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FAQ ( frequently asked question )

Please call GFL at 844/464-3587 or Canton’s DPW at 734/397-1011 to receive your cart. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

The new service (including purchase of the carts by Canton) will cost residents an additional $13 per year. This fee is included in the winter tax bill. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

The carts will be owned by Canton, the cost of which is part of the annual solid waste collection fee billed by Canton to our residents. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

All reports of damage must be immediately reported to GFL Services at 844/464-3587. If damage was caused by the collection vehicle or the operator, then Canton will replace the cart at no charge to you. If the damage (or theft) is from any other cause, the resident is responsible for replacement. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

The 64 gallon cart is roughly 45" tall, 29" wide and 34" deep. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

Ideally inside your garage, or under your carport. If you do not have a garage or carport, or do not have adequate room; then please store it beside your residence. Note, your Home Owner's Association (HOA) may have additional rules about placement that you will need to comply with. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

No, this causes the materials to get stuck in the recycling cart. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

On the opposite side of your refuse, leaving at least 6" around the recycling cart so the mechanical arm on the truck can easily fit around the recycling cart. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

With the metal lifting bar facing the street, hinges/handles towards the residence. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

Yes.  The cost of a second cart is $75.  Contact Canton’s Public Works Division at 397-1011 extension.0 . Extra carts are purchased from Canton Township directly, so please do not contact GFL if a second cart is desired. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

A list of acceptable Items is printed on the lid of the recycling cart - you can also see a complete list of what is and is not accepted by visiting our automated recycling page. Automated Recycling Program ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

No, at this time the automated service is only for recycling. Different trucks are required for the automated service. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

No, the objective with automated collection is to keep the operator in the truck for both cost savings and worker safety reasons. Anything left besides the cart will either be thrown out or left at the curb. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

During the months of April-November, Canton offers residents the option to bring recyclable (during Canton Clean-ups) to GFL on Van Born Road on scheduled Fridays and Saturdays. To view the full schedule please use the link provided. Canton Clean-up Schedule ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

No, the carts will be owned by Canton and each one will be assigned to a homeowners address. If you move, please leave it at your current address. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

Yes, however all residents will need to take delivery of the cart. If after you receive the cart you wish to opt out of the service you can contact Public Works at 397-1011 and we will send you a waiver. Once the waiver is completed, please allow two-weeks for collection of the cart. Since the carts are owned by the township, Canton will store the cart until the property changes ownership or the service is desired. Please note, waiving this service will not reduce the annual fee. Residents who do opt are welcome to bring recyclables (during Canton Clean-up) to the GFL facility on Van Born Road. To view a list of scheduled dates, please click on the link below. Canton Clean-up Schedule ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

Each cart will be assigned to a specific address and tracked via the large number printed on the front of the cart. Residents may also write their address on the cart as long as it doesn't cover up the logo or other information printed on the cart. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

You can start using your new cart immediately after receiving it. Place the cart out on your normal collection day. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

Yes, then new collection trucks have an arm that extends out from the truck to pick up the new carts. We do ask that residents leave clearance around the carts in order to make the collection easier for the GFL drivers. ( Automated Recycling - Canton Township )

They receive royalties from the cable companies for their use of the public rights of way. ( Canton Community Cable Station - Canton Township )

Comcast and Wide Open West (WOW) operate in Canton. ( Canton Community Cable Station - Canton Township )

The local government and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulate cable companies. ( Canton Community Cable Station - Canton Township )

You call your cable company (Comcast at 734/459-7300 or WOW at 800/848-2278). ( Canton Community Cable Station - Canton Township )

Canton has had a Cross Connection Control program for a number of years, which began with inspections of all of the commercial and industrial accounts. As a natural progression of our program we are now inspecting residential customers as required by the State. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

Yes. These inspections are conducted in order to ensure compliance with state regulations to maintain the safety of your drinking water. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

Penalties for refusing to cooperate with inspections and/or refusing to make needed repairs are can include termination of water service, a fine, or both. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

Just like any other mechanical device, backflow prevention assemblies are prone to wear and tear, and do break down from time to time. Regular testing is required in order to ensure that your device remains in proper working order. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

Canton is requiring homeowners to test their system once every five years beginning in 2020. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

A lawn irrigation system is not a required component of the water system. Homeowners who choose to install a lawn irrigation system as a convenience are responsible to assure the backflow preventer is properly installed and maintained in accordance with State laws and regulations. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

No. It has to be a certified tester approved by the State of Michigan. Visit to find a certified tester near you. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

If you are the owner of the home being inspected, you are responsible for any needed repairs. Renters may have to refer to their lease agreements in order to determine whether they are responsible for repairs. Please note, a licensed plumber must make all repairs. ( Canton Cross Connection - Canton Township )

Learn more about the history of Canton . ( Canton History & Township Definition - Canton Township )

Find out what it means to be a township in Michigan . ( Canton History & Township Definition - Canton Township )

There are some things to check first: First, give it a couple more minutes. Sometimes emails can be delayed for reasons out of our control. You should receive your email within 30 minutes of registering. Did you spell your email address correctly? Some days are not good typing days. We get that. Computers are picky about spelling, more than Ms. Henley from 2nd grade! Next, check your junk folders. We think our emails are important and awesome. However, sometimes they end up in places we did not intend. If the two suggestions above did not help, please email so we can activate your account. We will just need your email address and we can activate your account on our side. ( CityView - Canton Township )

You may obtain a copy of all permit applications on our website by visiting . New construction: commercial and residential Renovations Additions Tree, Water or Fire Damaged properties (commercial or residential) Re-roofing, window, and siding replacements. Signs Concrete/Paver Flatwork Pools, Decks and Fences Accessory Structure under 200 sf. Also take a look at our handout regarding the difference between building permit items and zoning ordinance compliance permits on our division webpage . ( CityView - Canton Township )

The requirements for a homeowner’s permit are as follows: Homeowner is doing the work Homeowner is not paying anyone to do the work Property is homeowner’s primary residence and driver’s license verifies address. ( CityView - Canton Township )

The contractor is responsible for the obtaining the permit. CAUTION should be exercised if the person or company you are contracting with urges or requests you to obtain the permit. ( CityView - Canton Township )

Fees are based on the fee schedule . New construction valuation amounts are determined by Building department staff according to the most current ICC valuation chart. ( CityView - Canton Township )

A Permit Number, inspection code and paid fees are required to schedule an inspection. Call our C.A.P.S. line at 734-710-0356. A list of inspection codes is available on our department webpage . ( CityView - Canton Township )

When you add your contractor to the portal, start out typing the name of the business.  The contractor should pop-up for you to add.  If your contractor does not show, please contact us so we can check the status of their license. ( CityView - Canton Township )

Yes.  Register for the portal as a CONTRACTOR.  All of the permits you are listed on will show up in My Items under Permit Applications. ( CityView - Canton Township )

The applicant must sign on to the portal and click on MY ITEMS then MY PERMIT APPLICATIONS.  Click on the blue permit number in question then click on EDIT PERMIT INFORMATION in the top right corner of the screen. ( CityView - Canton Township )

No, there is no phone app for the CityView Portal. ( CityView - Canton Township )

No, only one portal user can be linked to each license number. ( CityView - Canton Township )

Trade permits are usually processed within 3 business days on the portal. ( CityView - Canton Township )

Unfortunately, our department does not give scheduled times or appointments.  If you have confirmation of your inspection scheduled for that particular day, the inspector will be there that day; typically, between 8:30am-3:30pm. You may also check the CityView portal for the date of your inspection. ( CityView - Canton Township )

No, a building permit must be pulled and issued prior to applying for respective trade permits. ( CityView - Canton Township )

No, The Clerk's Office does not accept Passport Applications. Please visit the website for the nearest Passport Acceptance Facility ( Clerk's Office - Canton Township )

Call Canton Planning Services at 734/394-5170. Questions about infrastructure improvements and new subdivision construction should be directed to Canton's Public Works Division at 734/394-5150. If you are interested in attending Planning Commission meetings, check the postings for dates and times or watch CCTV. ( Community Development - Canton Township )

Call Canton Building and Inspection Services at 734/394-5200. Many Canton ordinances are available online. ( Community Development - Canton Township )

The Canton Community Mobility Transportation Services program was initiated in 1995 in order to provide transportation services to senior residents 55 years and above and disabled residents. ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

