383 at least a day ahead of time to request scheduling of required inspections. ( Building Department - Midland )

A directory of building inspectors is available through the Midland County Code Authority. Call 989-837-6521 to find out more. ( Building Department - Midland )

An inspection is performed to ensure that water heaters and furnaces are properly installed, and to help determine and avoid any potential safety hazards that could result from improper installation. ( Building Department - Midland )

Call the City's plumbing inspector at 989-837-3383. ( Building Department - Midland )

The City of Midland does not have jurisdiction over building issues outside of the Midland city limits. If you live outside the city but within Midland County and have a building-related issue - such as a question about installing mechanical fixtures in your home - you should contact the Midland County Code Authority at 989-837-6521. ( Building Department - Midland )

The Michigan Building Code (Commercial Projects); Michigan Plumbing Code; Michigan Mechanical Code; Michigan Electric Code; and Michigan Residential Code (1 & 2 Family Dwellings), and other pertinent documentation related to building projects, can be purchased from the State of Michigan by contacting the following department: Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth Bureau of Construction Codes & Fire Safety P.O. Box 30255 Lansing, MI 48909 517-241-9313 ( Building Department - Midland )

No, not if you are only working on your own property. If you are expanding in the right-of-way, you will need to obtain permits from the Engineering Department. In addition, City of Midland zoning requirements prohibit the drainage of stormwater onto adjacent properties. Careful planning is required to ensure your stormwater is directed to your property or an approved drainage course. ( Building Department - Midland )

According to the City's Code of Ordinances, signs may only be placed on an owner's private property. Unless authorized by Midland City Council, signs, posters, advertisements and the like are not allowed in the public rights-of-way (the area between the curb and the sidewalk, also commonly referred to as the "out lawn" area). ( Building Department - Midland )

There should be property irons buried in the ground at each corner of your property. The City of Midland does not locate these for you; you may hire a survey or engineering firm to do so, or you can attempt to find them yourself. You can check the City's geographic information system (GIS) maps to find your lot dimensions. Typically, the front property irons are approximately two feet behind the sidewalk towards your house. You can rent a metal detector or probe the ground with a shovel to determine their location. Occasionally, property irons are off or are missing. Other clues to property line locations are telephone boxes, power poles, fences, and tree / hedgerows. ( Building Department - Midland )

Although the City encourages residents to remove leaves from their private property to maintain the aesthetic appeal of our community, the City has no jurisdiction over leaf removal from private properties. ( Building Department - Midland )

While the City encourages residents and business owners to shovel the sidewalks in front of their home or place of business for the safety of those who use the walkways, snow shoveling on city sidewalks is not regulated by the City's Code of Ordinances. However, citizens are prohibited from shoveling snow onto the sidewalk or out lawn area in front of their home or business; excess snow must be deposited onto the private property between the sidewalk and the person's home / business. ( Building Department - Midland )

The City of Midland does not regulate or have any involvement in tenant/landlord disputes unless a dispute directly involves a violation of a City, State and/or federal code, and even then the City's involvement is limited to ensuring that code violations, as determined by the City's building inspector(s), are corrected. ( Building Department - Midland )

The City of Midland does not test for mold or other contaminants when inspecting rental units. Tenants are responsible for keeping their rental units clean, and landlords are responsible for correcting any structural shortcomings that may lead to the formation of mold or other contaminants. The City of Midland does not regulate or have any involvement in tenant / landlord disputes unless a dispute directly involves a violation of a City, State and/or federal code, and even then the City's involvement is limited to ensuring that code violations, as determined by the City's building inspector(s), are corrected. ( Building Department - Midland )

Contact the City's Planning Department at 989-837-3374. ( Building Department - Midland )

Contact Consumers Energy at 800-477-5050 to request CES to do a site check before beginning your project. ( Building Department - Midland )

No ( Building Department - Midland )

Deed restrictions are usually recorded against the title to your property and can usually be located at the Register of Deeds in the Midland County building. Your real estate agent, title insurance company, condo association, or even the developer of the site may also be able to help you locate a copy of any deed restrictions that apply to your property. ( Building Department - Midland )

The City of Midland does not handle mold issues. However, you can get some helpful information from the State of Michigan website at or call 517-335-9436 ( Building Department - Midland )

Contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Midland County Circuit Court (989) 832-6735 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

You will need to fill out a Freedom of Information Act Request. ( Clerk - Midland )

To have an item notarized please visit Midland City Hall at 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland MI 48640 (check availability). To become a Notary Public please visit Midland County  Clerk’s Office at 220 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland MI 48640 (989) 832-6739 ( Clerk - Midland )

Contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Both are issued through the City Clerks Office... Handbill License is required to distribute flyers/handbills. A Solicitors License is required if you are going door to door. Please contact the City Clerk's Office for more information or to obtain a license (989) 837-3310 ( Clerk - Midland )

Name changes and assumed names are handled by the County Clerk's office 989-832-6739 ( Clerk - Midland )

If you have been selected for Jury Duty the Information line is (989) 832-6793. If you have questions about Jury Duty please contact Midland County Clerk (989)832-6739 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

Contact Midland County Register of Deeds (989)832-6820 or visit ( Clerk - Midland )

The City of Midland does not organize the City Wide Rummage Sale. Please contact Midland Daily News for information (989)835-7171. ( Clerk - Midland )

No, unfortunately bicycles are not allowed on the bus. ( Dial A Ride - Midland )

Yes, pets are allowed on the bus provided they are in crates and can be held on the seat next to the passenger. ( Dial A Ride - Midland )

You may check your voting status online through the Michigan Voter Information Center website. Type in your information where prompted, and you will be informed of your voter registration status, polling location, and other voter status information. ( Elections - Midland )

There are several ways to process a change of address: 1) Visit a Secretary of State's Office 2) Visit the City Clerk's Office at City Hall 3) Submit a change of address form   to the City Clerk's Office, or 4) complete the process with the Secretary of State's Office online . ( Elections - Midland )

You need to update your voter registration through the Secretary of State’s office, online through the Michigan Voter Information Center , or by returning a change of address form to the Clerk’s Office for your updated address. In the State of Michigan, your voter registration follows your drivers’ license: if you move and notify the Michigan Secretary of State’s office of your new address, your voter’s registration will also be changed to reflect your new address.  ( Elections - Midland )

Once you register to vote, you are always registered to vote. In the State of Michigan, your voter registration follows your drivers’ license: if you move and notify the Michigan Secretary of State’s office of your new address, your voter’s registration will also be changed to reflect your new address and stay eligible to vote. Skipping voting for an election does not invalidate your voter registration.  ( Elections - Midland )

Due to the passage of the statewide ballot proposal 18-3, all eligible and registered voters in Michigan may now request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason. To receive an absentee ballot for an upcoming election, you must complete and return an absentee ballot application. Your request for an absent voter ballot must be in writing and can be submitted to the City Clerk. You must request an absent voter ballot by submitting the application , a letter, a postcard, or a pre-printed application form obtained from the Clerk’s office. Requests may be returned by hand, via postal mail, fax, or email, as long as a signature is visible. You can now apply online through the Michigan Voter Information Center to receive an absentee ballot.  Visit our Absentee Voting page to find out more. ( Elections - Midland )

The absentee voting process begins with a call or visit to the Midland City Clerk’s Office to request an application for an absent voter’s ballot or by joining our permanent absent application list. Simply fill out the form online , call us and ask to join the list, or return the form  by mail, e-mail, or in person. Once an individual is on the permanent absent voter list, they will receive an application to vote before each election. After the completed application to vote is received by the Clerk’s Office, a ballot will be mailed directly to the voter or can be picked up by the voter at City Hall. If you have questions regarding absentee voting or being added to the permanent absentee application list, please call (989) 837-3310. ( Elections - Midland )

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act is commonly referred to as UOCAVA . UOCAVA citizens are U.S. citizens who are active members of the Uniformed Services, the Merchant Marine, and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, their eligible family members and U.S. citizens residing outside the United States. This Act provides the legal basis for these citizens' absentee voting requirements for federal offices. Military and overseas voters have the option to email or fax the FPCA into the Clerk's office, which allows them to register to vote and request an AV ballot. The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) amended UOCAVA and other statutes by providing greater protections for Service Members, their eligible family members and other overseas citizens. Among other provisions, the MOVE Act requires States to send absentee ballots to UOCAVA voters at least 45 days before federal elections. For more information or to obtain an application visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website ( Elections - Midland )

Polling locations in Midland are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Election Day. ( Elections - Midland )

Your polling location, as well as other voter information specific to you, can be found through the Michigan Secretary of State website . ( Elections - Midland )

If you have ever wondered how to become more active in government, there are plenty of opportunities for you that do not involve running for elected office. Precinct inspectors are people who assist voters at the polls on Election Day. Registered voters interested in serving as election inspectors must submit an election inspector application to the Clerk's office. In addition to their name, address and date of birth, applicants must include their political party preference and qualifications to fill the position such as education or experience. A precinct inspector must be a registered voter of the State. They cannot be a challenger, candidate, member of a candidate's immediate family, or a member of the local Board of Canvassers. Anyone convicted of a felony or an election crime may not serve. They must also attend training to receive certification and to prepare for an election. Why not consider helping your community and becoming more politically active by becoming a precinct inspector? Submit the Election Inspector Application  to the City Clerk's office if you are interested or contact our office to learn more.   ( Elections - Midland )

Current and future construction project information can be found on the City’s Construction Project Updates page. Click link below. This web page is updated almost daily during the City's construction season, which runs from approximately April through November. Construction Project Updates ( Engineering - Midland )

Contact the Engineering Department Office at 989-837-3348. It is also helpful to read information on driveway, curb cuts and sidewalk standards before starting a project. Also, if your project involves sidewalk or driveway construction, refer to the following information regarding Engineering specifications for such projects: Typical Residential Driveway and Sidewalk Construction Detail . ( Engineering - Midland )

Following the City's construction on a street, driveway or sidewalk near private property, the City's contractor will place new topsoil and hydroseed in all disturbed areas. A pamphlet about the care and watering of the newly seeded surfaces will be given to all property owners upon completion of City projects. Property owners are encouraged to read and follow the directions in this pamphlet to assure growth of the new lawn area. ( Engineering - Midland )

