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FAQ ( frequently asked question )

A Code Enforcement Officer is someone who;  Patrols the community identifying city code violations that do not meet the city code standard requirements of  the city ordinances. Enforces city codes and regulations to make your city a better place to live.  Responds to complaints. Investigates and determines if a violation exists on the premises. Notifies the occupant/property owner of a violation by leaving a door hanger/ by mail, or sometimes make a courtesy call.  Reaches out to the owner/tenant/agent of the property as necessary. Also, cuts and trims tree branches obstructing the stop sign or street names. Stops Contractor's from completing any construction duties while working without a permit. . Issue citations as necessary. All cases are reviewed and reconsidered before taking this path. Our goal is to gain compliance by enforcing the codes. ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

If you received a door hanger, this is not a citation. This is to notify you that a violation was encountered on the premises, and determined it does not meet the standard requirements of the city code(s)/ordinance(s),  and you must remedy accordingly. You may also request an extension by contacting the Code Officer and negotiate a reasonable extension. This will allow you the time necessary to correct the violation. However, in the absence of an approved extension, will result for the Code Officer to proceed to the next level. ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

Depending on the violation, this can be from 48 hours to 15 days, sometimes 30 days.  ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

You can locate  city ordinance(s) from our city website Municipal Codes  .  Call the office at (210) 566-1515 or email . Municipal Codes ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

You can report a code violation through our online complaint form , email our department at or, contact our office and leave a brief description of the code violation along with the address of where the concern is located, (210) 566-1515.  A Code Enforcement Officer will visit the site and determine if a violation exists.  All Complaints remain anonymous. ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

Not all violations are enforced by a Code Officer. Sometimes they are enforced by a Building Official depending on the case. To view a list of violations a Code Enforcement Officer enforces click on common code violations .  To view additional code violations and regulations click on Municipal Codes ,  Click on the following to view other city codes and regulations adopted by the city;  International Property Maintenance Code 2018  (IPMC) and International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018 (ISPSC). ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

Before building any structure on the premises whether it's a driveway or extending a structure visit our city website to determine if a permit is required, or contact  Community Development Department  at (210) 658-8285,   Buildings & Building Regulations. ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

A placard on your door/window indicates this is your last opportunity to remedy/correct the violation, or, contact the Code Enforcement Officer before a citation is issued.  ( Code Compliance / Enforcement - Converse )

If it is an emergency and you need immediate assistance please dial 9-1-1. Our non-emergency number is (210) 658-2322. ( Fire - Converse )

If it is an emergency and you need immediate assistance please dial 9-1-1. Our non-emergency number is (210) 658-2322. ( Police - Converse )