The Canton Community Mobility Transportation Services Program is funded through state grants and the Township General Fund. ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

The Transportation Advisory Committee is made up of representatives who use the system as well as representatives from the Township Board of Trustees and professionals from Canton’s senior community. There are currently 15 members on the committee.  ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

 Transportation is only provided to local destinations in the following service areas in Wayne County:  Canton  Westland Wayne Garden City Inkster St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

Local fares are $3; one way (cash only).  Transportation is provided to destinations in the following service areas:  Canton  Westland Wayne Garden City Inkster St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

Canton residents who are eligible to use Canton Mobility Transportation, include:  Individuals 55 years of age and older Individuals who are temporarily/permanently disabled Individuals who qualify for Social Security ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

Reservations for rides can be made by calling Nankin Transit Commission at 734/729-2710.  For additional information please visit their website at   ( Community Transportation - Canton Township )

Please go through your Youth Sports Commissioner. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

19 ball fields and acres of soccer/lacrosse fields. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Complete the Field Request Form . ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

There are fields located in each quadrant of Canton. Please view our  Park Map (PDF) for the locations of each. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

In advance it is best to call 734/483-5600. Several Parks have first come first serve openings listed on the website. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Community residents have primary access to fields, however, you do not need to be a resident to reserve a field. Please complete the  Field Request Form to get your reservation started. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Fields that are not permitted or prepared for later games, are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Canton residents are welcome to use the fields when they are open. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

The soccer nets are provided by the Canton Soccer Club and gives them first priority in use. Additionally, other field equipment may be used at the discretion of Canton Sports Center staff. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

All athletic fields are open 6 am - 10 pm per Canton Township Ordinance. Field priority goes to those that are scheduled by Canton Township classes, leagues and tournaments, and those that are reserved via the Field Permit Process. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Yes, reserved fields have a fee assessed by the Canton Sports Center staff. For drop-in (first-come, first-serve) use there is no fee. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Alcohol is not permitted in any Canton Park, except at Victory Park. Alcohol at Victory Park must be provided by Kickers Bar and Grill; outside alcohol is not allowed. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Park pavilions can be reserved both online and in-person through the Canton Township Parks department. Please visit our  Pavilion Rental page for more information. ( CSC - Field Request - Canton Township )

Interested vendor applicants should complete an Vendor Inquiry Form, which can be found on the "Vendor Forms" tab of the Farmers Market Home Page. ( Farmers Market - Canton Township )

Canton annually adopts a budget for its various funds. The budget is adopted by the Board of Trustees each fall. The annual budget document is quite large and fills 4 binders. Copies are available for public inspection at the Canton Clerk's Office and at the Canton Public Library. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

The major operating funds are the general, fire, police, Community Center and water and sewer funds. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

The Township Board can approve the transfer of monies between funds for operating purposes, except water and sewer. This fund is operated as a utility. All funds, regardless of type, may transfer monies to cover costs. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection, distribution and investment of funds. The Finance Department prepares the annual budget, processes invoices and purchases, manages payroll and records the Township's financial activity. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Managers submit their budget requests to their Department Director, who reviews and adjusts the budget requests as necessary. The Director submits their budget requests to the Township Supervisor, who reviews the budget requests with that Director and the Finance Director and suggests changes where necessary. Their budget requests are then compiled by fund, reviewed for completeness and compared to available revenues. When necessary, budgets are further adjusted to stay within available funding. The Township Board will review, approve comment, and approve the annual budget document at least 60 days before the start of the fiscal year. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

This report presents two types of statements: one focusing on the township as a whole (government-wide) and one focusing on the fund financial statements. The government-wide financial statements provide both short-term and long- term information about the township's overall financial status. The fund financials focus on individual funds and report the source, use and balance of current financial resources. This report is audited by an independent auditing firm as well as the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). In addition to financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report provides readers with a wide variety of statistics on Canton Township. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Not all communities issue a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report , and even less receive the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the GFOA. The Certificate Program was established by the GFOA in 1945. It was instituted to encourage all governments to prepare and publish an easily readable and understandable Comprehensive Annual Financial Report . The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by the township and its management. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Canton has issued a comprehensive annual financial report since 1991. Each of our Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

General obligation bonds may be issued with a vote of the people. Without a vote, Canton can issue Limited Tax General Obligation bonds and Revenue Bonds to finance construction projects. All bonds must be issued in compliance with state law. As a municipal corporation, Canton can also enter into lease contracts for the acquisition of equipment. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

In December 2005, Canton levied 2.366 charter mills, 2.158 fire protection special assessment mills and 4.126 police protection special assessment mills, for a total of 8.650 mills on all real property. This amount represents approximately 26.3% of the taxes on real property. 1 mill equals 1/10 of a cent. Other taxing units are Wayne County 6.638 mills, Wayne County Jails .9381 mills, Wayne County Parks .2459 mills, Huron Clinton Metro Parks Authority .2146 mills, Wayne County RESA Intermediate School District 3.4643 mills, Schoolcraft Community College 1.7967 mills, State Education Tax 6.00 mills, Plymouth Canton Community Schools debt 3.43 mills and Canton Public Library 1.5554 mills. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Enterprise funds account for business type activities such as Pheasant Run Golf Course and the water and sewer utility operations. Revenues are derived from user fees while expenses are directly related to the services provided. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

The Water and Sewer Utility is managed by the Municipal Services Department. An annual operating budget lists the anticipated revenues and expenditures for distribution of water and collection and disposal of sanitary sewage and the fleet maintenance operations. A multi-year Capital Improvement Program is also used to plan for system improvements. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

The State Revenue Sharing Program distributes sales tax collected by the State of Michigan to local governments as unrestricted revenues. The distribution of funds is authorized by the State Revenue Sharing Act, Public Act 140 of 1971, as amended (MCL 141.901). Funding for the State Revenue Sharing Program consists of the following dedicated tax revenue: Constitutional - 15% of the 4% gross collections of the state sales tax Statutory - 21.3% of the 4% gross collections of the state sales ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Constitutional Portion: As the name suggests, this portion is guaranteed in the Michigan Constitution. It allocates a portion of the state sales tax to local units of government and is distributed on a per capita basis using the last decennial census to determine population. Statutory Portion: This component is provided for by legislative action. The legislature has allocated an additional portion of the sales tax to be distributed to the local units, in lieu of the income and single business taxes no longer being collected. As of October 1, 1996, state-shared revenues are distributed to local units in 6 bimonthly payments. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

For example: In 2005, $30,968,620 was assessed in township property taxes. Of that, $8,017,782 was collected for general operating, $6,920,384 for Fire, $13,231,587 for Police and $1,289,016 for special assessment debt service. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Using a blend of custom developed and purchased software, IT provides computer automation for financial, payroll, recreational, property management, tax collection, voting, dog license, accessing, inventory, and water billing applications. ( Finance & Budget - Canton Township )

Report a Missed Pickup ( GFL - Canton Township )

YES and please keep it at the curb until collected.  Employees are working longer hours than usual so please keep it out until collected. ( GFL - Canton Township )

Our collection guidelines allow for the use of 32-gallon containers as long as they are under 50 lbs. ( GFL - Canton Township )

It is an incorporated, non-profit organization that operates under recorded legal documents (covenants & restrictions). The main purpose is to provide a method of ensuring adherence to the covenants & restrictions, and to maintain the quality, character, and value of the subdivision. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Call Wayne County Register of Deeds at 313/224-5852/5853. Planning Services may have a copy on file, but it may not be a recorded copy. It is also a good idea to check with your association as changes may have been made ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

The Township meetings rooms are available, free of charge, to local associations in the lower level of Canton's Administration Building. The Canton Library meeting room is also available, call 734/397-0999 to schedule. During the school year check with the schools for a place to meet or check with a house of worship. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

For traffic enforcement on county roads, call Public Safety at 734/394-5400 ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

For private roads, review the PDF documents below to learn more or to download an application for enforcement. For more information, call the Public Works Division at 734/394-5150 ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Subdivisions that are site condominiums with private roads, the association is responsible for replacing the signs. For subdivisions with county roads, call Vicki Holland at Wayne County Traffic Division at 734/955-2158 ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Call Vicki Holland at Wayne County Traffic Division at 734/955-2158 for information ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

In developments that are site condominiums with private roads, the association is responsible for road repairs. Wayne County does not have a street repair program for subdivisions with county roads, but if they receive a complaint they will investigate it. Call the County at 888-762-3273. Otherwise, the association is generally responsible for road repairs. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