Crack sealing consists of filling in cracked roadway surfaces with specified materials to prevent the intrusion of water into the pavement. Water that seeps into the roadway base material starts the rapid deterioration of the pavement surface. The City's Engineering Department completes crack sealing projects on a portion of Midland's roadways each year to extend the life of existing pavement surfaces. ( Engineering - Midland )

For traffic issues that are of an emergency nature and / or need to be addressed immediately - such as a traffic light out - citizens are encouraged to call 911. Use the City's Action Line Request Service to report traffic safety concerns or suggestions about things like: Changes in traffic New traffic signals Parking School crossings Signal operation Speed limit signs Stop signs Online request forms allow you to notify the City about your traffic concern / suggestion quickly and easily. Requests for, or questions about, changes to traffic signals may also be sent via email . Complaints regarding speeding or other traffic enforcement issues should be directed to the Midland Police Department at 989-839-4714. ( Engineering - Midland )

Requests for neighborhood block parties may be made to the City Engineer, who may issue a traffic control order permitting such activity. Download a Information Sheet and Blank Petition Form for more information. To request a traffic control order for such a gathering, contact the Engineering Department 3 weeks before the scheduled event. ( Engineering - Midland )

Detailed street maps of the city are updated regularly and available for free from the City Clerk's Office or City Engineer's Office. For more information, or to have a map mailed to you, call the Clerk's Office at 989-837-3310 or the Engineering Department at 989-837-3348, or visit: City Hall 333 W. Ellsworth St. Midland, MI 48640 ( Engineering - Midland )

Maps of the City's water and sewer systems are on file and can be viewed at the City's Engineering Department, located: City Hall 333 W. Ellsworth St. 2nd Floor Midland, MI 48640 ( Engineering - Midland )

To allow enough space to accommodate a city street, sidewalk, necessary utilities, and areas separating the street from the sidewalk, most urban residential areas require a 60-foot-wide strip of property. This is known as the public right-of-way. Larger streets require a wider right-of-way. In most residential settings, the sidewalk edge closest to a home is within 2 feet of the public right-of-way line, which is also the private property line. ( Engineering - Midland )

The Midland Fire Department offers tips on fire prevention and safety devices to aid in preventing emergencies as well as suggestions on how to develop a home escape plan. ( Fire Department - Midland )

To report a possible fire hazard, you may contact the Midland Fire Department at 989-837-3410, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. You may also send an email to the Fire Department. If the hazard is imminent, call 911. We will need information about the violation (including the address of property that is possibly in violation and the property owner's name, if available) plus your contact information. Your information will be needed if any Fire Department personnel need to reach you for further assistance or to inform you of the outcome of any inspections that are conducted as a result of your notification of the possible violation. ( Fire Department - Midland )

The Midland Fire Department offers recommendations on fire extinguisher types and uses. Call 989-837-3410 to find out more. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Some household hazardous materials can lead to contamination of groundwater, well water or other water sources when spilled on the ground, poured down the drain or placed in trash containers. To prevent this, the Midland County Health Department sponsors the Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program. The program provides an opportunity to safely and properly dispose of most hazardous materials you may have in your home including automotive, cleaning, paint, and garden products. The Hazardous Materials Collection Program is usually offered during the months of June through September. For more information, contact the Midland County Health Department at 989-832-6681 or visit the county's website . ( Fire Department - Midland )

No. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other First Aid training are provided by organizations such as the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Midland firefighters are trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of emergency medical calls and currently we are certified at the Basic Life Support (BLS) level.  By being licensed as a BLS agency it allows us to perform basic and intermediate airway procedures along with administering basic medications.  Fire Department personnel can typically be at your door before an EMS ambulance. Additionally, MidMichigan Medical Center’s (MMRC) ambulance service has a larger area to serve – they aid people throughout Midland County, whereas the Fire Department serves primarily the city of Midland. Also, MMRC’s ambulance service transfers patients to other hospitals. Midland Fire Department personnel can begin life-saving treatments before an ambulance arrives on the scene of an emergency. This quicker response can lessen the effects of catastrophic injury or illness and lead to faster recovery time for those who experience critical illness. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Fire Department personnel perform annual fire safety inspections of new and remodeled buildings and notify the owner or occupant of any fire safety violations that need further attention.Read more information on the Fire Department's role in safety inspections . ( Fire Department - Midland )

The fire engine is a firefighter's office away from the station; it holds the tools required to handle a wide variety of emergencies. If a needed tool were not available on the scene of an emergency, firefighters would need to return to one of Midland’s three fire stations prior to taking action. Engine companies conduct fire inspections in their respective response districts. This allows them to respond to emergency calls in a time-efficient manner without having to return to the station for the necessary apparatus or equipment. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Yes. Please be sure to read the Fire Department's rules on small fires. Recreational Fires ( Fire Department - Midland )

Burn permits are issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the purpose of burning large piles of brush or natural vegetation. These types of fires are not allowed within the city limits. However, if you reside in Midland County, you may call 866-922-BURN or go online to obtain a burn permit . ( Fire Department - Midland )

There is no charge for emergency services provided by the Midland Fire Department. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Depending upon staffing levels, Fire Department personnel can be available to lead tours of the department. Also, requests for educational programs may be made to the Fire Department's administrative offices by calling 989-837-3410. ( Fire Department - Midland )

Interested persons must meet minimum State of Michigan qualifications including age eligibility, training requirements and physical conditioning. Those interested should contact their local community college or State of Michigan Office of Firefighter Training . ( Fire Department - Midland )

A flood occurs when rising levels of surface water are not contained or conveyed within the water’s normal drainage path. A sewer backup occurs when water leaving a structure’s plumbing is restricted from entering the main sewer pipe located in the street. In extended wet conditions, the water is pushed back and enters the structure through “any way possible”, including drains and fixtures. A flood and a sewer backup can occur at the same time. This is most prevalent in areas where open drainage courses are adjacent to developments where footing drains are connected to the sanitary sewer. ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

According to a survey conducted in 1996, approximately 9,100 homes in Midland had footing drains connected to the sanitary sewer system. The City has approximately 16,000 residential homes. Assuming that none of those who were still connected in 1996 have disconnected, the percentage of homes remaining connected to the sanitary sewer system is approximately 57%; however, the upcoming study will seek to verify and update this information. Since 1987, City ordinance has prohibited newly-constructed homes from connecting footing drains to the sanitary sewer system. If you own a home that was built after 1987, it is highly unlikely that your footing drain remains connected to the sanitary sewer system. If you are unsure how your footing drain connects to the City’s sewer systems, please contact the City Engineering Department at 989-837-3348. ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

This process can be complex and may require acquiring permits and working with a licensed plumber. Each home’s requirement may differ based on age, location, structure, etc., so please contact the Engineering Department at 989-837-3348 for more information ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

Backflow valves installed on the sanitary discharge pipe of your home are permitted and can be an effective solution to prevent sewage from entering your home due to a surcharged public sewer main. However, if you install one without disconnecting your footing drains from the sanitary sewer, you may still be at risk of backing up from your own water use activities and from your footing drain contributions. Always seek the advice from qualified professionals before implementing any changes to your plumbing. ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

All sewage is pumped to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Bay City Road, where the flow is treated before being discharged back into the Tittabawassee River. For more information on the WWTP and how the process works, please visit the  Wastewater Treatment Department page . ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

All pumping stations throughout the City collect and push directly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment. ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

The Sanford Dam is routinely “opened”, or spilled, at night. Spilling the Sanford Dam causes river water upstream of Sanford Lake to pass through to Midland. The Sanford Dam is a federally-regulated structure and is not used as a flood control dam. Ideally, the operators of the dam pass river water through it in a similar manner as would happen if the dam was not there; however, as more water enters Sanford Lake from the north, the dam will need to release more water as well. The operators of the dam have certain protocols that they must follow to regulate the flow of the water leaving the lake. Unfortunately for Midland, these protocols have very little to do with controlling the flow of water that heads downstream to Midland. Emergency Services and Central Dispatch are notified when Sanford Dam begins spilling and when those spills increase and decrease. Please remember: if Sanford Dam was not there, this water would still reach Midland and the river levels would be elevated.  ( Flood & Sewer Study Response - Midland )

First, you must obtain a purchase permit from the police department in the city or county in which you reside. You will need a valid Michigan driver’s license or Michigan ID card with current address. The purchase permit will cost you $5. You will have to pass a 15-question quiz on basic gun safety, and you will also have to possess a clear criminal record. The seller must complete and sign the purchase permit. To register the handgun, you must bring the completed purchase permit and the handgun (encased and unloaded) to the Law Enforcement Center for a safety inspection. ( Guns - Midland )

No, there is no mandate to register a rifle or shotgun. It is recommended that you record your own make, model, and serial numbers from these weapons in case they are ever stolen. ( Guns - Midland )

You may obtain a purchase permit from the Midland Police Records Bureau by providing a valid driver’s license, correctly answering at least 11 of the 15 questions in a test given by the Records Bureau, and paying a $5 fee. ( Guns - Midland )

A CCW packet is available, free of charge, at the Law Enforcement Center. All the information you need is within the packet. ( Guns - Midland )

There are many requirements. Read the requirements for a concealed weapon permit . ( Guns - Midland )

If you own a firearm that you no longer want, whether it is a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, you may turn it in to the police department for destruction. On average, the Midland Police Department will typically oversee the destruction of 50-100 firearms each year. ( Guns - Midland )

If you posses old ammunition like bullets or shotgun shells that you do not feel comfortable keeping or using, you may bring them to the Law Enforcement Center. Our police department will oversee the safe destruction of the ammunition. If you find ammunition or explosive items that you are not familiar with and don’t know how to handle, do not touch them. Instead, call 911. ( Guns - Midland )

The Midland Police Department road patrol officers carry the Glock 17, 9mm handgun. It is one of the most popular handguns used by law enforcement today. It has a metal frame and barrel, and housed polymer. ( Guns - Midland )

You may contact the Midland Police Department Community Relations Officer (Dan Keeler) at 989-839-4648 or via email . ( Home & Personal Security - Midland )

You may fill out a residential property sheet and submit it to the Midland Police Department. The police department will attempt to conduct cursory property checks sporadically during the time period that you are gone. It is still recommended that you have a relative, friend or neighbor periodically check on the property as well. ( Home & Personal Security - Midland )

