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Jackson County Sheriff Departments: Sheriff s Office;Criminal Investigations Division;Jackson County Jail;Patrol Division;Special Operations Division;

FAQ ( frequently asked question )

Enhanced 911, or E-911, is an enhanced version of a typical Caller ID system. Enhanced 911 displays the caller's name, phone number, street address, apartment or space numbers, the type of phone, and a recommendation for police, fire, or ambulance response. It also keeps numbers from being blocked, even if they are unlisted. Having the location immediately displayed on each 911 call allows the dispatcher to quickly confirm the location where help is needed. The sooner our dispatchers can verify a location, the sooner they can send help to you. ( E-911 - Jackson County Sheriff )

911 is for emergencies or things that could become emergencies. - Is there a threat to life or property? - Are you or someone else the victim of a crime? - Do you have a police emergency? - Do you or someone else have a medical emergency? - Do you need the fire department? If the situation seems urgent and has the potential to become dangerous, call 911. Dispatchers will determine whether your call should be handled by 911. All other calls should be directed to our non-emergency number: 706-367-1911. ( E-911 - Jackson County Sheriff )

If you accidentally dial 911, do not hang up. Stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that everything is alright. If you don't, the dispatcher will send law enforcement to your home to check on you. ( E-911 - Jackson County Sheriff )

Emergency dispatchers need to get accurate information to allow officers to make the best decision on how to approach the situation. Dispatchers handling emergency medical and fire calls must also consider the well-being of the public and the safety of the firefighters and paramedics. Callers will be asked: - Where - What - Who - When - (maybe) Why The information you provide a dispatcher is relayed to responding officers, paramedics or firefighters while they are on their way to the call. ( E-911 - Jackson County Sheriff )

The court date that you have been placed upon is rarely negotiable unless there are extenuating circumstances. Generally, there are only three acceptable situations where a continuance is considered by the court and failure to appear may not result in a Bench Warrant issued: (1) If you are admitted into the hospital on your court date ( Please note: The hospital must provide the court with proper verification either faxed or mailed on hospital letterhead.) (2) If you have an attorney and your attorney has filed a conflict with the court (3) If you are deceased ( State Court - Jackson County Sheriff )

If you have lost your notice and need your court date information, or need general information regarding your case, please call the Clerk of Superior and State Courts. ( State Court - Jackson County Sheriff )

If you do not have an attorney and you wish to discuss your State Court Case, please call the State Court Solicitor’s office. ( State Court - Jackson County Sheriff )

If you find that you need legal assistance regarding your case, please contact the Public Defender’s office, or fill out their online application form and present it to the Public Defender’s office promptly before your court date. Public Defender Page ( State Court - Jackson County Sheriff )

If you need directions to the courthouse, view the Map and Directions to the Courthouse (PDF). ( State Court - Jackson County Sheriff )