The developer is responsible for seeing that this is completed. For developments that have public roads Wayne County completes an inspection for any base repairs needed. They prefer to wait until most of the landscape contractors are finished. Asphalt is typically poured from May to November. Call Wayne County Roads Field Office at 734/595-6515 for more information. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Generally no, but you can call the Westland Postmaster at 734/326-6030 to address this concern. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Residents interested in closing a road for a block party can obtain an information packet from the Canton Police Department. You also may download the Block Party Permit Application (158KB) on-line. The packet contains forms for the resident to complete and return. The forms are reviewed by the Public Safety Department and approval or denial is communicated to the applicant within the specified time frame. ( Homeowners Association - Canton Township )

Applications are available online. ( Human Resources - Canton Township )

Open positions are available on our Career Website. ( Human Resources - Canton Township )

Contracts are available for download on the Human Resources Webpage. ( Human Resources - Canton Township )

If you encounter a technical difficulty submitting an online application or are unable to determine why your application is incomplete, please contact ApplicantPro at 1/888-633-9269. Human Resources is not able to access incomplete applications to determine what information is missing. ( Human Resources - Canton Township )

Yes, a six page paper application packet is available in the Human Resources Division located at 1150 S Canton Center Road, Canton, MI 48188. Please Note: Paper applications are due by 4:30pm on the posted deadline date. Questions regarding paper applications should be directed to Human Resources at 734/394-5260 ( Human Resources - Canton Township )

The maximum is a 2-hour visit. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

Although reservations are not required, they are highly recommended during busy times such as mornings between 9 am to 11:30 am, and evenings between 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. To make a reservation, please call 734/394-5460. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

No, the staff will not change diapers. However, when a child needs his/her diaper changed a staff member will bring the child to you in the facility to have you change the diaper. There is a restroom located in Kid's Corner for children that are toilet trained. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

No, staff members are not trained to administer medication. They will be more than happy to escort your child to you in the facility to allow you the opportunity to administer the medication. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

No. You are required to remain inside the Summit on the Park while your child is in Kid's Corner. Staff members will require you to indicate your location on the sign in sheet. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

Yes, children are welcome to bring snacks and drinks in to Kid's Corner. Please label them with your child’s name. Also, it is highly recommended that you avoid bringing in snacks that contain nuts. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

Children that show signs or symptoms of a cold, flu, chicken pox, pink eye, green mucous around the nose or eyes, or other contagious disease will not be allowed to check in to Kid's Corner. We want to maintain a clean, healthy environment for children, parents. and staff. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

Toys and games that focus on both large and small motor skills are available for various age groups. Some of these items include: books, Legos, dolls and Barbie Dolls, coloring pages, holiday crafts, kitchen sets, toy trucks, and much more. Age appropriate videos will also be available. We do provide a crib and walkers for smaller children. ( Kid's Corner - Canton Township )

Canton is rich with opportunities for leisure time activity, making Canton an attractive place to live, work, and play. The community provides a host of facilities and organized events that promote healthy life styles and active and passive activities for the entire family. Canton Leisure Services is the only accredited recreation department in Michigan and only one of 55 in the United States. The Leisure Services Department comprises 3 divisions - Parks and Facility Maintenance, Recreation and Facility Operations, plus Central Services which serves as the clearinghouse for communications, accounts payable, and personnel issues. The respective divisions are responsible for the administrative functions required to lead the diverse and rapidly growing operation that allows for coordination of resources which ensures effective and efficient delivery of services. Leisure Services programs are led by the Recreation Division. Programming is developed for people of all ages, including preschool, youth and teens, adults, and seniors. Specific areas include Aquatics, Athletics, the Canton Sports Center, the Senior Adults Program, Youth Development (Teens), Health / Wellness, and Special Events. The activities and programs provide opportunities for families and friends to build relationships, create a sense of belonging in the community, and positively impact the local economy. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Through interaction with the community, the Leisure Services Advisory Committee provides the department input and guidance as Leisure Services strives to enhance health, family, and community through innovative programs, diverse services, and premier facilities. As ambassadors for the department, the committee continues to promote the endless benefits of Leisure Services through the following strategic planning sub-committees: Revenue Enhancements Marketing Program Development Partnerships/Collaborations The committee meets the 3rd Wednesday every other month. Sub-committees meet during opposite months. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Strategic Plan The Strategic Plan is an administrative tool to guide the department in the years to come. It is intended to be interactive, dynamic, and viable with measurable results of progress and success. This plan, combined with the operations plan for each division, provides specific direction to position the department as leaders with innovative programs, dynamic services and state of the art facilities that meet the needs of our changing community. Our mission: "We shall be pro-active in our approach, creative in our thinking, innovative in our solutions, fair and honest in our actions, committed to a quality work environment thus foster pride, partnerships and a high quality of life for our community." Marketing Plan The Leisure Services Marketing Plan is intended to identify the needs of the residents / customers and to encourage them to establish a long-term relationship with Leisure Services. Plans are developed to assist in achieving the Leisure Services goals of: Creating a sense of community and belonging Providing premier facilities Developing and cultivating partnerships Efficiently utilizing resources and demonstrating fiscal responsibility Creating a healthy community Providing excellent customer service Developing and empowering staff Master Plan The Canton community has developed an enviable array of leisure service assets composed of parks, facilities, and programs. In order to maintain and extend this high quality of leisure services to an ever-growing population base, the preparation of this Leisure Services Master Plan is a requirement of the Michigan DNR to be eligible for any potential grant funding available through the DNR. This plan identifies the demand for new leisure activities, condition, and location of and utilization of existing parks and facilities, and the potential opportunity to embark on a community-wide comprehensive green ways program to link subdivisions and neighborhoods, and parks and facilities together to form a cohesive recreation and leisure services complex. View the complete Leisure Services Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF) for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

View the Summit on the Park History page for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

View the Summit on the Park Membership page for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Yes. View the Kid's Corner page for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

You may register by coming by our office or online . ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Canton Leisure Services reserves the right to cancel any activity due to low enrollment and will provide a refund. Participants will have the option to enroll in another class if space is available. An effort will be made to schedule a make-up class if a class is canceled due to inclement weather or causes beyond our control. However, if that is not possible, no partial refund will be provided. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

View the Online Registration website for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

View the Online Registration website for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Since the early 1970s Canton has embraced a parks approach and philosophy that has served the community well. Canton’s philosophy has been to encourage the development of neighborhood parks through new housing project open space requirements, while the community would provide large active parks. Today many of Canton’s neighborhoods have parks to serve the needs of residents. Many of these parks contain playground equipment, tennis courts, and swimming pools. These parks are owned and maintained by the neighborhood residents. Hundreds of acres of neighborhood parks and open space dot the community. Canton has 342 acres of developed park land including seven existing parks. Canton also has 147 acres of undeveloped future park land. The future park land includes Patriot Park property (134 acres) and the Cherry Hill Village land at the Bartlett-Travis House property (13 acres). The first large active park developed was Griffin Park located in the eastern portion of Canton. It was followed by Flodin Park, Heritage Park, Freedom Park, and Independence Park. Yet to be developed is Patriot Park (Ford and Ridge Roads). In 2000, 134 acres of land were purchased at the northwest corner of Ford and Ridge Roads with grant funds from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. The land is a mix of old farmland, wetlands and woods. In 2002, the Patriot Park Master Plan was drafted with the help of a consultant and input from community groups and township officials. The park master plan design includes a mix of active and passive recreation opportunities and protected natural areas. The 3 most unique parks are Independence Park (land acquired as part of an open space requirement for a new development), a 19 field soccer complex which is host to one of the largest soccer tournaments in the Midwest, Freedom Park: home of Canton’s disc course, and Heritage Park: site of Canton’s annual Liberty Fest and fireworks. The park includes lighted ball fields, a number of soccer fields, 2 lakes, an amphitheater, walking paths, 2 playscapes, a spray park, and many picnic pavilions. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Victory Park began as Canton Softball Center, a privately owned primer softball complex. Year in and year out the center was identified as the nation’s best softball complex. Canton Softball Center consists of 12 enclosed lighted softball fields, each with its own players benches, electronic score board, and spectator stands. The park also includes a 300 seat restaurant in the middle of the complex. The parking lot has space for over 600 cars. Two events occurred in 1999 which would change the future of Canton Softball Center. First, the United States Postal Service was scouting Canton for a new post office location. Canton agreed to sell to the United States Postal Service a portion of Griffin Park (along Canton Center). The site consisted of two very tired softball fields. Canton was continuing to grow and the need to replace and add new ball fields was apparent. At the same time the owner of Canton Softball Center indicated that the complex would be sold and removed to make way for industrial users. After completing a financial analysis it was determined that Canton would purchase the facility. It was also determined that the complex would continue as a softball business while offering a new home for greater Canton’s junior baseball / softball league. In 2001 and 2002, improvements were made to the softball center complex. A new boulevard entrance was constructed along with new underground utility installation and repaving of the existing parking lot. A restroom pavilion building was also built in the center area between the ball diamonds to provide bathroom facilities and a sheltered picnic area. In addition, a new reader board sign was installed at the park entrance and over 200 trees were planted throughout the site. Along with the new infrastructure improvements at the softball center additional sports programs were established including flag football and cricket. Therefore, the center was renamed to reflect the diverse sports usage from Canton Softball Center to Canton Sports Center. The purchase of Canton Softball Center also included 15 vacant acres along Michigan Avenue. For the better part of five years hockey parents voiced their desire for Canton to construct an indoor hockey facility. After many visits to other community facilities and estimating the cost of construction and forecasting operational costs it was determined by Canton officials not to construct a publicly owned facility. Instead the community solicited proposals from organizations interest in constructing a facility on land provided by Canton. In 2002 Arctic Edge Ice Arena opened to rave reviews. The 2 sheet ice facility includes locker rooms, training facilities, concession areas, a pro shop and party rooms. At approximately the same time Canton officials were approached by a group who wished to construct a state of the art indoor soccer facility. The development group suggested that they be extended the "same deal" as the ice arena operators. Canton rejected this request because of the belief that the community, over the years, had done a great deal to support soccer. The development group decided to purchase the property and construct a soccer facility. High Velocity Soccer was constructed in 2002 and includes 3 indoor soccer fields, one roller blade rink, 2 small pee wee soccer fields, and a concession area. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