PPOs may be obtained by contacting the 42nd Circuit Court Clerk; this office is located on the 2nd floor of the Midland County Courthouse. There you may fill out a request for a PPO. If the PPO is granted, a Circuit Court judge will sign the PPO. It is the petitioner’s responsibility to see that the PPO is served on the person it is against. You may serve it yourself or have a third party serve it for you. The Midland County Sheriff’s Office offers assistance for a fee. Contact them for conditions and fees for that service at 989-836-4600. ( Home & Personal Security - Midland )

It is the position of the Midland Police Department to not get involved in civil disputes over personal property. These are issues to be decided through negotiations of involved parties or in Small Claims Court. ( Home & Personal Security - Midland )

You may contact the Midland Police Department Community Relations Officer Dan Keeler at 989-839-4648 or email . ( Home & Personal Security - Midland )

Resumes are not required, but strongly encouraged. Resumes alone are not sufficient to be considered for employment. ( Human Resources - Midland )

All applicants are typically notified in writing within 15 working days of the job posting deadline. Candidates that meet the qualifications for a given position will be invited for an employment test. ( Human Resources - Midland )

Depending upon the position, employment tests can be an interview, a written test, a hands-on practical test or a physical agility test. Certain positions use a combination of testing. Test questions are based on job-related knowledge, skills and abilities. If you qualify for the position you applied for, you will be informed of what kind of test you will be given. No study guides are provided. ( Human Resources - Midland )

Once employment testing has been completed, a list of names ranked from highest to lowest score on the tests will be established. Lists will be kept for a 1-2 year period and referenced where there are future vacancies in that position. ( Human Resources - Midland )

You will be informed of your application status during each phase of the job application and testing process. Typically, the job application and testing process takes 1 month to complete. ( Human Resources - Midland )

Many City positions are open to City employees (promotional) before they are advertised to the public (open competitive). Typically, when there are not enough internal, promotional applicants, job postings are advertised to the public as open competitive positions. ( Human Resources - Midland )

Job openings are listed on this website , advertised in local newspapers, on Midland Government Television - MGTV Channel 188 on Charter Cable or MGTV-99 on AT&T U-verse, and posted on the City of Midland's job board at Midland City Hall. Postings about career opportunities are also often shared on the City's Facebook and Twitter channels. Postings are continuously updated, so check these resources frequently. You can also sign up for our "Job Alert" feature, which notifies you by email when new job openings become available. To sign up, simply go to the Current Job Openings page, click on the "Notify Me" button in the Job Alert box, and enter your name and email address. It's that easy!   ( Human Resources - Midland )

You do not have to be a resident to apply for City of Midland job positions and, unless you accept an offer of employment for certain public safety positions, you are not required to live within Midland to work for the City. Residency restrictions for public safety personnel (police and fire) are detailed in the job postings for those positions. ( Human Resources - Midland )

Human Resources Department staff can assist with answering questions about benefits. Call 989-837-3357 with your questions. ( Human Resources - Midland )

The US-10 Business Route (BR) Corridor Study was commissioned by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). This study included a corridor-wide data collection effort, review of traffic data, development of a traffic model and development of alternatives which met the project purpose. The study was supported by the City of Midland. The study of the US 10 Business Route Corridor, including Indian and Buttles streets, was initiated by MDOT with the support of the City of Midland. Several community stakeholders were invited to participate as part of a stakeholders’ group during the study, but they did not initiate either the 2015 study or the road diet trial now underway. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The US 10 Business Route Corridor Study conducted in 2015 was initiated by the Michigan Department of Transportation with the support of the City of Midland. It was not initiated by any other organization or stakeholder. At an early meeting between MDOT and the City in June 2015, several stakeholders whose input would be sought were identified. The stakeholders identified at that meeting included the following, in addition to the City of Midland and MDOT personnel: City of Midland Non-Motorized Transportation Committee Midland Area Chamber of Commerce (now the Midland Business Alliance) Discovery Square businesses Downtown Development Authority Midland Area Community Foundation Midland Tomorrow (now the Midland Business Alliance) Momentum Midland (now the Michigan Baseball Foundation) ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Both MDOT and the City of Midland have been taking a slow, measured approach to testing the feasibility of a 2 lane street along Buttles Street from Jerome Street to State Street. The first step, following presentation of the Corridor Study by MDOT to City Council in March of 2017, was a three day temporary lane reduction from August 28-30, 2017 to assess the impact of reduced lanes in this corridor. Following a public open house that was held by MDOT on September 13, 2017, concerns were expressed about the timing and duration of the first temporary lane reduction. A second temporary lane reduction was therefore implemented from November 6-13, 2017. Using information obtained from the two temporary lane reductions, MDOT presented the final report and recommendations to City Council on December 18, 2017. City Council supported in principle the preferred option of reducing Buttles Street to 2 lanes. The road diet trial now underway is testing on a larger and more complete scale the report findings and the ability of the corridor to handle the traffic that travels through this corridor regularly. The longer trial allows all anticipated travel volumes and conditions to be assessed. The trial will last until the M-20 bridge construction is completed, traffic patterns return to normal thereafter, and sufficient data is obtained to fully understand the effect of the reduced lanes on vehicles in this corridor. MDOT and the City are currently discussing how much longer the trial will be needed once the M-20 bridge construction ends this fall. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

A traffic study conducted by MDOT in 1959 proposed the idea of 2 one-way streets to relocate the main thoroughfare that then passed through downtown. Prior to 1962, Ellsworth Street served as the primary route through Downtown Midland. In 1962, the change was made to the 2 three-lane one-ways of Indian and Buttles Streets  During the mid-century, traffic planners and road designers had one main goal: move as many vehicles through communities as quickly as possible with the only consideration given to cars. While this approach - called “Motordom” - was efficient for vehicles, it had little to no regard for the impact that those roads would have on the surrounding neighborhoods. This resulted in some very impactful trade-offs that weren’t all positive Additionally, local traffic on Indian and Buttles during the 1950s - 1980s was heavily influenced by shift changes at the area’s manufacturing employers. As staffing levels have changed, and access routes have shifted into the industrial park, volumes during peak times has greatly decreased on Buttles and Indian Streets. In fact, traffic volumes during the roads’ peak rush hour - between 7-8 a.m. - are down 28% from where they were 30 years ago. This reduction results in a corridor that is overbuilt for current and forecasted future needs. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

A study completed by consultants examined several redesign options for the US 10 Business Route corridor. The preferred alternative, based on the needs of all corridor users, was a reduction in the number of lanes from three to two. Buttles and Indian Streets are overbuilt in their current design. This provides conditions that are unnecessarily unsafe. A single lane reduction is being considered to change how drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians use the road in order to reduce speeding and encourage safety for everyone. A lane-reduction would also result in more space that can be devoted to other users. A final decision has not been made as to how the resulting space could be used but examples of potential uses include widened sidewalks, buffer zones, dedicated vehicle-turn lanes or separated bike lanes. The consultants’ recommendation to reduce Buttles Street from three to two lanes was based on an engineering analysis completed and presented in the final study report using a variety of available and collected traffic data. Although the recommendation was and remains supported by the information that was available at that time, on-street testing was desired by both MDOT and the City of Midland to make certain the consultant’s findings would hold up under real-world conditions. Short trials took place in August 2017 and November 2017, both of which supported the consultants’ findings that only two lanes of travel are needed to accommodate the traffic using the corridor between Jerome Street and State Street. The trial now underway is an expanded testing of this finding and continues to collect data that will be used to make a final decision for the future of this corridor. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The long-term goal for this area of downtown Midland can be found within the City’s Master Plan. The Master Plan envisions this corridor for additional mixed use development that consists of a combination of restaurants, shops, residential, services, and offices. Indian and Buttles Streets in the current, overbuilt design do not support mixed use development. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Buttles and Indian Streets are overbuilt in their current design. This provides conditions that are unnecessarily unsafe. A single lane reduction is being considered to change how drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians use the road in order to reduce speeding and encourage safety for everyone. A lane-reduction would also result in more space that can be devoted to other users. While a final design has not been determined, the resulting space could be used to accommodate other non-motorized users thereby improve these users access into downtown. Improved infrastructure to support non-motorized access will better connect the surrounding neighborhoods to downtown, while still maintaining adequate access by vehicle users. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

No. The improvements identified within the 2015-17 Corridor Study apply to the entire U.S. 10 Business Route corridor. These improvements include context sensitive design, improved safety and better access for pedestrians and bicyclists between surrounding neighborhoods, specifically midtown, downtown, and the cultural area that includes Midland Center for the Arts, Dow Gardens and Whiting Forest, and the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Traffic data collected during the trial period includes vehicle speed and volume. MDOT has also performed two delay studies during this trial period. Crash data within the corridor is also being collected by MDOT and the City during the trial period. The traffic data collected has been presented at two prior meetings of City Council, including at the October 29, 2018 meeting and then again at the May 20, 2019 meeting. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The lane reduction (or road diet) is being evaluated against the purpose outlined in the 2016 MDOT study. This purpose is to provide a change that will accommodate future traffic, enhance safety, increase connectivity, improve non-motorized mobility, be context sensitive and support economic development within the corridor. The information being collected now for evaluation is related to traffic data only. This traffic data will be used to test the validity of the information used in the traffic model for the 2016 study and the corresponding recommendation in the 2016 Corridor Study. Various traffic indicators identified have been collected during the trial period, including information on vehicle speed and volume. Also vehicle delay information and crash data is collected. Once traffic data confirms whether or not a reduction in lanes can be accommodated now and into the foreseeable future, City Council will review that data as well as all public comments received. Additional data may be requested at that time, and additional public input opportunities will be provided. Once City Council is satisfied that the data they need to render a decision has been provided, they will make a further recommendation to MDOT on their preferred design for the corridor. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

There is a common misconception that the road diet is intended to create a bike lane for the use of bicyclists. This misconception likely came from early concept drawings showing bike lanes in several of the options considered for the Buttles Street corridor. The reality is that no design for the corridor has yet been developed and no decision has been made on what could be included in that corridor. While a bike lane is one possible option, other options for non-motorized mobility and connectivity include separated, off-street pathways or widened sidewalks. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

