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FAQ ( frequently asked question )

Library staff is busy clearing all patron accounts of fines associated with materials checked out at HPL.  Fines charged by other Monarch member libraries will remain on your account. ( Library - Horicon )

While fines materials have been waived, lost or damaged items, and ancillary charges such as copies, faxes, and notice fees, will remain on the account. ( Library - Horicon )

Whether or not fines are charged is determined by the lending library policies.  Any Monarch member material checked out at HPL will be Fine-Free and can be returned to any Monarch library for check-in.  Likewise, any HPL item checking out at another member’s location will follow their lending policies. However, there is a wrinkle with renewals.  If you check out at HPL but renew at another member library, the original checkout policies are nullified, and the renewing library’s policies take over.  To avoid this situation, we recommend you renew at HPL or another Monarch member library with the same fines policy. ( Library - Horicon )

"No fines" does not mean "no responsibility."  Our overdue notice procedure will not change.  Materials not returned 28 days (4 weeks) after the due date are assumed lost and will be billed to the account for the replacement cost and processing costs. ( Library - Horicon )

We anticipated fines to generate 2% of our overall 2020 budget.  Like you during this time of COVID-19 crisis, the library will tighten its belt while still providing current materials and excellent service. ( Library - Horicon )

Yes!  The friendly staff at the circulation desk will gladly take your donation.  Donations can always be made directly to the library or the Friends of Horicon Library.  Your donation will support critical library programs, services, and materials. ( Library - Horicon )

Fines are punitive.  Fees are for library services and products such as library cards, copies, faxes, materials replacement costs, etc. ( Library - Horicon )

There will be no parking on any public street or alley between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from December 1st through March 31st. ( Police Department - Horicon )

The owner, occupant or person in charge of any parcel or lot which fronts upon or adjoins any sidewalk shall keep said sidewalk clear of all snow and ice. In the event of snow accumulating on said sidewalk due to natural means and/or by any other means, said sidewalks shall be cleared of all accumulated snow and/or ice within 24 hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on said sidewalk. ( Police Department - Horicon )

Sidewalks are to be kept clear of snow and ice to a minimum of four feet in width. In the event that ice has formed on any sidewalk in such a manner that it cannot be removed, the owner, occupant or person in charge of the parcel or lot which fronts upon or adjoins said sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk sprinkled with sand and/or salt to permit safe travel by pedestrians. ( Police Department - Horicon )

For questions relating to your court appearance, payment of fines, and matters pending before the Municipal Court, please call the Municipal Court Office at 920-485-4376. Citations may be paid through the mail, in person, or placed in the drop box located inside the vestibule of the Public Safety Building. Payments may be made with cash, check or by money order. For credit card payments contact the Municipal Court Office. ( Police Department - Horicon )

You must contact the Horicon Fire Chief at 920-485-3510 to receive a burning permit. ( Police Department - Horicon )

Copies of accident reports and requests for records can be obtained by stopping in our lobby, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding legal holidays. Our open records policy is in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes. Please call 920-485-3555 for additional information and for fee schedule. ( Police Department - Horicon )

The fees for parking tickets are as follows: - $20 if paid within 72 hours of receiving the ticket. - $40 if paid after 72 hours of receiving the ticket. - $45 if license plates are suspended for non-payment. ( Police Department - Horicon )

Yes, if you are arrested by the Horicon Police Department for a bondable warrant issued by a different jurisdiction, there is an additional $20 service fee payable to the City of Horicon. ( Police Department - Horicon )

Although Horicon City Ordinance only requires 10 days, the police department allows 30 days to clean or repair any property or debris and/or repair, assemble, make the vehicle(s) operable and roadworthy, and license and register any vehicle(s) that is not currently licensed or registered; or in the alternative, place such vehicle(s) in a duly authorized and licensed sales, repair, or salvage business operating lawfully within a properly zoned area and in compliance with all State and local laws, rules, regulations, licenses and permits. ( Police Department - Horicon )

Ordinance 13-1-142 states that no manure, rubbish, salvage material or miscellaneous refuse may be stored within any residential district when the same may be construed as a menace to the public health or safety or may be held to have a depressing influence upon property values in the area. Junk shall be placed in junkyards only. ( Police Department - Horicon )

No person shall store junked or discarded property including automobiles, automobile parts, trucks, tractors, refrigerators, furnaces, washing machines, stoves, machinery or machinery parts, wood, bricks, cement blocks or other unsightly debris which substantially depreciates property values in the neighborhood except or upon permit issued by the Common Council. The Chief of Police or Building Inspector may require by written order any premises violating this Section to be put in compliance within the time specified in such order and, if the order is not complied with, may have the premises put in compliance and the cost thereof assessed as a special tax against the property. ( Police Department - Horicon )

You can contact Wisconsin and Southern directly at 866-889-2826, ext. 1. ( Police Department - Horicon )

If you notice your sewer is not draining or that it drains slowly you should first call the City of Horicon. City utility personal will check the sewer main and clean if necessary. They will inform you if you should call a sewer service to clean your lateral. Sewer laterals are owned by the property owner from the home to the sewer main. The sewer main generally is in the roadway. ( Wastewater Department - Horicon )

Monthly charges are billed to the utility customers in accordance with the City approved standard rates . ( Wastewater Department - Horicon )

Homeowners and businesses own everything from the shutoff valve (typically just inside of the curb line) to the building, and everything inside building. The 1 exception to this is the water meter, that is owned by the city. ( Water Department - Horicon )

Monthly charges are billed to the utility customers in accordance with the City approved standard rates . ( Water Department - Horicon )