In 1978 Canton purchased Fellows Creek Golf Club . The initial purchase included an 18 hole golf course, a home which served as a club house and a small maintenance building. Over the years the course has under gone many significant modifications; greens and tees were improved, cart path added, a new club house and maintenance building were constructed, the parking lot was expanded and the addition of 9 new golf holes. In the spring of 2005, 2 new golf holes replaced 2 poorly designed holes. The holes were constructed by Robertson Brothers Builders as part of their Links of Fellows Creek Condo project. This golf club offers a bar and grill, along with a banquet room that can be booked for your special occasions. This golf club is owned by Canton Township, but operated under a private contract. For more information, call 734/728-1300. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

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Canton Cultural Commission "Ensuring high quality cultural arts that are accessible to and sustained by the Greater Canton community." The Cultural Commission serves as advocates for the enhancement of the arts in the community, promoting public awareness and participation in the cultural arts, and encouraging art education. A strategic plan was developed to ensure that high quality cultural arts are accessible to and sustained by the greater Canton community. The Cultural Commission’s planning strategies include the following active subcommittees: Public Art Committee Partnership for the Arts and Humanities Community Advisory Council Artists Advisory Council Volunteer Council Communication and Marketing Committee Partnerships and Collaborations Committee The commission meets the 3rd Monday every other month. Sub-committees meet during opposite months. Fun Artsy Facts! Did You Know…… Since the Village Theater at Cherry Hill celebrated its grand opening on September 11, 2004, there have been over 50,000 visitors, 180 performances, and 1,000 other events sponsored. Volunteer ushers have logged over 4,000 hours of service at the theater. This premier performing arts center is home to entertainers of all ages, hosting theater, dance, song and musicals. "Pillars of Art" at Liberty Fest were painted by D&M Studio artists of all ages. Make sure you enjoy this refreshing public art while visiting Liberty Fest! "Concerts in the Park" are held all summer in Heritage Park on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. Bring your blankets or folding chairs and relax on the amphitheater lawn while listening to great music! Local Artist Eddie Kulczycki of Minds Eye Studio created the beautiful murals located in the Village Theater & the Human Resource Building at Cherry Hill Village. Artworks by various artists and art clubs are displayed and rotated monthly at the Township Administration Building, the Village Theater and the Summit on the Park. Canton has offered cultural activities for many years. The Canton Fine Arts Exhibition is in it’s 13th year. Back Yard Beats brings entertainment to local parks and subdivisions. The DDA will be hosting Lots of Fun this summer in parking lots along Ford Road. Over 3,200 visitors attend the Thursday Night Concerts in the Park each summer. Check out the Village Theater website for more information and events. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Cherry Hill School was originally located on the west side of Ridge Road, south of Cherry Hill. It was part of District 1, Canton and Superior in Wayne County and Washtenaw County. By 1875, the school had been relocated to the northwest corner of Ridge Road and Cherry Hill Road. The school was originally a log building. It had a long low stove which provided heat. The building was 21 feet by 24 feet in size. Around the sides were two rows of slabs held up by pegs. The lower row of slabs were seats and the upper row was the desks. Slates were used instead of text books. Children brought whatever book they had a home to read. The book was usually a Bible, or an Almanac. The small children sat up front the older children in the back. In winter the temperature varied and it was often as cold as 40 degrees. Community activity was centered around the school. Church services were held in the building when the temperature in the Church was too cold. Writing schools and spelling school were held in the winter. Often other schools were invited for competitive Spelldowns. The present building was build in 1875 at the present location. There were 8 grades plus kindergarten. In 1942, Henry Ford became interested in the community and the school. He gave $22,000 to the school which added another room, a water system, bathrooms, and basement. The school remained in the Henry Ford School System until the mid 1960s. Canton Township purchased the building from the Plymouth Canton School District. A rehabilitation of the building as you see it today, enables it for public use. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

The historic Cherry Hill School is an ideal settings for family photos, showers, rehearsal dinners, and family gatherings. This facility offer a unique setting for business or social meetings. Cherry Hill School accommodates up to 60 people.  When you decide to host your event at the Cherry Hill School, a Leisure Services staff member will remain on hand for the duration of your event to ensure your complete satisfaction. This buildings is booked upon availability. Please call our rental central coordinator at 734/394-5140 to make your reservation. A nonrefundable deposit shall be required at the time of signing the contract. Reservations cannot be confirmed without a deposit. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

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Some of the programs offered include: After School Program for Middle School Students Lock-In for Middle School Students Youth Advisory Council View the Leisure Services Teen page for more information. ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

Bring out your family and friends to enjoy these great Family First annual special events: Liberty Fest Movies on the Park Summer Concert Series Tuesdays are Terrific Concert Series for kids Backyard Beats Playground Program Fishing Derby 100 Days to Health October Fest Halloween Parade Tree Lighting and many more ( Leisure Services & Activities - Canton Township )

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Yes, Canton has 6 meeting rooms in the lower level of the township’s Administration Building available for community groups to meet at no cost. ( Meeting Rooms / Meeting Space - Canton Township )

Rooms are intended to be used by Canton sponsored groups, nonprofit organizations, homeowner associations, and groups that provide a service to the Canton community. ( Meeting Rooms / Meeting Space - Canton Township )

Available Monday through Thursday until 10 pm and until 4:30 pm on Friday on days the offices are open to the public. There is a 4-hour time limit on room use. ( Meeting Rooms / Meeting Space - Canton Township )

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed – no red beverages. ( Meeting Rooms / Meeting Space - Canton Township )

The Township also rents space at the Summit on the Park and Banquet Facility, the historical Bartlett-Travis House, and the Cherry Hill School. Arrangements can be made to rent these facilities by calling 734/394-5487. ( Meeting Rooms / Meeting Space - Canton Township )

Yes, as long as someone else does not have a permit for that day. ( Parks - Canton Township )

There are 5 pavilions at Heritage Park and 1 at Freedom Park. The amphitheater and gazebo is in Heritage Park. ( Parks - Canton Township )

Yes, as long the dog is kept on a leash at all times. ( Parks - Canton Township )

Sorry, skateboarding is not allowed in Canton parks for safety's sake. Rollerblading is allowed. ( Parks - Canton Township )

For rental reservations, call 734/394-5310 for pavilion, amphitheater or gazebo. ( Parks - Canton Township )