No. The closed lane is closed to all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians. It is not intended for any use during the trial that is taking place. In fact, since the markings of this lane are only temporary plastic bollards, it is not safe for anyone to use that lane at this time. Both MDOT and the City therefore actively discourage any use of the lane at this time. As such, there should be no pedestrians or bicyclists in the lane - which is what we are observing. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The trial is intended to collect data on the ability of Buttles Street to operate as a two-lane road instead of the current three-lane configuration. Construction in the downtown area does not significantly impact the trial or the data being collected. While specific construction sites may be in the study area and may have an impact on traffic at times, observing this and seeing the impacts of the trial during this time is beneficial. Since construction in the downtown area never really stops, it would also be difficult to select a time where no construction is taking place. Stopping the trial now, and then restarting it again in the future, would also prove more problematic and frustrating for corridor users than would finishing the trial now as quickly as possible. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

In the first year of the road diet trial (from May 2018 to May 2019), 37 accidents were reported in the trial area, compared to 26 crashes for the same timeframe in the previous year. While traffic accidents are never an ideal situation, it’s not uncommon for areas to experience an increase in traffic crashes for a brief time period after experiencing a change in traffic patterns. In fact, the 42% increase in year-over-year traffic accidents (26 versus 37) is not the largest percentage increase in accidents this corridor has seen in the past 5 years.  In 17 of the 37 crashes reported in the trial area since data collection began, a motorist disregarded a traffic control signal (ran a red light or stop sign) on Buttles or a cross street and experienced a collision. These types of crashes are almost exclusively attributable to driver error and are not likely to have been caused by the lane reduction on Buttles Street. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Police, fire and ambulance service are all being considered as various options for the Buttles Street corridor are explored. During the road diet trial, no delays for these emergency service providers have been reported. Following the completion of the trial, all three emergency services will be further consulted to assess their experiences in greater detail before any design options are developed or considered. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Yes. The 2015-17 Corridor Study commissioned by MDOT included modeling and forecasts for increased vehicle and pedestrian volumes that could result from increased development not only in downtown Midland but also throughout the community and the surrounding area. Midland has experienced a negligible level of population growth over the past 2 decades. Midland’s population in 2000 was 41,869; in 2018, it was estimated at only 41,800. While new development has taken place and the city has spread outward, the number of people living here has not increased. Nevertheless, to account for commercial/industrial growth and residential development beyond the City limits, the traffic studies all included an assumed 0.5% growth in traffic each year moving forward. The number of vehicles commuting into the downtown area has dramatically decreased over the years as manufacturing activities have moved to other areas of the community. Today, commuting traffic makes up most of the motoring population on Buttles and Indian streets. While getting the motoring public from point A to point B safely is important, it is also important to provide an enjoyable experience that slows traffic for those working and living along the corridor and encourages those driving through our community to perhaps stop in for shopping, dining and entertainment. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

City Council has received the corridor study and considered the options presented in that report. On December 17, 2017, City Council passed a resolution that supported in principle the conversion of Buttles Street, between Jerome Street and State Street, from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. This resolution provided for the longer data collection process known as the Buttles Street Road Diet Trial that is now underway. The trial started on May 14, 2018. The decision of whether or not to permanently convert this section of Buttles Street to a 2 lane corridor has not yet been made. Similarly, the decision of what this section of Buttles Street would look like if converted to a 2 lane corridor has also not yet been made. Opportunities for public comment and input that will be considered before those decisions are made are currently underway, and will continue to be provided before City Council takes any position and makes any final recommendation to MDOT. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The only decision made by the City Council to date is to support the conversion of Buttles Street from Jerome Street to State Street in principle. This has permitted the trial now underway to take place, thereby allowing MDOT and the City to collect and analyze real world data. It is not a final decision and does not direct what would be done with the corridor if a lane reduction is ultimately determined to be appropriate. In fact, specific alternative designs for the corridor have not even been prepared, so a final decision could not have been made. Further discussion and deliberation will be needed, and all input received will be considered through that process. If you have specific comments you feel we should hear and consider, we would encourage you to submit them in writing to us by postal mail or via email. If you simply want to talk about the corridor, we would encourage you to contact the City Planning Department for that purpose at 989-837-3374, via staff email, or by stopping by City Hall. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Discussions with a staff member to share specific experiences you have had in the trial area are always helpful. The more specific you can be, the more helpful that discussion will be for us at the City as the trial progresses. City Planning staff would be happy to have that discussion with you. If you wish to have your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions noted officially for the public record, you may always do so in written form. Emailing a member of City staff, an elected member of City Council, or sending a mailed letter are all available options. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Every written correspondence sent to the City is included in the official record. Each time that the trial comes before the City Council, letters received since the last meeting and prior to the City Council agenda being posted are included in the agenda packet so that all members of City Council receive and are able to review them. As City Council agenda packets are publicly available, this also makes every written correspondence available to the public for review and consideration. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

No. While we do monitor both print and digital communications outlets in the community, comments must be submitted directly to the City via the methods suggested above if you wish them to be part of the formal public record. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

As with all of its decisions, members of the City Council will review all received public comments and reflect on discussions with residents of the community. Public feedback from residents, as well as the data collected during the road diet trial, will be reviewed and utilized by the City and members of the City Council before any final decision is made. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Yes, the orange plastic bollards in place are not attractive; however, only certain traffic control devices are permitted for use on a public road. The bollards need to stay as long as the data collection process continues. As soon as that data collection is complete, the orange bollards will be removed and the community discussion about what the future of this corridor will continue. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The trial is complicated and lengthened by the ongoing construction of the M-20 bridge crossing the Tittabawassee River. Traffic conditions through the study corridor during this construction are different than what will be experienced when that bridge is completed and traffic returns to its normal patterns. Because of this, the trial will need to run past the completion of the bridge (currently on schedule to be completed in September of 2019). The original thought was that one year of data collection following the bridge completion may be necessary, although MDOT and City officials are discussing this timing now. Remembering that the trial is taking place for the purpose of collecting data that will be used to help inform upcoming decisions on the future of the road corridor, the trial will end as soon as MDOT and City officials are confident in the data collected. As soon as that takes place, the City will work with MDOT to immediately end the trial, remove the temporary plastic bollards, and begin a broader community discussion on what should be done with the corridor. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Following conclusion of the trial, the final data will be reviewed and analyzed by MDOT and presented to City Council. City Council will then need to make a decision on whether or not to move forward with the process to determine a final design for Buttles Street with two-lanes. Consideration at that time could also include Indian Street and the possibility of maintaining the current three-lane profile. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

The 2015 US 10 Business Route Corridor Study conducted by MDOT included several options for Indian Street. The preferred option for that street was the same as for Buttles Street: a reduction from three to two travel lanes. Consideration of those options has not yet taken place and no direction or decision on Indian Street has yet been made by City Council or MDOT. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Buttles Street is an MDOT corridor and changes made to it fall within their jurisdiction and control. Once plans are developed for the corridor, MDOT will coordinate the project and ultimately contract for the changes through an open bidding process. The cost of any work to be done in the corridor is ultimately the responsibility of MDOT, but there are both federal and local shares of the project cost that would be the responsibility of the City of Midland. Typical MDOT projects have required a 2-3% city match previously. The timeline to start any possible work within the Buttles Street corridor is not known at this time. Once a project design is decided upon, cost estimates will need to be prepared and both MDOT and the City of Midland will need to budget funds for the project. This process is likely to take several years given State of Michigan and City of Midland budgeting processes. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

Many other communities across the state of Michigan and the country have seen improvements following road diet implementations. While many of these involve four lane, bi-directional roadways being “dieted” to three lanes, the same improvements can be achieved by reducing a one-way roadway from three lanes to two. These improvements include traffic calming and better accommodation of other corridor users including pedestrians and bicycles. ( Indian & Buttles Road Study - Midland )

It costs $14 to record the first page and $3 for each additional page. The Land Division affidavit, site plan, and legal description page(s) must be recorded at the Midland County Register of Deeds office. ( Land Division & Boundary Adjustments - Midland )

Included in the “bundle of rights” that go with a piece of property is the right of division. The Land Division Act, however, limits the number of divisions on any parcel. The Land Division Act gives a grantor the right to retain or transfer future division rights when dividing a parcel. For example: A parent parcel has 20 acres and is allowed five divisions. The owner may want to sell two acres, which would leave only four divisions of the parent parcel available. The two-acre parcel may be permitted three divisions, and, should they occur, the remaining 18 acres would have only one division right left. However, the grantor has the right to keep the three division rights for the 18-acre parcel, which would permit the original four divisions on the 18-acre piece. The two-acre parcel would not have rights to further divide except through the platting process. In most cases, dealing with small parcels assigning division rights will not be an issue. If there are questions, we recommend that legal counsel be obtained. ( Land Division & Boundary Adjustments - Midland )

As part of the City's Land Division and Boundary Adjustment procedure, the land division or boundary adjustment is not given final approval until the affidavit is recorded. The act of recording your affidavit is also the best protection you can have to show that your land division or boundary adjustment was properly approved. ( Land Division & Boundary Adjustments - Midland )

Simply stated, this is any parcel lawfully in existence on March 31, 1997, which is the date that the land division amendments to the Subdivision Control Act of 1967 were approved. ( Land Division & Boundary Adjustments - Midland )

If the taxes are not paid in full at the time the parcel is being divided, many problems can arise. A property owner may find a lien against their property if the owner of the parent parcel or one of the child parcels does not make full payment of taxes due in the year of a split. Disagreements between buyers and sellers can also be avoided if the tax issue is settled before a parcel is split. ( Land Division & Boundary Adjustments - Midland )

The operating hours of the Landfill are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturdays (April - November), 8:30 a.m. - Noon. For Holiday Hours please visit the Landfill's home page at and click on the "Holiday Hours" link. ( Landfill - Midland )

Once per month per address, Midland County residents can dispose of up to 3 cubic yards of yard waste or general household refuse, and construction and demolition debris - including up to one appliance - during one visit, at no charge. Identification such as a driver's license must be provided when dropping off loads at the landfill. Tires are not included in no-charge loads. ( Landfill - Midland )

The landfill is not supported by tax dollars. The landfill operates solely on waste disposal fees collected at the gatehouse near the front entrance to the landfill. Midland County residents may dispose of up to 3 cubic yards of general refuse and yard waste for no charge once per month per address. ( Landfill - Midland )

