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Professionally trained dispatchers from Henry County answer all 911 calls whether it is a wired or cellular telephone. Should the call require contact with another agency, we will transfer your call to the proper agency. If you are on or near the border with another county, there is a chance your call will be answered by another agency. Please explain your location, and you will be transferred to us. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Do not hang up. Allow the dispatcher to answer and explain that it was an accidental call. We are obligated to call back and confirm there was no emergency. If we are unable to contact the caller, but have an accurate location, law enforcement will respond. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

There are many good reasons to use 911: For emergencies You are unsure about your location You do not know the non-emergency number You are in doubt if an incident is an emergency ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Every call is different. Simply follow the questions the dispatcher asks. Be ready to provide: where you are, what happened, who is involved, and how and why it happened. Other specific questions could be asked such as weapons involved, vehicles involved and direction of travel, if they left the scene, descriptions of people involved, etc. The most important thing in these situations is to remain calm and clear to the dispatcher, so he or she can send you the help you need. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Most cellular telephones made after 2006 have GPS locating technology built into them. If conditions are good, we will get a location within a few yards of your location. Being indoors, in a densely forested area, or on the edge of a reception area will affect accuracy of the locating system. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

If you need law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical services, call 911. If you are calling for administrative staff or follow-up to an emergency call, you should use the non-emergency number: 765-529-4901. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

No, you must use the non-emergency numbers to contact any administrative staff. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

If you feel there could be imminent danger to yourself, you should not allow the person in, but call 911 immediately and let us know what is occurring. If you do provide shelter to someone while waiting for emergency services, be sure to let the dispatcher know where the incident is occurring and where we can find the victim. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

For most providers, that is true. We recommends that you do not give old phones to children as toys. If the batteries are charged, the phone will call 911 if it receives a signal the phone company does not recognize. If we can not get verbal confirmation there is not a problem and we do get a valid location on the phone, we will send law enforcement. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

All calls for law enforcement service are prioritized based on the information provided by the caller. Officers are sent as soon as possible, and generally there is very little delay between the receipt of a call and the dispatching of an officer. Sometimes, usually due to heavy volume or extreme weather, calls will be prioritized based on the following criteria: "In progress" threat of injury or to life "In progress" threat to property Threats to life or property that have not occurred Incidents that have occurred but there are no suspects in the area Other incidents ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Yes, Indiana Law (IC 16-31-3.5-3) requires all Emergency Medical Dispatchers to be certified. Henry County dispatchers are trained to provide appropriate pre-arrival instructions to assist in lifesaving efforts prior to the arrival of first responders. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

The staff of the Communications Center attempts to deal with every call in a courteous manner. Due to the nature of emergency situations, our staff attempts to get the information required to locate you and determine the proper response in as short a time as possible. Some emergencies do require a more assertive approach to gain the information. If you feel that your call was not handled appropriately, you may contact the 911 Director at 765-521-6650. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Yes, our Communications Center is equipped with TDD/TTY equipment. Communications professionals receive extensive training in handling emergency situations utilizing this special equipment. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

Yes, our Communications Center subscribes to a telephone translation service providing access to interpreters who speak more than 170 languages and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency communications services with non-English speaking callers. ( 911 Communications - Henry County )

As with all other constitutionally elected officers, one needs to be an elector of the county, and a resident for one year in order to be elected. The coroner does not perform autopsies (unless he or she is also a board-certified pathologist). The coroner is an administrator above all else. By living locally and being elected, the corner is answerable to the people. The coroner has innumerable experts to call upon to help them render a decision. The Indiana State Coroners Training Board has been established and funded to provide 40 hours of basic training and 16 hours of annual continuing education for coroners to assist them in the administration of their duties and establish mandatory training leading to certification. ( Coroner - Henry County )

A deputy Coroner is an appointed or hired position by the coroner. Which after they are appointed or hired, they must attend a 40-hour Medicolegal Death Investigators Course and become certified in the state of Indiana within one year of appointment. ( Coroner - Henry County )

In order to attend the 40-hour Medicolegal Death Investigators training, you must be a duly elected coroner or appointed or hired deputy coroner. ( Coroner - Henry County )

Duties of the coroner include: Identification of the deceased Determination of the cause of death Determination of the manner of death ( Coroner - Henry County )

The Henry County Commissioners working with the Sheriff’s Office , County Highway and Emergency Management make the decision to raise or lower the travel status within the County. Once a decision has been made the Office of Emergency Management updates the IDHS website through a program called WebEOC. Only the Office of Emergency Management has login access to make the changes, but the Office does not make the final decision as to when and to what level, that is a team effort. ( Emergency Management - Travel Status - Henry County )