Alcohol is not allowed in Canton parks. ( Parks - Canton Township )

Barchester Park: .30 miles Flodin Park: .40 miles Heritage Park: Lake Path is .44 miles Soccer Path is .30 miles Memorial Path is .10 miles ( Parks - Canton Township )

No, you are welcome to fish in the ponds, however those ponds are not stocked regularly. 2 ponds are stocked annually for the Kids Fishing Derby held the 1st Saturday in May. ( Parks - Canton Township )

The Planning Services Division is responsible for long-range planning for the community, administering the Zoning Ordinance and other land development ordinances, and acting as the technical staff to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Planning Services also administers the community's Geographic Information System and has many map products available. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Canton Township receives its authority to regulate land development from the State of Michigan. Townships are statutory creatures and have only limited powers. Townships are granted, by the state, specific powers through the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. The Michigan law authorizes the townships to provide zoning ordinances for the regulation of the use of the land and structures. These ordinances must be reasonable in nature. There are limited tools provided by the State of Michigan to control growth. Community zoning and planning is the most effective method to control both growth and development. Since the historic 1926 United States Supreme Court decision of Euclid versus Ambler Realty Co., it has been held that zoning ordinances do not, in principle, offend the United States Constitution. Courts have held that the power to regulate human conduct and promote public welfare through zoning ordinances is a valid exercise of police power when the communities have been authorized to enact such ordinances by the legislature. In Michigan, with the enactment of the original Township Zoning Act in 1973, Michigan Townships were given specific authority to regulate land development and over crowding of land and congestion of population through zoning ordinances. However, communities are not given unlimited authority to control private property. The zoning ordinances must be reasonable to pass the test of its legality. Generally speaking, zoning ordinances which destroy the value of property or which are labeled "confiscatory" have been found to be unreasonable and thereby unenforceable. This rule of reason applies to all zoning ordinances and municipality efforts to control growth and development. For instances, courts have prohibited some municipalities’ efforts to frustrate growth by unreasonably refusing to expand water and sewer systems. Also, the courts have overturned zoning ordinances which attempt to restrict population densities when there is no showing of good reason for the restrictions. In general, the control of growth and development is best achieved through a well reasoned master land use plan in combination with a zoning ordinance which reflects the objectives of the master plan. The courts are not hesitant to overturn any ordinance which is unreasonable in its application or confiscatory in its effect. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The Planning Commission is an appointed body that reviews proposed development projects and makes recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees. The commission generally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, in either a study session or regular meeting. All new projects in Canton must undergo a rigorous approval process. Except for industrial projects, this includes review by the Planning Commission. The commission has authority to grant final approval to projects located in the Office District, planning staff has the authority to review and approve Industrial projects. The approval process ensures that each project meets all local and state zoning regulations, and that the community receives the best development possible. The commission can recommend approval of a project to the Board of Trustees, ask for revisions to be made, table any action on a project, or recommend denial of a project to the board. The Planning Commission is also responsible for final approval of and amendments to the township’s Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map. ( Planning - Canton Township )

A comprehensive or Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) is a long-range plan that focuses on land use in a community. The FLUP may also specify guidelines for transportation, utilities, recreation, and public services. The FLUP provides a legal basis for all land development regulation. One of its basic building blocks is the Future Land Use Map, which designates the location and maximum intensity of future development. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) is fundamental in establishing goals and objectives for a community’s growth and development (or re-development), because it provides a vision of the community in the future. By establishing parameters for types and locations of land use, density of residential use, and compatibility between adjacent uses, a sense of order is maintained. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The planning staff evaluates base data, such as existing land use patterns, development trends, population and housing data, utilities, natural features, and environmental constraints. Community leaders hold several goal-setting meetings to provide direction to the planning staff; these meetings identify problems, issues, and opportunities that the plan should address. Likewise, the Planning Commission holds public workshops to gather input from residents and affected property owners. Next, the planning staff develops strategies aimed at implementing the community’s goals and objectives. These strategies may include suggested amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, small area studies, economic development plans, evaluation of the effectiveness of current standards, etc. The process is complete once public hearings are held, all issues are resolved and the plan is adopted by the Planning Commission. The plan and any amendments must also be transmitted to the township board for acceptance. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Zoning is a set of regulations that set forth the basic parameters for development and land use in a community. Zoning Ordinances define the land uses permitted in each district by specifying zoning districts, parking requirements, landscaping, signage, site development standards, procedures, and the zoning map. The Zoning Ordinance implements the goals and objectives of the MLUP, and provides a much greater level of detailing regulating the different land uses. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Zoning protects property values and promotes the community’s general safety and welfare by preventing incompatibilities and nuisances, maintain stability, and implementing the FLUP. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The process for establishing zoning is similar to establishing the MLUP, but on a more detailed scale. A public hearing process is necessary prior to adoption of the Zoning Ordinance by the Planning Commission, which reviews the ordinance and makes its recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The board then reviews, adopts, and publishes the ordinance pursuant to state law. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Owners or authorized representatives may petition the township to amend the zoning map, or the township may rezone property on its own action. A public hearing is held before the Planning Commission, in which staff members analyze compatibility with surrounding land uses and whether the request is consistent with the Future Land Use Map. The Planning Commission takes comments from surrounding property owners before considering the staff’s recommendation and making recommendation to the board for a final decision. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Zoning districts are districts designating specific uses of land and buildings that may be permitted, and the yard setbacks, open spaces, lot areas, and other basic development standards that must be met. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Generally, this is determined by projections of population and development trends, which are taken into consideration and reflected in the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan. Market conditions also play a big role in the detailed mix and proportion of land on the zoning map. Likewise, the FLUP and community goals may encourage or discourage certain types or intensities of land use. ( Planning - Canton Township )

It provides general setback and height limitations, design standards (such as parking and loading, landscaping and buffering requirements, and exterior material standards), standards for non-conforming (grandfathered) uses, and standards / procedures for appeal of special land uses and for appeals and variances. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The Subdivision Control Ordinance governs how property is divided into smaller lots or individual building sites. These regulations provide detailed procedures and design standards for the division of land for residential and non-residential development. ( Planning - Canton Township )

First, the Planning Commission and the board review and grant tentative approval of a preliminary plat, a conceptual plan with schematic utility, lot, and road layouts. Next, the board reviews and grants final approval of a preliminary plat, detailed plan that has completed engineering plans and outside agency permits for utilities, wetlands, soil conservation, and roads. This allows construction of utilities and roads to proceed. Once construction is complete, or securities for the proposed improvements have been provided to the township and the county, the board may approve the final plat, which is then reviewed by the county and state Plat Board, and recorded. This permits the sale of lots and, in the case of residential subdivisions, construction of homes to begin. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Site condominiums are a form of land subdivision in which the project is developed under a master deed rather than a plat. Site condominiums include private roads instead of public roads. Also, the land is sold under condominium ownership, meaning an individual owns the house and usually the land under the foundation, with an exclusive right to use the site around the home. Some developers sell off the site, similar to a platted subdivision, but the roads, parks and other common areas are owned in common by all property owners. ( Planning - Canton Township )

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) or Planned Development District (PDD) generally consists of a large tract of land, governed by a Master Development Plan. This plan generally incorporates a mix of land uses (single family homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial uses, etc.), in addition to parks, schools, and other common elements. This flexibility in design standards encourages design creativity and preservation of natural amenities. Examples include Pheasant Run, Central Park, and Cherry Hill Village. PUDs are optional and discretionary methods of development designed to permit flexibility in the regulation of land development. PUDs encourage innovation in land use and variety in design, layout, and type of structures to achieve economy and efficiency in the use of land and the utilization of unique characteristics and the natural resources found on specific sites. PUDs were utilized in Canton during the 1970s through the early 1990s. A PUD was a contract entered into by the developer and the community. It specified a variety of elements, including; density, set backs, landscaping, land uses, etc. PUDs did not include a sunset provision in the agreements. In many cases the land uses agreed to when the agreement was struck no longer make sense. However, because these agreements run with the land and have no sun set provision the owners have a right to develop the projects today as envisioned 30 years ago. The community adopted a new PDD ordinance in the early 1990s. The new ordinance addressed the flaws in the early PUD ordinance. PDDs sun set after 6 years and must include design excellence and community benefit. ( Planning - Canton Township )

