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Evidence Technician Job opening - Robinson state Texas  ( Job openings )

Evidence Technician Job opening - Robinson state Texas ( Job openings )

Robinson , state Texas ( By Press Release office)
2022-01-18T00:00 - 2022-02-17T00:00 | 36 | 2
   The Robinson Police Department is seeking a full time Evidence Technician to be responsible for managing the property room including all evidence in the Police Department, testifying in court, fingerprinting the public, preparing case packets for prosecution, and other duties as assigned.
   Job responsibilities include:
   Intake evidence from Robinson Police officers; prepare property tags, verify evidence, sign property tag receipts, file property tags, store evidence appropriately (mandated by size and possible spoilage, etc.) until released; dispose of unclaimed property through destruction, utilization, or auction.
   Maintain computerized evidence files from intake to final disposition including classification of evidence by type and assignment of applicable statute of limitations, periodic reports, and monitoring status of evidence.
   Assist detectives with case processing by making or taking calls to crime victims as needed to help detectives process cases.
   Fingerprint citizens for miscellaneous purposes/reasons.
   Process (fingerprint and photograph) sex offender registrations.
   Transport evidence to and from forensic and other laboratories as needed; courts; and attorney’s offices.
   Prepare case reports and evidence for prosecution.
   Present testimony in courts of law.
   Prepare affidavits for the disposing/destruction of evidence.
   Maintain working knowledge of computer functions and programs in order to keep all records current.
   Audits evidence storage.
   Manages electronic mobile video recordings.
   The Evidence Technician works 40 hours per week with an on-call requirement.   
   To apply, you must download an application to the right of this screen and submit the completed application as an email attachment to:
   or submit to:
   Robinson City Hall
   Attn:  Human Resources
   111 W. Lyndale
   Robinson, TX  76706

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