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Economic Development Principal Planner Job opening - North Kingstown state Rhode Island  ( Job openings )

Economic Development Principal Planner Job opening - North Kingstown state Rhode Island ( Job openings )

North Kingstown , state Rhode Island ( By Press Release office)
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   The individual will assist the Planning Department and is responsible for work which will enhance the economic vitality of North Kingstown.  The individual will assist in determining how to best match business and economic needs in a manner that complements the community in an effort to maintain current investment and attract new investment, both public and private.
   The individual will function as a Principal Planner within the Planning Department, with occasional assistance and responsibility for the execution of special projects as requested 
   Examples of General Duties and Responsibilities:
   •Assists with day to day operations of the Planning Department
   •Serve as key point of contact/liaison to facilitate a business idea from conception to execution and expansion
   •Provide guidance and assistance to businesses and developers in navigating the development process
   •Provide guidance on what other public agencies are involved in the process and assist as a point of contact for those agencies as needed
   •Counsel on the regulatory process to the extent possible and schedule or arrange technical support as needed
   •Act as a liaison between various departments and staff in dealing with developers and businesses to aid in streamlining the process and ensuring internal project coordination
   •Create, maintain, and update development process resource guides
   •Assist in the design and implementation of economic development strategies as guided by the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan, focusing on business attraction, expansion, and retention.  Duties can involve research, writing, presenting staff reports, project management, data collection and analysis, visits to local businesses, and facilitating business prospects.
   •Assess municipal processes/programs/strategies in relation to the success of appropriate business in town; recommend adjustments in programs, policies, and procedures to further economic development goals.
   •Work closely with other departments to identify problem areas and better facilitate permit and regulatory processing.
   •Propose and work with North Kingstown staff on special projects, resolutions, ordinances, staff reports, and other official documents as required related to economic development.
   •Assist in the development and provision of new incentives or programming to encourage both retention of existing businesses and the attraction of new, relevant businesses
   •Initiate/maintain relationships with small and large businesses in the community and provide guidance and assistance as feasible to support and grow business by planning, organizing, and performing periodic communication with business and businesses and property owners utilizing various correspondence methods to assess concerns and opportunities
   •Develop efficient methods of formulating and maintaining current, vital economic data including but not limited to real estate and business trends, employment/training efforts and related issues.  Establish a baseline of information including but not limited to analysis and research of competitive markets.
   •Utilize economic data sources and GIS to provide interested citizens and prospective clients with demographics, maps, statistics, and other information as necessary.
   •Assist with and be primarily responsible for website maintenance and enhancements, social media messaging, creation of promotional materials, generation of presentations, press releases, advertisements and newsletters which are of assistance to business or development and to help implement economic development strategies
   •Respond and provide follow-through to business and developer prospect calls and inquiries
   •Assist in the pursuit of federal, state, and other outside funding and assistance as appropriate
   •Attend various board meetings including but not limited to the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB), potentially record and prepare minutes, compile agendas, maintain documentation and files.
   •Assist other departments/Town Manager with complex municipal projects or initiatives
   •Coordinate strategic partnerships between local agencies including but not limited to the Chamber of Commerce/School Department/local business associations/property owner associations; regional, state, and/or federal governments in order to provide coordinated and comprehensive service delivery.
   •Determine the feasibility of the development of a one-stop program to simplify process for businesses looking to locate to North Kingstown and, if feasible, assist with such program’s continued execution
   •Assist other staff members and the Town Manager as necessary
   •Conduct field work when necessary
   •Perform other such duties as may be assigned and as are consistent with this position.
   Other Duties:  Performs related duties as required.

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