PDDs permit flexibility in design, resulting in a more creative approach to resolving design issues. They are generally more economical and efficient in providing public services and utilities. They require a minimum of 25% open space, which encourages neighborhood parks and preservation of natural features. They may provide a variety of housing types and in some cases, commercial uses. Finally, they provide opportunities to negotiate, giving the developer some flexibility while providing amenities that benefit the entire community. ( Planning - Canton Township )

A cluster development is an alternative form of residential development that allows flexible design concepts and smaller lots, where the site has significant natural or environmental features, or where the developer wishes to provide unique amenities that would enhance the area. A cluster is intended to be used in more rural areas to preserve scenic vistas and open space. It can be used in conjunction with the Planned Development option. A cluster development requires special approval from the Planning Commission and board, must meet very specific design criteria, and is not as flexible as a Planning Development District. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Generally, townships do not have the discretionary authority to deny valid applications for building permits. Michigan courts have consistently compelled municipalities to issue building permits if all building code and land use regulations have been satisfied. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Townships do not have the general legal authority to impose building moratoriums, absent emergency situations. Municipalities are without power to restrict growth in this manner. Moratoriums for growth control have been viewed as a deprivation of property without just compensations, and the courts have quite consistently found that such acts are invalid, without any statutory authority, and are discriminatory in nature. ( Planning - Canton Township )

In the early years of zoning and planning, certain communities attempted to totally exclude certain lawful uses from its boundaries. For instance, since multifamily dwellings sometimes have a disproportionate impact upon the infrastructure of a community, some communities have attempted to restrict their ordinances to single-family detached homes only. This type of exclusionary zoning has been prohibited. Townships do not have the authority to totally exclude from the township any specific lawful use. While apartment complexes, condominiums, industrial uses and commercial establishments might have a disparate impact upon a community, townships are without authority to totally exclude these uses. The Township Zoning Act has a specific statutory provision which prohibits exclusionary zoning. Michigan courts have interpreted this statutory provision against municipalities by ruling that local government entities may not use its zoning ordinance to totally prohibit an otherwise lawful land use from the land contained within its boundaries where there is a demonstrated need for the land use in the municipality or surrounding area. Accordingly, most communities adopt well reasoned master land use plans and zoning ordinances which provide for these uses in a manner that has the most positive effect on the community. ( Planning - Canton Township )

When the legislature gave municipalities the power to adopt zoning ordinances, it placed some limitations and restrictions on this power intended to protect property owners from excessive hardship. The state provides that existing uses and structures might continue to be maintained despite any provision in the zoning ordinance to which they did not conform. These are called lawful non-conforming uses or structures. Most communities have quite a number of these non-conforming uses, because it is practically impossible to avoid creating some when preparing a zoning ordinance and map in a rational fashion. Most zoning ordinances prohibit the expansion of a non-conforming use and the Michigan courts have generally approved such prohibitions against expansion of non-conforming uses, but the courts have protected property owners by allowing the original non-conforming use to continue in its operation. ( Planning - Canton Township )

The concept or pre-application meeting - In the earliest stages of a project’s development, the project sponsor meets informally with various township staff members to review matters such as zoning and preliminary design issues. This lets the sponsor know if the project is headed in the right direction, and brings any areas of concern to light. Once these issues are discussed, the application process can begin. The Development Review Committee - Once an application for a new development is accepted, it is reviewed by the Development Review Committee (DRC), which includes representatives from the Planning, Fire, Building, and Engineering Departments. The DRC meets weekly to review site plans and help the developer fine-tune them to meet all of Canton’s requirements. Industrial projects may be approved by Planning Services; all others proceed to the Planning Commission. Public Hearing - Many projects require a public hearing by the Planning Commission before they can proceed with the approval process. Situations that require a public hearing include rezoning requests, special land use. Requests (in which the proposed use for the site is only allowed with special conditions form the community), creation of a Planned Development District, or requests to change the Comprehensive Plan. As part of this process, all property owners within 300 feet of the site are notified. In addition, a notice is published in the local newspaper and (for rezoning) a sign is posted on the site. During the hearing, the Planning Commission considers the request to be acceptable; it is then forwarded to the Board of Trustees with a recommendation for final approval. Planning Commission Review - Once the DRC completes final review of a site plan, the recommendation is forwarded to the Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission can recommend approval of the project, ask for revisions to be made, table any action on the project, or recommend denial of the site plan. If the project is located in the Office district, the Commission has authority to grant final approval. Any other project is recommended to the Board of Trustees for final approval. Board of Trustees - By the time a project reaches the Board of Trustees for approval it has been thoroughly reviewed and modified by the planning staff and the Planning Commission. If the project meets all requirements set down in the community’s zoning ordinances, the board will approve the plan. Next Steps - Once the Board offers final approval to a site plan, the developer can begin the engineering review and building permit process. This involves receiving a variety of permits from Canton’s Public Works Division, and possibly from Wayne County and the State of Michigan as well. Once these permits are in order, Canton’s Building and Inspection Services Division reviews and issues a building permit that allows construction to begin. During construction, Public Works and Building Services oversee the project and conduct a series of inspections to make sure the approved work is actually carried out (Public Works focuses on site and infrastructure work, while Building tracks construction of the actual structure). When all of the final inspections are complete, including a site inspection by Planning Services, Building Services issues a "Certificate of Occupancy" which allows the facility to be occupied. ( Planning - Canton Township )

Residents are asked to call Detroit Edison at 800/477-4747. Residents may also use that number to report downed power lines. To report a natural gas leak or emergency, please call DTE at 800/947-5000. The only utility Canton Township is responsible for is water and sewer. ( Power Outages & Gas Leaks - Canton Township )

In most cases you will be permitted to register for the class, however, the online registration software may not allow you to do so. Please contact the Preschool Desk at 734/394-5374 for assistance. ( Preschool - Canton Township )

A very common issue at this age! While our Independent Child Preschool Classes do require that children are potty-trained, we encourage parents/caregivers to contact the Preschool Desk at 734/394-5374 to discuss possible enrollment options. ( Preschool - Canton Township )

No. Non-registered children are not permitted in the classroom during class time. Our parent-child classes are specifically designed to allow parents very special time "together-time" interacting with their child in the classroom environment. Our goal is to minimize distractions while ensuring the safety of all children in the classroom; Sibling care is available in the Summit's Kids Corner during class time at a reduced price. Please check out the Sibling Special for details. We also encourage families to try our Terrific Tuesdays Playgroup Program. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to attend and interact together! ( Preschool - Canton Township )

Please be sure to add your child to the waitlist for that program. Spots often become available. Additionally, an extra teacher may be added, or an extra section of the class may be offered. If this is the case, a staff member will contact the names on the waitlist to notify all interested parties. ( Preschool - Canton Township )

These classes are designed for preschoolers to attend independently from their adult caretaker(s). It is a great chance for children to learn, socialize, and play with the other children in the class. Not sure your preschooler is ready yet? Please don't hesitate to call us at 734/394-5374 to discuss with our Preschool Coordinators who may be able to help! ( Preschool - Canton Township )

The Canton Public Safety Department is located at 1150 S. Canton Center Road, Canton, MI Phone #734/394-5400. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

The Canton community is served by the 35th District Court, located at 660 Plymouth Road, Plymouth, MI 48170.; 734/459-4740. The court handles all civil infractions, misdemeanors, small claims, landlord matters, general civil matters. 35th District court services five communities including Canton, Northville City/Township, and Plymouth City/Township. 35th District Court ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

Paramedics transport to numerous area hospitals including Oakwood-Canton, Oakwood-Annapolis, St. Mary's Mercy in Livonia, St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor, Garden City, and the University of Michigan. Patient requests are honored when possible. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

The only time a coyote sighting needs to be reported is when the animal appears to be in distress, or is causing a threat. If so, contact the Public Safety Department at 734/394-5400. According to the DNR, coyote sightings in lower Michigan are on the rise. A coyote should not automatically be considered a cause for concern. Residents are advised to minimize potential conflict with coyotes by not approaching or feeding them, and by eliminating all possible outdoor sources of food, including pet food and trash. Pets should spend minimal time unsupervised outdoors if a coyote is known to be in the area, especially at night. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

To report a stray domestic animal or a sick/injured wild animal, please contact the Public Safety Department at 734/394-5400, at the auto attendant press 2, then 1. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

Citizen complaints can be made in person at the Public Safety Headquarters located at 1150 S. Canton Center Road in Canton., or by phone to 734/394-5400. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