The Henry County Sheriff may decide that for public safety a specific level of travel advisory is warranted when the Commissioners are unavailable. Once the Emergency Management Office receives authorization to change the travel status the information is documented, a public notice is created and the information is emailed to those agencies and entities in our notification list (news media, dispatch centers, emergency services, etc.). The status change is then added to our Facebook page and tweeted to our followers. It should be noted that occasionally the terminology Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) uses changes, those changes will be reflected on our local Travel Advisory System as well. ( Emergency Management - Travel Status - Henry County )

The updated travel map can be found on the IDHS website . ( Emergency Management - Travel Status - Henry County )

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Cases are assigned to Probation Officers on a random basis as received from the courts. Generally, you will be assigned to the next officer on the list. However, some cases are assigned to specific officers, such as when a defendant is already on probation with a particular officer or when a defendant has been on probation in the past. ( Probation - Henry County )

Adult criminal conviction information is in the public domain and may be accessed by anyone through the Clerk's Office. However, specific personal data and information utilized by the Probation Department are not available to the public. Juvenile records are confidential. ( Probation - Henry County )

A Presentence Investigation is a background check and social history compiled by the Probation Department prior to sentencing and provided to the Judge, Prosecutor, and your Attorney. Presentence Investigations are ordered in nearly all felony cases, and in some misdemeanor cases if requested. The information from the Presentence Investigation is used by the Court to assist in determining an appropriate decision in your case. Presentence Investigations are considered confidential information and are not released to the public. ( Probation - Henry County )

Probation User's Fees, drug screen urinalysis fees, and Juvenile Program fees are paid through the Henry County Probation Department. You can either pay in person at the office or you can mail your payment to: Adult Probation Department 1215 Race Street Suite 150 New Castle, IN 47362 You may also mail correspondence to the Juvenile Probation Department at: 1215 Race Street Suite 160 New Castle, IN 47362 Be sure your name, as well as your cause number, is on the money order. Your cause number is the number that appears on all of your court information, such as 33xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxx. Only  cash or money orders will be accepted! We do not  take personal checks. We do have a contract where you can pay your fees (only those that are payable in the probation office) by credit card online . Further information about this service is available at either the Juvenile or Adult Probation Department. All other fees (court costs, restitution, etc.) are paid in the Clerk's Office. ( Probation - Henry County )

The Clerk's Office will accept only cash, money orders or credit cards in payment for court costs, restitution, or other fees ordered payable in the Clerk's Office. You may pay these fees in person or you may mail payments to: Henry County Clerk's Office P.O. Box B New Castle, IN 47362 If you are mailing in your payment, make sure to write your cause number on the money order. Your cause number is the number that appears on all of your court information, such as 33xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxx. ( Probation - Henry County )

Generally, yes. If you reside in another state or county, you may request to have your probation transferred to your local jurisdiction. However, transfers are subject to approval by the receiving jurisdiction, depending on a number of different criteria. There is also a mandatory transfer fee of $75, payable prior to transfer. In addition, all of the other fees you were ordered to pay must be paid up-to-date before a transfer is considered. Probationers who are allowed to transfer to other states or counties are required to abide by the local rules of probation as well as Henry County Probation rules. ( Probation - Henry County )

Limited travel permission may be granted to other states during the probation term, with the approval of the supervising probation officer. Such travel requires a waiver of extradition and may be subject to other restrictions, appropriate to your case. Travel permission can also be denied, subject to your current probation status. ( Probation - Henry County )

Your probation officer may be contacted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm (closed noon to 1 pm daily for lunch). You can call the Adult Probation Office at 765-529-6139 or call the Juvenile Probation Office at 765-529-9174. You may not be able to speak to your probation officer immediately, but the voicemail is available to leave a message. ( Probation - Henry County )

Contact your Probation Officer personally and explain the situation. The Probation Officer will then determine what action will be taken. Probation Department Staff Directory ( Probation - Henry County )

At the time of your child's detention, you should be told by the arresting officer that you should call the probation office as early as possible the next regular business day, at 765-529-9174 (we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays). At that time, you will be told when you will meet with a probation officer or if a court hearing is scheduled, when the court hearing will be held. There are many specific rules concerning the detention of a child, and you will be advised of those rules as soon as you meet with the probation officer. Please note you will not be allowed to visit your child until after the probation office has made arrangements for you to do so. If you have further questions, call our office at 765-529-9174. ( Probation - Henry County )