Liquid and hazardous wastes of any kind are prohibited by law. Oil, antifreeze, pesticides and oil-based paints are not accepted. Lead acid batteries such as those used for automotive and marine purposes, yard waste, scrap metal and freon appliances are handled specially for recycling, but are accepted at the landfill. ( Landfill - Midland )

The landfill is classified as a Type II landfill, which means only residential and non-hazardous industrial wastes will be accepted. ( Landfill - Midland )

The landfill, in conjunction with the Midland County Health Department, hosts free Household Hazardous Waste Collections for residents several times each year, beginning in April. ( Landfill - Midland )

Yard waste, scrap metals separated before delivery to the landfill, concrete and asphalt waste, and lead acid batteries are either recycled on site or are collected for off-site recycling. ( Landfill - Midland )

The City of Midland's Department of Public Services collects certain recyclable materials on refuse collection days. Certain items are also collected at the Midland Volunteers for Recycling Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to recycling. The recycling center is located at the entrance to the landfill. For more information on curbside recycling please visit the recycling page . For more information on Midland Recyclers, please visit their website at   ( Landfill - Midland )

No. Currently, all compost material is used for on-site projects. ( Landfill - Midland )

Free tours of the landfill may be arranged by calling 989-837-6988. Schedule a free tour of Midland Recyclers (at the entrance to the landfill) by calling 989-631-1668. ( Landfill - Midland )

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) regulates the landfill. ( Landfill - Midland )

The plan was developed and is maintained by a diverse group representing local government, county residents, industry, environmental groups and others. The comprehensive plan, developed by the Midland County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, is available for viewing at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. ( Landfill - Midland )

No. Midland County is a closed county, meaning that waste generated in the county stays in the county. Waste generated outside of Midland County is not accepted at the City of Midland Landfill. ( Landfill - Midland )

Limbs and brush can be up to 30 inches in diameter and up to 8 feet in length for recycling. Larger logs or stumps must be disposed of in the landfill cell. ( Landfill - Midland )

To determine cubic yards, multiply the length by the width by the height of the load in feet. Divide this number by 27 (there are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard). Landfill fees are based upon loose, as-delivered volume. ( Landfill - Midland )

No. Scavenging and salvaging are prohibited by law. It can also be an unsafe practice to scavenge for items, as electrical wires may be frayed, items may be (or may have come into contact with) skin-irritating chemicals or medical waste, or countless other reasons. ( Landfill - Midland )

Refuse collection is handled by the Midland Department of Public Services. To find out the specific day of the week your refuse will be collected curbside, check out our interactive online schedule. Public Services ( Landfill - Midland )

Print and fill in application form and bring to library with your proof of residency. How To Get a Library Card ( Library - Midland )

You can renew your books online, call to speak to staff during library hours, 989-837-3457, or call an automated phone system anytime, 989-835-3280. Renew your books online ( Library - Midland )

You can print step by step instructions about how to borrow for your device on the eBook help page. eBook Help Page ( Library - Midland )

Plots may be purchased at the City Clerk's Office during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., except on holidays). Rates for various cemetery services may be found online. ( Midland Municipal Cemetery - Midland )

Please review the Rules and Regulations Regarding Gravesite Decorations . ( Midland Municipal Cemetery - Midland )

The City Clerk's Office has Midland Municipal Cemetery interment records from the late 1800s. Call 989-837-3310 for more information. ( Midland Municipal Cemetery - Midland )

The cemetery's current site has been used as a cemetery since 1873. A more detailed history of the Midland Municipal Cemetery is available online. ( Midland Municipal Cemetery - Midland )

Parking on City streets between the hours of 3 - 6 a.m. is prohibited, according to Chapter 24 , Article II, Section 24-13, Sub-Section 8.28 of the City’s Code of Ordinances. The Midland Police Department is responsible for enforcing this ordinance. ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

Signs are posted near the City limits at all the major entrances to the City. ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

Yes, visit this site to pay by credit card online. A $3.50 convenience fee is charged for online payments. Payments may also be made in person (by cash, check or credit card) at the City Treasurer’s Office, or by mail (in check form only), or you can put your payment in our night deposit box which is located inside the main entrance doors at the address below. Payments can be mailed to: City Treasurer’s Office 333 W. Ellsworth St. Midland, MI 48640 ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

The fine for a City of Midland-issued parking ticket doubles if not paid within 7 calendar days of the issuance of the ticket. ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

You may file a parking ticket appeal if you want to deny responsibility for the ticket by visiting this site ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

Yes. Parking passes are available from the police department at the Law Enforcement Center (M-F, 8-5). These are temporary passes granted for limited amounts of time. For example: out of town guests, family funeral, driveway construction. ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

Successful: Defective or inoperable parking meter Improper or missing sign (Signs prohibiting parking 3am-6am on city streets are posted at all major City entrances. By state law signs are not required to be posted on each street MCL 257-606) Stolen vehicle Parking violation notice is erroneous or incomplete Material facts not known at the time of the citation. Example: If you were notified by the city to park overnight on another street due to road construction Unsuccessful: There was no sign to prohibit 3-6am parking - State law does not require signs to be posted on each street MCF257.606 I was not aware of the ordinance Failure to display parking permit Car was parked downtown overnight contrary to the ordinance ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

Information about parking for Great Lakes Loons games  may be found online. ( Parking / Tickets - Midland )

If you have a green dot this means that your tree is currently being treated for Emerald Ash Borer. If your tree has a green x this means your tree is infected with Emerald Ash Borer and will be removed. If your tree has an orange x or circle with a line through it, the tree will be removed by the City of Midland crews. If your tree has a blue dot this means your tree is going to be pruned by Consumer's Energy. If your tree has a blue x this means your tree will be removed by Consumer's Energy. ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

If you would like to have a tree planted in your outlawn please contact Parks and Recreation at 837-6930 or by email at You cannot chose the variety of tree that is placed in your outlawn. ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

Please contact Consumer’s Energy at 1-800-477-5050. ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

No. Our goal is to make sure the right tree is planted in the right environment. You can give a preference on what species of tree is planted but the City cannot guarantee what species will be ultimately be available. ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

Yes; however you must receive permission from the Parks and Recreation Department to do so. We want to make sure the right species is planted in the appropriate area. ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

Free wood chips are available on a first-come first-serve basis at the Central Park Parking lot off of Collins Street. Anyone interested can help themselves whenever they like (the stock is frequently replaced). These chips are raw wood chips from our forestry operation and therefore we cannot guarantee what is in them (bugs, disease, etc.). For questions contact Parks and Recreation.   ***Please note: In 2021 the Central Park parking lot will be used as a staging area for building The Miracle Field, so wood chips will be available at the Stratford Woods Park (3922 E Ashman St), at the back of the parking lot, by the BMX track.*** ( Parks and Recreation - Midland )

While there is no actual age requirement for the toboggan runs, riders must be at least 42" to ride the toboggan runs. ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

Toboggans seat approximately 3 people. ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

Yes! We do make our own snow BUT the temperatures have to be under 20 degrees and the air humidity has to be just right. When we have the correct snow-making conditions we will make snow! ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

No, personal toboggans are not allowed on the toboggan runs. Toboggans are available for rental at the City Forest chalet during hours of operation. ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

We allow tubes and foam and plastic sleds on the hill. For the safety of others, we do not allow toboggans, steel runner sleds and snowboards on the hill. ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

Each run is over a tenth of a mile in length! ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

No. We ask that you purchase food from our concession stand to feed your family. If you choose to bring snacks we ask that you consume them outside of the chalet. Thank you! ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

The Chalet is available for rental, when we are not open for regular business, at the discretion of park staff. If you want to host your birthday party at City Forest, feel free, just understand that no outside food and drink is allowed in the chalet during normal operating hours. ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

No. All equipment is first-come first-serve.  ( Parks and Recreation City Forest Winter - Midland )

When we imported customer information into our system, it did not transfer birthdates. Please be sure to update your birthdate under your account. ( Parks and Recreation Online Account Access - Midland )

If a shelter does not have an existing reservation then they are available on a first-come first serve basis. Reservation sheets are posted at each shelter to indicate existing reservations. Please respect the posted reservation times, as the renter has paid for the opportunity to use the shelter at the designated times. ( Parks and Recreation Pavilion Rental - Midland )

This way… ( Parks and Recreation Pavilion Rental - Midland )

TEST ( Parks and Recreation Pavilion Rental - Midland )

The depth of the pool requires that the child must be a minimum of 7 years old and be able to swim the 25 meter pool length. Children under 7 MUST be accompanied by an adult. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

Children age 12 and older are welcome to attend Plymouth Pool without a parent or guardian. It is recommended that parents have a way to communicate with their children in the event of an unexpected closure. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

No, a non-swimming parent accompanying a child age 7 and older does not have to pay admission. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

Yes, wristbands will be issued to all patrons who purchase a daily pass and wish to return the same day. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

Yes, outside food and beverages are allowed at the pool, along with coolers. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

Please feel free to bring goggles, life jackets, Puddle Jumpers, noodles, etc. Life jackets will not be supplied, however if a flotation device is used, parents MUST be in the water with the child. Water wings are highly discouraged due to safety concerns and are absolutely not to be worn on the slide. Kickboards are only to be used during lap swim. Mermaid tails are not allowed in the water. Any recreational oversized toy that impedes the lifeguards vision will be removed from the pool.  ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

Season passes are only for immediate family living in one household. Babysitters, grandparents and friends must purchase a daily or season pass. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

The number of lifeguards on duty rely on the number of bathers in the pool. We typically try to have at least 3 guards on duty at all times. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

There can be up to 425 persons in the pool. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

The number of invidiuals in the pool at a certain time depends heavily on the weather. On hot and sunny days you will see the largest bather loads. ( Parks and Recreation Plymouth Park Pool - Midland )