Information on purchasing copies of accident reports is available on this website under Records Bureau. ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

Tips about criminal activity, missing or wanted persons can either be called in to Police dispatch at 734/394-5400, or by email to (Note: If you are reporting something that needs immediate attention, do not use email as it is not monitored 24/7.) Crime Stoppers of Michigan will also accept your anonymous tips by calling 1/800-SPEAK UP or online at Crime Stoppers of Michigan ( Public Safety - Canton Township )

There are 3 levels of road jurisdiction: State highways: these are roads owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) – 9,715 miles, state-wide (8%) County roads: these roads are owned by county road commissions (includes Wayne County Public Services Department) 89,750 miles, state-wide (75%) City and village streets: these roads are owned by cities and villages – 20,750 Miles, state-wide (17%) Michigan has the 8th-largest public road system in the nation and the sixth largest local (county, city and village roads) system. Michigan’s state highway system however ranks as the 33rd largest in the nation. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

State highways fall under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Included under this heading are all highways with letters in their names, such as “M”,”US”, or I. state highways in Canton include Ford Road, Michigan Avenue, and Interstate 275. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

County road commissions, including the Wayne County Department of Public Services, have jurisdiction over all roads, except state highways in all townships in the state. County road commissions also have jurisdiction over some of the primary roads in Michigan cities and villages. All county road commissions in Michigan receive the majority of their funding from 2 primary sources: state-collected road funds and federal road funds. Road commissions have no taxing authority and do not receive any revenues directly from property taxes. However, 13 Michigan county general governments and some townships levy millages dedicated to road maintenance. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Over the years, Michigan cities and villages have taken jurisdiction over some, or in some cases, all of the roads within their boundaries. When a township or part of a township incorporates and becomes a city or village, the road commission has one year in which to turn over jurisdiction of county roads to the new city or village. After that 1st year, jurisdiction of any road may be transferred either way, if agreed upon by both parties. The cities and villages have jurisdiction over all neighborhood or subdivision streets within their boundaries. Whether a city or village or the road commission has jurisdiction over major streets within the community depends upon a variety of factors and differs from community to community. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Michigan charges a $.19-per-gallon tax on gasoline and a $.21-per gallon tax on diesel fuel (however, diesel fuel users receive a refund of 6%, equivalent to the 6% sales tax, so they pay the equivalent of $.15 cents-per-gallon in fuel tax). Motorists also pay license and registration fees to the state. Revenues from these sources, as other fees make up the Michigan Transportation Fund. According to state law, trust funds are divided between the 3 levels of government in Michigan with jurisdiction over roads: The Michigan Department of Transportation, the 83 county road agencies, and the 500-plus cities and villages (city and villages streets). Here’s how the funds are divided: 39.1% is distributed to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT roads represent 8% of all roads, 9,715). State highways fall under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation. Included under this heading are all highways with letters in their names, such as “M”, “US”, or “I” 39.1% is distributed to Michigan county road agencies (county roads represent 75% of all roads, 89,750 miles) 21.8% is distributed to cities and villages (City and village roads represent 17% of all roads, 20,750 miles) Note: Michigan has the 8th largest public road system in the nation, and the 6th largest local (county, city and village roads) system. Michigan’s state highway system however is the 33rd largest in the nation. In many cases (67 counties), the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) hires the county road commission to maintain state highways in the county. MDOT reimburses the county road commissions for the cost of this maintenance. The 2nd largest funding source for road commissions is the revenue from the $.19-per-gallon federal fuel tax. Congress has created a formula through which it determines how much of the federal road funds go to each state. Of the federal funds that come to Michigan, MDOT has historically received 75%, while county road commissions, cities, and villages have split the remaining 25%. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Federal dollars are used mainly for road improvements, such as widening, reconstructing, adding turn lanes etc. and cannot be used for routine maintenance such as pothole patching. Nationally, federal funds can only be used on roads that are designated as part of the federal road system. These funds are available to road commissions through a variety of programs. None of these funds go directly to Michigan’s 83 county road agencies. In rural counties, each county road agency competes with its neighboring counties for federal funds. In the urban areas, the county road agencies compete with the cities and villages in the county. While county road agencies have no taxing authority and cannot raise additional tax dollars themselves, many receive contributions from their county general government (with the exception of Wayne County) and/or cities, villages or townships in the county. Some communities, including Canton, contribute funds to their county road agency on a project-by-project basis. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

In recent years, Canton government has used a variety of approaches to improve the community’s road system. The development community has been responsible for improving a great many Canton roads, including: Warren (west of Beck), Joy (west of Beck), Saltz (west of Canton Center), Cherry Hill (west of Denton), Denton (north of Cherry Hill), and many others Canton has also joined with developers to improve a number of roads, they include; Denton (south of Cherry Hill) and Lotz (north of Palmer) Canton has also joined with Wayne County in a number of projects, including Lotz (north of Ford), Canton Center (north and south of Ford) and Warren (west of Morton Taylor) ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Call Canton Public Works at 734/394-5150 to report a streetlight outage. Public Works can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. When reporting an outage, please have the following information ready: a specific streetlight location (i.e., the nearest cross roads, nearby business, etc.), whether the pole is wooden or metal, the streetlight pole number (for metal poles it’s located at the base of the streetlight. For wood poles it’s located approximately eight feet up the pole), and details about the outage (i.e. light off during the night, light turns on and off at night, light stays on during the day, etc.). Please note, only Detroit Edison streetlight outages will be taken by Public Works. Decorative streetlights are the responsibility of the neighborhood Homeowner’s Association. To report a downed pole or other emergency please call Detroit Edison at 800/477-4747. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Providing a potable water source is the main priority of the community’s Public Works Division. Public water within the Canton community is provided by the Detroit Water Treatment plants located along the Detroit River. The treatment system is governed by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). The DWSD services over 3 million customers in 126 communities. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

The Sanitary sewer system within Canton is continuously changing as development progresses. The sanitary flow from the community flows to a regional collection and pumping system operated by the Western Township’s Utilities Authority (WTUA). From this facility, the flows are directed accordingly to the DWSD waste water treatment facility and to the Ypsilanti communities waste water treatment facility. Design considerations must be examined when a modification to the existing system is proposed. The sanitary sewer master plan and future land use map serve as a guidance tool to determine what design factors must be addressed. By using these 2 guides, a correct design can be established which will ensure proper transport of the community’s sanitary waste. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

The Lower Rouge River runs through the southern portion of Canton and all of the creeks and streams within our community lead to this watercourse. Downstream, the Lower Rouge River eventually flows into the main Branch of the Rouge River in Dearborn. Canton is part of the Rouge River Watershed because all of the land in Canton ultimately drains to the Rouge River. The Canton community continuously demonstrates environmental excellence by taking great strides to improve the quality of the Rouge River and its tributaries. The creation of the Canton Watershed Management Strategy has been used to provide the framework for implementing activities that address storm water quality in the community. Components of this strategy include storm water management requirements for new developments, the adoption or ordinances that protect natural features and promote water quality, and information for the residents encompassing general water quality issues. The Canton community is continuously evolving and so is this strategy. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