There are several payment options available. You can pay by: Check Make it payable to City of Midland Cash Money Order Auto-Pay automatic withdrawal of funds NO CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED FOR PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS Checks, cash, and/or money orders can be mailed to: City of Midland P.O. Box 1647 Midland, MI  48641-1647 They can also be paid in person at the: Treasurer's Office City Hall 333 W. Ellsworth St. Midland, MI 48640 After-hours payments may be made at the night deposit box located inside Midland City Hall's main doors, which are between the Midland County Services Building and City Hall. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Summer taxes are due and payable from July 1 - September 15 of each year without penalty. After September 15, a 4% penalty is added to the unpaid balance of your tax bill. Winter taxes are due and payable from December 1 of one year to February 14 of the following year without penalty. After February 14, a 4% penalty is added to the unpaid balance. More details on the tax collection process are available online. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Yes, for property taxes and City of Midland parking ticket payments only. The postmark must be legible and dated by the due date. Postmarks are accepted for up to 7 calendar days after the due date. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Payments cannot be made before July 1 for summer tax bills or December 1 for winter tax bills. If you would like to make a partial payment, these are acceptable only after July 1 for summer tax bills and after December 1 for winter bills. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Summer taxes that are not paid or postmarked by September 15 are charged a 1-time 4% penalty on the unpaid balance. No additional penalties will accrue until March 1, when the delinquent real property taxes are turned over to Midland County. Winter taxes that are not paid or postmarked by February 14 are charged a 1-time 4% penalty on the unpaid balance. On March 1, all delinquent real property taxes are turned over to the Midland County Treasurer. The City Treasurer’s Office continues to collect all delinquent personal property taxes and buildings on leased land taxes, and, beginning March 1, an additional 1% per month interest is charged on the unpaid base tax. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Real Property Taxes July 1 - February 28 Current year taxes are paid at the City of Midland Treasurer's Office at Midland City Hall Beginning March 1 of each year, delinquent taxes are paid at the Midland County Treasurer's Office in the County Services Building Personal Property Taxes and Buildings on Leased Land Taxes July 1 - February 28 Payments for current and delinquent personal property taxes are paid to the City of Midland Treasurer's Office at Midland City Hall ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

The City offers the Auto-Pay program, which allows you to have the amount of your taxes automatically withdrawn from the bank account of your choosing on the date they are due. This service ends the hassle of having to write a check, use your credit or debit card, and/or come to Midland City Hall to pay your tax bill. More information regarding the Auto-Pay Automatic Funds Withdrawal Program is available online. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

No. Through the Auto-Pay program, funds are withdrawn from your bank account on the date taxes are due. For example, in the case of  2017 winter taxes, that date would have been February 14, 2017. If you would like to make a full payment at any time after your bill is issued, you are welcome to do so at the Treasurer’s Office at Midland City Hall. If a full payment has been made and you are signed up for the Auto-Pay program, no funds will be drawn from your bank account on the tax payment due date. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

At this time, only water bill payments may be made online. TAX BILLS CANNOT BE PAID ONLINE WITH A CREDIT CARD ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Contact the Midland County Treasurer at 989-832-6850 to find out. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

Contact the Midland County Treasurer’s Office at 989-832-6850. ( Paying Your Tax Bill - Midland )

To report a problem, or to file a complaint, you should call 911. Many people are hesitant to call 911 because they don’t actually have an “emergency”. Rest assured, our dispatch center has numerous phone lines available to accommodate calls. If they have an emergency call that they are handling that will take priority and you may be placed temporarily on “hold”. There are also several dispatchers working at any given time to handle your call. ( Police - Midland )

If you are calling to file a complaint or need the assistance of the police you are asked to dial 911. If you are trying to call a specific officer you may call the Shift supervisor at 989-839-4713. Or you may call a specific officer’s voice mail and leave a message to by calling 989-839-4790. See question #3 for further information. ( Police - Midland )

Call 989-839-4790. You will be asked to enter a phone number for the person you are trying to reach. If you do not know the extension of the officer, you will be asked to wait on the line until an operator is able to assist you. ( Police - Midland )

You can contact our Records Bureau, Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are located just inside the lobby of the Law Enforcement Center at 2727 Rodd St. You should note that only three types of reports are available to the public. They are: 1.) Traffic Crash Reports 2.) Domestic Violence Reports - available only to the victim’s of the domestic violence 3.) Summary Reports of burglaries, larcenies, and vandalism - which contain the limited information, needed for insurance claims. Requests for all other reports must be made through the Freedom of Information Act. ( Police - Midland )

The Freedom of Information Act is an act passed by Congress. The act basically states that a public entity, such as a police department, must make all of its records available to the public unless certain criteria exist. The F.O.I.A. benefits “both sides of the coin” in that, it protects the rights and privacy of individuals while at the same time allows public access to public documents so that the public/people may monitor and keep the government’s activities in check. ( Police - Midland )

Once a dispatcher has received a complaint, typically a patrol officer is sent to initiate an investigation and if necessary, will type a “formal report” about the incident. Each incident or complaint is assigned a complaint number. In most instances an officer will be able provide you with this number. If further follow-up or investigation is required, often that complaint is then forwarded to the Detectives Bureau. Once an investigation is completed and charges are being sought, that complaint is then forwarded to either the Midland City Attorney or the Midland County Prosecutors Office. Some complaints may not require an in-depth investigation, but may require some simple involvement of the police which will be resolved at the scene. This type of complaint, like the formal report, will also have a complaint number assigned to it. By the end of each shift, that officer(s) will complete a very brief synopsis about their findings and actions. ( Police - Midland )

If you have contact with the officer handling your complaint and he or she is able to resolve it, you may ask that officer about the complaints disposition. If the complaint is more in-depth and there are several officers involved, or the Detective Bureau has been assigned the complaint, you may call the Detective Bureau at 989-631-4244. You should have the complaint number available, if possible. ( Police - Midland )

The police do not have the legal authority to enforce orders from the Friend of the Court. Unless a court has ordered the termination of a parent’s rights, the police recognize that both parents have an interest in the child(ren). The police will not resolve disputes over the custody and visitation of the child(ren). This is a Friend of the Court and/or attorney matter. ( Police - Midland )

If you are a resident of the City of Midland, you may obtain a PBT from the Records Bureau, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. At all other times, a police officer will give you the test in the lobby of the police department. The cost is $5 per test. You may also get a free Preliminary Breath Test from any officer at any time if you are under 21 years of age and have been drinking alcohol or if you are operating a vehicle and are suspected of operating it under the influence of alcohol. ( Police - Midland )

You may obtain a local background/criminal check from the Midland Police Department's Records division. This will include a check for any arrests, including the complaint number, date, and type of offense. It will not provide a disposition for the arrest. View additional information on criminal background checks through the Michigan State Police website. ( Police - Midland )

You may call a wrecker company to remove a vehicle from residential property that is obviously part of a single or dual family residence. In order for a vehicle to be removed from other forms of private property (i.e., an apartment complex or business like Meijers), signs must be prominently displayed at the vehicular entrance to the property. If the property lacks curbs or access barriers, at least one sign must be posted for each 100 feet of road frontage. The notice must contain letters not less than 2 inches high on a contrasting background. It must state that unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense. The notice must provide the name and phone number of the towing service responsible for removing vehicles from that property. The bottom of the notice must be located not less than 4 feet from the ground, and continuously maintained on the property for not less than 24 hours before a vehicle is towed or removed. Additionally, if the vehicle is hampering the use of private property by being parked in a manner which impedes the movement of other vehicles, it may be towed. The only involvement of the police would be to check for a “suspicious” or stolen vehicle. ( Police - Midland )

There are several ways to get involved with the police department. You can join or head a Neighborhood Watch or Business Watch program , you could become a Crossing Guard, or you can simply stop to chat with one of our officers the next time you encounter one in passing. ( Police - Midland )

In Midland County, to find out if someone has been arrested or to find out the bond or a release time on someone who has been arrested, contact the Midland County Jail at 989-832-6612. The Midland County Jail is located at 301 W. Main St. ( Police - Midland )

It is illegal to allow a dog to “run at large”, howl, or create an unpleasant odor in the neighborhood. To report a violation, you should contact the Animal Control Division of Midland County at 989-832-6856. After regular business hours, you can call 911. ( Police - Midland )

There is no set time for permitted excessive noise. Under the City's Code of Ordinances, excessive noise ordinance (Sec. 16-28) applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We must recognize that when living in a city where people generally live in close proximity to one another, there will be different work and sleep habits that must be respected. All members of a community must practice tolerance and have reasonable expectations. ( Police - Midland )

The city's code of ordinances prohibits the continuance of any unreasonable, loud, disturbing or unnecessary noise (sec. 16-28). In other words, if others can hear it and it is preventable, it is too loud and you are subject to misdemeanor penalties. ( Police - Midland )

Read about recreational fires . ( Police - Midland )

The Midland Police Department has a policy of charging for services when police officers respond to alarms that are found to be accidentally tripped because of human error or because of system error. View the Police Department false alarm guidelines . ( Police - Midland )

If you have a group that would like to get an educational tour of the Law Enforcement Center, you may contact the Community Relations Officer at 989-839-4748 or by email . ( Police - Midland )

Visit the Property Information page or call the City Assessor's Office at 989-837-3334. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

First, check the Property Information page . If you cannot locate the information there call the City Assessor's Office at 989-837-3334. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

Refer to the City Assessor's Forms / Brochures page for information on various assessing forms. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

This information can be found by searching for the address of the property or the owner's name through the Property Information page . In addition, the parcel code number is located on tax bills and assessment change notices. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

Contact the City Assessor’s Office at 989-837-3334. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

Contact the Planning Department at 989-837-3374 for in-depth information on floodplains and whether or not your property could be located within one. Floodplain information can be found on the Planning Department  section of the website. ( Property Assessing - Midland )

Visit our How to Submit a Bid for City of Midland Projects page for details. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

Yes, they are open to the public. Typically, they are available for viewing in the Midland City Council Chambers on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. When bids for an individual project are sought from the public, the City publishes an advertisement in the Midland Daily News. Included in that advertisement is the deadline for submitting bids and the date and time of the bid opening. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

After bids are opened, all bids are tabulated in a spreadsheet format and posted online. A FOIA request is not needed to access this information. Bid tabulations (in Microsoft Excel) are also available in hard copy form upon request. Call the Purchasing Department to request a copy. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

Typically, there is no charge. There are occasions, however, when a minimal fee will be charged for large plans and/or sets of drawings for certain projects. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

Visit the Bid and Vendor Process page to find information on how to get onto the City's mailing list, or review the Current Bid Opportunities to see what is currently available in the City. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

This information is available on the Removal / Suspension from Bidder's List page. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

Tabulations of bids received by the bid opening date for a particular project will be posted on this website on the day following the bid opening date. Tabulations for each project will appear online for up to 30 days following the bid opening date for that project. To view individual project tabulations, simply visit the Bid Tabulations page. Once on this webpage, you will see tabs with the descriptions or names of various projects at the bottom of your computer screen. Click on the tabs to view tabulations for certain projects. Tabulations are also available in hard copy form upon request from the City of Midland Purchasing Department. ( Purchasing Department - Midland )

Contact the Midland County Clerk's Office at 989-832-6739, or visit the County Clerk's website . ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

Contact the Midland County Clerk's Office at 989-832-6739, or visit the County Clerk's website . ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

The Midland County Magistrate can perform marriages. Call 989-832-6700 to find out more. ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

To get a passport application go to: Midland County Circuit Court 301 W. Main St. Midland, MI 48640 Ph: 989-832-6735 Midland Post Office 2900 Rodd St. Midland, MI 48640 Ph: 989-631-6580 For more information visit the Midland County Circuit Court's website . Another helpful source for information is the U.S. Department of State website . ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

A Doing Business As (DBA) / Co-Partnership license must be secured to operate a business within the city. Licensing forms are available through the Midland County Clerk's Office . ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

If your FOIA request meets the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act , you may submit a FOIA request form for non-exempt public records at the City of Midland. ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

Yes, a license may be required through the City Clerk's office. Handbills are printed sheets or pamphlets distributed by hand. Before attempting to give out handbills within the Midland city limits, refer to these Handbill Distribution Regulations from the Midland Code of Ordinances . ( Records / Documentation - Midland )

Gray is only for refuse (garbage) collection - it is collected weekly Blue is only for yard waste collection - it is collected weekly on your refuse day April to November Brown is only for recycling - it is collected on a schedule once per month on your refuse day ( Recycling - Midland )

Call the Department of Public Services at 989-837-6900 and request one. They will ask for your name, address, and phone number. The brown recycle cart will be delivered by Republic Services. ( Recycling - Midland )

All boxboard and cardboard must fit loosely inside the brown recycle cart.  Cardboard and boxes placed outside the cart cannot be collected unless they fit inside the cart.  The driver has no way to collect these items using the automated arm of the truck.  You may also place oversized cardboard out for your monthly Heavy Item Collection. ( Recycling - Midland )

Please view the attached brochure for acceptable and unacceptable recycling items. ( Recycling - Midland )

Please view the attached brochure for items that are not accepted for recycling. ( Recycling - Midland )

For repairs or replacement of your brown recycle cart, contact the Department of Public Services at 989-837-6900.  Let them know what needs to be repaired (wheel off, lid, etc.) and a repair/replacement will be scheduled. ( Recycling - Midland )

The white imprinted number is a serial number.  You should record the white imprinted serial number of your brown recycle cart.  If your cart is stolen, you will need to provide a police report with the serial number in order to receive a replacement cart. ( Recycling - Midland )

Residents are allowed to set out up to three (3) 14-gallon bins or like size containers (i.e laundry basket) next to their brown recycle cart.  The driver will empty the brown cart, get out of the truck and empty the items in the additional containers into the brown cart and empty it. Items in the additional containers must be able to fit into the brown cart.  If you routinely have an overflow of recycling, you should consider leasing an additional brown cart for $36 per cart per year.  You are allowed a maximum of three (3) brown carts.  For information about leasing additional carts, contact the Department of Public Service at 989-837-6900. ( Recycling - Midland )

Three students come for three weeks, each staying one week with a different host family. We're looking for 9 families to host one Japanese high school student for 6-7 days this summer to help them experience typical American life. They'll eat, play and interact with the entire family. It's helpful to have at least one child in the family, but they don't need to be a teen. However, one parent should be at home during the week of hosting. ( Sister City - Midland )

Most of the students will have studied English in school and will speak some English, but may not be fluent and will be shy to speak at first. Our experience is that their English improves during the stay ad that families have a great deal of fun working through communication matters. Apps and electronic translators are readily available, and Japanese language speakers will be available in case of emergencies. ( Sister City - Midland )

The Midland-Handa Sister City Committee will select 9 families from the applicant pool. Selected families will be invited to an orientation meeting. ( Sister City - Midland )

There will be a mix of planned group activities for the students and host families (Loons game, day trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes, high school tour & canoeing) but most of the time, it's up to you. We encourage and will facilitate communication among the 3 host families to provide the broadest range of experiences. Some families have treated their students to trips to Mackinac Island, Greenfield Village, a Tigers game, etc., but out-of-town experiences are not required. ( Sister City - Midland )

All the Sister City group activities are provided free of charge to the students and their host families. Students bring spending money for souvenirs and snacks. Host families provide meals and cover activities that you plan - tickets to events or venues, overnight travel, gifts, etc. ( Sister City - Midland )

Host families, once selected, will be given an orientation session and an opportunity to meet each other. If you have questions now, contact any of the Sister City Committee members by e-mail at ( Sister City - Midland )

Tax billing information can be found on the Property and Tax Information page or by contacting the City Treasurer's Department at 989-837-3315. For delinquent taxes, visit the Midland County website . ( Taxes - Midland )

If you live within the City of Midland, tax payment information can be found by contacting the City Treasurer's Department at 989-837-3315. If you live outside the City but within Midland County, you can search for tax information on Midland County's website . ( Taxes - Midland )

Taxes are calculated based on taxable value. Similar properties cannot be compared by looking at taxable values or tax bills, because Proposal A creates disparities between similar properties and their taxable values. The assessed value of your property is determined based on the local real estate market and is the only accurate indicator of uniformity among property values. For more information, see How Property Taxes Are Calculated . ( Taxes - Midland )

Contact the Midland County Treasurer’s Office at 989-832-6850. ( Taxes - Midland )

Yes. Refer to the webpage that details How Property Taxes Are Calculated . ( Taxes - Midland )

Assessed value is 50% of market value, while taxable value (used to levy property taxes) is, in most cases, less than that. However, when a property is transferred or sold, the taxable value of a property is "uncapped," or becomes equal to the assessed value, for the year following the year in which the sale or transfer took place. ( Taxes - Midland )

Tax billing information can be found on the Property Tax Information  page. ( Taxes - Midland )

Tax payments are updated on this website within 2 regular business days. ( Taxes - Midland )

Each year on March 1, all delinquent real property taxes and delinquent special assessments are turned over to the Midland Country Treasurer’s Office for collection and are no longer payable to the City of Midland. After March 1, City records will not show the amount of delinquent taxes. ( Taxes - Midland )

Per Michigan law, on March 1 of each year, all delinquent real property taxes and delinquent special assessments are turned over to the Midland County Treasurer's Office for collection. ( Taxes - Midland )

Assessments of property in Midland are made annually by the City Assessor’s Office. For questions about the assessment of your property, contact the office at 989-837-3334, or view the Assessor's Office portion of this website. ( Taxes - Midland )

Contact the City Assessor's Office at 989-837-3334. ( Taxes - Midland )

See Buying / Selling / Going Out of Business in the attached Personal Property Tax brochure . ( Taxes - Midland )

If you are calling about an event currently happening, you should call 911. If it is an on-going traffic problem or your issue is not of an urgent nature, please call the police department's Traffic Hotline at 989-839-4714. Information that is helpful in resolving the traffic problem includes: Where exactly the problem is occurring. The time of day or which days of the week the problem is occurring. Any information you can provide about the driver and vehicle. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, you may call the City of Midland Signs and Signals Department at 989-837-6945. If it is ‘after hours’, please call 911 to report the problem. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

You can call either the Midland City Engineering Department at 989-837-3348, or you may call the Patrol Shift Supervisor at 989-839-4713; the supervisor will pass your suggestion to the Police Department Traffic Safety Team. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

There are two types of traffic violation tickets that you can receive: a civil infraction and a misdemeanor. Once a civil infraction ticket has been issued, the matter is between you and the 75th District Court. You must contact the court at 301 W. Main St., Midland MI 989-832-6714. As described on the back of your civil infraction citation (ticket) you have three options: Admit responsibility by mail, in person, or by representation within 14 days but not before 3 working days of issuance of the citation. Admit responsibility with explanation of the circumstances of the violation, which the court may consider in determining the amount of the fine and costs. You may admit responsibility with explanation by mail, in person, or by representation within 14 days but not before 3 working days of issuance of the citation. Deny responsibility by contacting the court within 14 days but not before 3 working days of issuance of the citation to either Appear in person in court for an informal hearing before a magistrate, referee, or judge; neither side may have an attorney, OR Appear in court for a formal hearing before a judge. An attorney will be with the officer. You may be represented by an attorney. If you received a misdemeanor traffic citation/ticket you must contact the 75th District Court at 301 W. Main, Midland, MI 48640, (989) 832-6714. The court will advise you of an appearance date (if necessary) and the fines involved with the offense. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

View the Point and Fine Schedule . Points cannot be reduced or deferred. They are set by the Michigan Legislature. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

A police officer is not obligated to show a motorist the radar during a traffic stop or at any other time. A police officer does have to follow a set of guidelines that were established in 1985 by the Michigan Speed Measurement Task Force. These standards are designed to ensure fairness and protection to the motorist. This ensures that an officer who is unfamiliar with the operation of a radar unit does not wrongly accuse a motorist of speeding. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

The Secretary of State maintains the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, which contains the state laws concerning the “Rules of the Road” in Michigan. You can either contact the Secretary of State to obtain a “hard copy” of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, go online to the Motor Vehicle Code for “Michigan Compiled Laws”. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

Please do the following: If not injured, see if you can help any injured parties. Call 911. After a crash, you should move your vehicle to the side of the roadway to allow other traffic to flow. If you have damage of $1,000 or more and the accident occurred on a public roadway, you are required by law to report the crash to the nearest police department. If there is under $1,000 in damage, an accident report is not required and you may work it out with the other driver. When the police arrive, they will need your Driver's License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance. If your vehicle is not drivable, a wrecker will be called. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

Please do the following: First and foremost, you should pull your vehicle over to the side of the roadway immediately. You will normally be asked for your license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You should know where these items are and provide them to the officer upon request. Since the officer does not know you - just as you don’t know the officer - there is an atmosphere of caution that the officer will want to maintain. Minimize the amount of movement in your vehicle. Do not exit the vehicle unless directed to do so. Be honest and direct in your conversation. ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

View the violations and related fees . ( Traffic Safety / Enforcement - Midland )

The City of Midland's Wastewater Treatment Plant responds to emergencies related to the city's wastewater system (such as wastewater leaks) 24 hours a day. If you have a wastewater system emergency or wish to report a suspected leak, please call the Wastewater Plant directly at (989)837-3500. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

If your sewer is backing up into your home and you don't know if the problem stems from the system in your home or the City's sanitary sewer system, we recommend that you call the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 989-837-3500 and report the problem immediately. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is staffed 24 hours a day, and staff typically can respond within 45 minutes. When responding to a call, City staff will inspect the City sewer in your area and determine if we can help with the problem. If we can't help, we recommend that you look for an established sewer cleaner or plumber, either of which can generally be found in the phone book. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

No. The homeowner is responsible for any sewer problems in the sanitary sewer system from inside the home to the point at which the sewer pipe joins the City's portion of the system, which is typically found in the street in front of a home or building or in the out lawn area. The City is responsible for the collection system that runs throughout the city. The City's portion of the collection system is comprised of pipes that are called "mains". These mains can be up to 48 inches in diameter. In contrast, some home or building pipes (also called laterals) are either 4 or 6 inches in diameter. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

City staff cannot recommend private companies to perform services for residents. However, when you are searching for a quality company, it is recommended that you consider asking the following questions: What is the cost to perform a given service? What is the company's guarantee for their work? How long does the guarantee last? ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

Blockages can occur for numerous reasons. Some of the most common causes are tree roots, grease and toys or objects inserted by children who may use drains to dispose of pencils, Barbie dolls, etc. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

Grease and items not intended for sewer disposal should not be put down the drain. If such items go down the drain, contact a sewer cleaner or plumber to remove them. Tree roots, a common cause of sewer problems, will grow deeper and farther into the ground to find a water and nutrient source. Sewer pipes installed prior to the 1980s were typical of the clay pipe style, which can allow roots to access and disrupt the wastewater flow in your sewer. A root cutter can be utilized to correct this problem. Once again, we recommend contracting with a sewer cleaner or plumber to correct this problem, as most homeowners will generally not be familiar with or have the equipment needed to perform the work. For the do-it-yourselfer who would prefer trying to correct the problem on his / her own, this type of equipment may be rented from a local vendor. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

Sewage backup in home Sewer odor in basement Odor in the air Flusher truck working in area Interested in touring the Wastewater Treatment Plant Street flooding with rainwater ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

An RV waste disposal site is located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2125 Austin St. Any Midland city resident may bring their RV to the plant to dispose of waste from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and on the weekends and during holidays from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. This service is free to Midland city residents. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

Yes, the Midland Wastewater Treatment Plant is a receiving facility for domestic sewage from licensed haulers. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

Yes. Use the Online Water / Sewer Bill Payment website to pay using your credit or checking card. ( Wastewater Division - Midland )

The City of Midland Water Treatment Plant responds to emergencies related to the City's water system (such as water main breaks) 24 hours a day. If you have a water system emergency, please call the Water Plant at 989-837-3515. ( Water Division - Midland )

Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immuno-compromised persons, such as persons with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV / AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. Environmental Protection Agency / Centers for Disease Control guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and other microbial contaminants are available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline 800-426-4791 or by sending them an email . ( Water Division - Midland )

Midland’s drinking water is moderately hard with an average hardness of 104 (ppm as CaCO3). This level of hardness is approximately six grains per gallon. ( Water Division - Midland )

The average pH of water in Midland is 8.2. ( Water Division - Midland )

Yes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) have established that it is safe to drink water with chlorine at a level established to protect the water as it moves through the water mains and out the tap. ( Water Division - Midland )

Approximately 0.7 ppm of fluoride is contained in Midland’s water. ( Water Division - Midland )

The white particles are most likely either calcium carbonate deposits (scale) or the result of a deteriorating hot water heater plastic “dip tube”. Contact the Midland Water Treatment Plant at 989-837-3341 for more information. ( Water Division - Midland )

It is unnecessary for our customers to go to the extra expense of buying bottled water in order to have safe drinking water. Bottled water costs more than $1 a gallon, and water from a Midland tap costs less than a tenth of a cent per gallon. In addition, the public health standards for water from municipal water supplies are higher than those for bottled water. ( Water Division - Midland )

Water from the Midland Water Treatment Plant has an average of 5 milligrams of sodium per liter. Midland's water is very low in sodium. Individuals who use water softeners actually add sodium in the process to remove hard-water minerals. ( Water Division - Midland )

Discolored water is often the result of rusting galvanized pipe in home plumbing systems. Normally, the water clears after running a bit. Sometimes, water mains may become scoured from firefighting activities or a main break. Iron causes the discoloration; it is not a health risk. ( Water Division - Midland )

The water we deliver to our customers is safe to drink as determined by EPA and MDEQ standards. In-home “treatment” systems may cost several hundred dollars plus the cost of frequent filter changes. The extra expense is unnecessary as a matter of safety. If our customers wish to install filtration equipment, it is a matter of personal preference. We encourage those who choose to use on-site equipment to change the filter as often as the manufacturer recommends, because the filters are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. People with specific health concerns may wish to seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. ( Water Division - Midland )

Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. The largest use of household water is to flush the toilet. Taking showers and baths also accounts for a large percentage of household use of City water. ( Water Division - Midland )

It’s not the little leak that wastes water – it is the little leak that keeps on leaking that wastes water. And, the fact that the leak is so little means that maybe it is being ignored. How can a little leak turn into a big waste? Many toilets have a constant leak – somewhere around 22 gallons per day. This translates into about 8,000 gallons per year of wasted water – water that could be saved. Or think of a leaky water line coming into your house. If it leaks 1 gallon of water every 10 minutes, that means that you are losing (and paying for) 144 gallons per day, or 52,560 gallons per year. ( Water Division - Midland )

Areas that might be using water continually because of a leak are as follows: toilets drippy faucets clothes washers dishwashers some humidifiers some disposals water evaporator-type air conditioners lawn sprinkling systems hoses left on and connected to the sill cock To test toilets for leaks first remove tank-mounted cleaners and flush until all coloring is gone from inside the tank and bowl or basin of the toilet. Then add 40 to 50 drops of food coloring (blue, red or green) to a glass of warm water, and then carefully pour it into the tank, stirring it to mix the food coloring throughout the tank. Check the toilet bowl periodically over the next two hours. Food coloring in the bowl indicates a leak. Another way to check for water leaks is to read the water meter in your home and write down the numbers, including the number to which the needle is pointing. After six to eight hours of not using any water in the house, read the water meter again and compare the numbers to the original reading from the beginning of the test. If the needle has moved or any of the readings have changed, that means that water has passed through the meter even though no water faucets were turned on or toilets flushed, etc., during that time. In this case, a change in the needle's position on the meter indicates a leak or open valve somewhere in the home. ( Water Division - Midland )

Contact Water Distribution at 989-837-6950 with any questions about the water flow to your home. ( Water Division - Midland )

There is no relation between the water being delivered to your household and the black ring that occasionally appears in your toilet bowl. This is actually mildew that forms due to room temperature, facility usage and lighting. It is suggested that you use a chlorine-based bowl cleaner plus more ventilation during showers to help reduce this problem. ( Water Division - Midland )

Yes. Use the City's Online Water / Sewer Bill Payment website to pay using select credit or debit cards. ( Water Division - Midland )

City water customers can pay by mail or in person at the Treasurer's Office or via the drop box if after business hours: Midland City Hall 333 W. Ellsworth St. 1st Floor Midland, MI 48640 Another payment option is through the Auto-Pay - Automatic Funds Withdrawal Program . This is a free electronic funds transfer program that provides a secure, reliable way to pay your water / sewer bill from the checking or savings account of your choosing. You may also pay at any Midland Chemical Bank branch if paying by the due date. ( Water Division - Midland )

Midland has received its source water supply from Lake Huron since 1948. View the City's water page to find out more about where the City's water supply comes from. ( Water Division - Midland )

The Saginaw-Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation is a cooperative venture between the cities of Saginaw and Midland that brings Lake Huron water to both communities via 65 miles of underground infrastructure. ( Water Division - Midland )

Yard waste collection begins the first Monday in April. Yard waste is collected curbside on your regular weekly refuse collection day. Yard waste must be placed in Kraft paper compost bags or City of Midland blue 95-gal bins before being set at the curb. Bags must weigh under 50 lbs. and the lid on the bins must close. Acceptable materials include: leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, small twigs and branches. ( Yard Waste Collection - Midland )

Yard waste bags and bins need stickers starting the first Monday in May. In 2015, the City began "Spring Free". "Spring Free" will begin on the first Monday in April and ends the last Friday in April. The month of April is free collection in either Kraft paper bags or City of Midland blue 95-gal bins. ( Yard Waste Collection - Midland )

What is Collected As Yard Waste: Garden waste and plants Grass clippings, leaves, small twigs and straw What is Not Collected as Yard Waste: Artificial flowers, plastic flower pots and flats (dispose as refuse) City yard waste bins with brush sticking out of the bin (lid must close completely) Compost paper bags weighing over 50 pounds Large brush and tree branches over 2 inches in diameter (collected monthly through heavy item and brush collection) Loose soil and sod Stone Treated woods (decking, etc.) Yard waste in plastic bags ( Yard Waste Collection - Midland )

Residents can purchase annual blue yard waste bin and compost stickers online by clicking here . Annual stickers can be purchased in person with cash, check VISA or MasterCard at the Municipal Service Center (4811 N. Saginaw Rd.) or at the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall.  Annual stickers cost $40 for the first sticker and $17 for each additional sticker at one residence. The orange stickers for compost bags are available online, at the Municipal Service Center (4811 N. Saginaw) and at Ace Hardware, Family Fare, Gilroy’s Hardware, Kroger, Lowe’s, and Meijer. ( Yard Waste Collection - Midland )

Leaves can ONLY be raked into the street during the fall leaf collection season.  Once an area has received final curbside collection in the fall, any remaining leaves must be in City blue yard waste bins or paper compost bags to be collected PRIOR to the end of the yard waste collection season.  Yard waste collection typically concludes by the end of November depending on weather conditions.  No stickers are required after the first Monday in October.  There is NO collection of leaves in the street in the spring. ( Yard Waste Collection - Midland )