ARC stands for the Alliance of Rouge Communities. On October 11, 2005, Canton became a member when they adopted the by-laws. Before ARC, the Assembly of Rouge Communities existed as an interim organization that allowed communities to work together in meeting state and federal regulations regarding storm water permit requirements, and restoring the river. The Assembly was created in 2002 when federal funding to assist Rouge Watershed communities in management of the river was substantially reduced. Although the assembly provided means to keep the collective efforts underway, it depended heavily upon Wayne County to handle the business of the Assembly. Wayne County was responsible for handling the funds to hire contractors to perform monitoring, prepare the public information materials, and provide administrative and technical support for the Assembly, its committees, and the subwatershed management groups that prepare and help implement required watershed management plans. State legislation was introduced by Senator Patterson in 2004 to assist with the transition from the Assembly of Rouge Communities to the ARC. Under the adopted bylaws that established ARC, members are allowed to develop and implement watershed plans, receive grants, gifts and contributions, hire staff, issue contracts for services needed to implement water plans, and obtain state and federal permits on behalf of members. The 3 primary purposes of ARC are: To provide a means to collectively restore the quality of water in the Rouge, return beneficial public uses, and prevent future problems To further reduce local government costs to meet state and federal storm water permit requirements through cooperative efforts and increase the effectiveness of needed expenditures To provide a state and national model for locally driven watershed approaches that minimize the need for further state and general mandates encouraging bottom-up approaches to solving problems based on locally established priorities (Sharing of public education resources is also a large benefit of ARC.) ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Detention basins are engineered structures that are used primarily to control downstream flooding. They also have a secondary function to improve stormwater quality. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Dry Detention Basins: Dry detention basins are typically dry depressions in the ground surface, except after a major rain storm when they temporarily fill with stormwater. Wet Detention Basins: Wet detention basins typically have a permanent pool of water and more wetland plant life. The permanent pool of water allows pollutants such as sediments to settle to the bottom of the basin. Stormwater Marsh Basins: Stormwater marsh basins are similar to wet detention basins, but contain more wetland plants such as cattails bulrush and sedges. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Detention basins require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly to protect private property and improve water quality. At a minimum, the Homeowners’ Association or business owner should conduct an annual inspection and an inspection after major storms. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Obtain a copy of your detention pond plan from Canton’s Public Works Division to determine what type of detention basin is in your development. Inspect inlet and outlet pipes. Keeping these pipes clear of debris and sediment will help ensure proper pond function. Inspect for litter and debris: Twice each year (spring and fall) and after major storms, check for debris in the pond, on the banks, and around inlets/outlets. Examine side slopes for erosion: Twice each year and after a major storm, check for gullies or sloughing of the banks and other disturbances from animals or vehicles. If erosion is occurring, contact Canton Public Works for repair recommendations. Inspect vegetation: In the spring and fall, inspect the vegetation on the banks and in the basin. Living vegetation greatly improves the water quality by filtering out pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides, oils and grease from the stormwater. Late fall is a good time to cut down cattails. Cut cattails should be disposed of with other compost materials. Repair bare spots along banks with grass seed, native plant seed or wildflowers. Mowing: The amount of mowing required depends on the type of detention basin and the desired appearance. Typically, basins with turf grass only need to be mowed 2 or 3 times a year. Basins with native grasses and wildflower plantings should be mowed only once a year in the late fall or early spring. Maintain pump stations (if present): If your pond has a pump station, only a licensed electrician or company that provided the pump system should conduct any maintenance work. Keep records of all inspections including the date, name of inspector, what was observed, and maintenance activities performed. Good records will help you make adjustments to the maintenance program as needed. ( Public Works and Engineering Services - Canton Township )

Subdivision roads are constructed at the expense of the developer. The cost of roads and other subdivision infrastructure (sewer, water, sidewalks, pools and parks) is passed along to builders who purchase the lots, and then finally to homebuyers. So, in essence, a new home purchaser has paid for the infrastructure necessary to service their home and subdivision. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

The developer makes that decision. In either case, the roads are constructed to Wayne County standards. If the developer wants to make the roads public, Wayne County has to accept them (by law they must do so if the roads are created as part of a platted subdivision and meet their standards). ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

They are always private. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

Private subdivision roads typically are maintained by homeowner associations utilizing yearly association fees. These funds are also used for winter maintenance (snow removal). ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

County property tax revenue is not utilized for road maintenance. Wayne County utilizes its share of the State of Michigan gas tax to maintain the county road system. Homeowner associations with private roads assess their homeowners a fee to maintain the subdivision’s roads. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

Very little; Wayne County receives very little revenue from the State of Michigan gas tax to maintain subdivision roads. Wayne County’s efforts are limited, for the most part, to the county primary and secondary road system. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

In extremely rare situations does Wayne County provide any winter maintenance on public subdivision roads. The County provides winter maintenance on a priority basis…1st I-275 (state contract), Michigan roads (state contract), county primary roads, county secondary roads, and then subdivisions. Wayne County recently reduced the number of road employees and indicated that service levels may change in the event of back-to-back snowfalls. Canton pays Wayne County approximately $50,000 per year to receive winter road maintenance on 17 miles of Canton secondary roads. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

Yes, it is true. For over 30 years, Canton homeowner associations have assessed their members, through their annual association fee, for snow removal. This approach was embraced when it became obvious that Wayne County was not going to provide timely snow removal from public subdivision streets. There are 3 benefits to this approach: The association provides this service (through contractors) for less than what government would charge If the service is unsatisfactory, the contractor can be fired If government provided the service, a limited amount of equipment and manpower would be available to address any snow situation Some subdivisions would have to wait an extended period of time before snow would be removed. By utilizing small private snow removal contractors, scores of them can be working simultaneously throughout the community. ( Road Funding - Canton Township )

Place all items in a bag or box and made sure they are marked "Simple Recycling."  Please note, Simple Recycling is not longer providing bags so please use your own bag or box and make sure you mark them "For Simple Recycling." Then call 866/835-5068 or email to schedule a pickup.  You can leave the items on your porch just make sure they are clearly marked for Simple Recycling.  Please note, anything without a label will not be picked up. ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

No, the clothing and household discards can not be placed in your curbside recycling cart.  To recycle those items, call Simply Recycling and schedule a home pickup.   Here's how the new process works: Step 1: Residents can schedule pickups online at   or you can call customer service at 866-835-5068.   Step 2: Place your items outside your front door by 7:30 am on your scheduled pickup day.  Make sure all items are bagged and tagged for Simple Recycling. Step 3: A Simple Recycling truck will collect the bags and recycle the items for reuse. Please note, only items placed inside the bags or tagged with Simple Recycling labels will be collected. Simple Recycling will not pick up anything left outside of the bag or untagged. To view a list of acceptable items visit: ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

Residents are required to schedule a pickup.  Here's how the process works: Step 1: Residents can schedule pickups online at   or you can call customer service at 866-835-5068.   Step 2: Place your items outside your front door by 7:30 am on your scheduled pickup day.  Make sure all items are bagged and tagged for Simple Recycling. Step 3: A Simple Recycling truck will collect the bags and recycle the items for reuse. Please note, only items placed inside the bags or tagged with Simple Recycling labels will be collected. Simple Recycling will not pick up anything left outside of the bag or untagged. To view a list of acceptable items visit: ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

No, there will be a separate Simple Recycling truck that will pick up your designated bags/items from your porch after you schedule a pickup. Here's how the new process works: Step 1: Residents can schedule pickups online at   or you can call customer service at 866-835-5068.   Step 2: Place your items outside your front door by 7:30 am on your scheduled pickup day.  Make sure all items are bagged and tagged for Simple Recycling. Step 3: A Simple Recycling truck will collect the bags and recycle the items for reuse. Please note, only items placed inside the bags or tagged with Simple Recycling labels will be collected. Simple Recycling will not pick up anything left outside of the bag or untagged. To view a list of acceptable items visit: ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

Simple Recycling will take small furniture items (that one man can carry) as long as the pieces are in good/usable condition. ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

No, as long as the items are listed on the acceptable collection list and fit inside a bag or are marked with a Simple Recycling tag they will be accepted. ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

No, Simple Recycling is not a nonprofit organization. If you would prefer to donate your items to a charity and receive a tax receipt, Simple Recycling recommends using ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

Items acceptable for collection include: • Men, women and children’s clothing • Coats and Jackets • Jewelry • Shoes • Purses • Hats • Toys • Pictures • Mirrors • Blankets • Drapes/Curtains • Pillows • Sleeping Bags • Small Furniture • Small Appliances, such as toasters, microwaves and coffee makers • Irons • Radios • Lamps • Hairdryers • Tools • Silverware • Dishes • Pots/Pans • Glasses • Backpacks ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

Items Simple Recycling CANNOT collect include: • Large Appliances • Large Furniture • Tires • Paint • Carpeting • Mattresses • Hazardous Waste • Traditional Recyclables such as metal, glass and paper ( Simple Recycling - Canton Township )

We encourage and appreciate open communication with parents. Should you have any concerns, please discuss them with any Camp Canton staff member. A welcome packet is handed out at open house to inform you of theme days, field trips, and much more. A bulletin board at camp headquarters will relay important information on a weekly basis during the camp season. This will help you prepare your child for camp and provide any appropriate items needed for the week's activities. Camp Canton does have a voicemail on which you can leave messages regarding camp and a staff member or a supervisor will return your call as soon as possible. Camp Canton can be reached at 734/394-5369. Camp Canton can also be reached by email at ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

If you know in advance that your child will be late or will not be attending camp, please inform Camp Canton in person the day before. If you are not aware of your child being late or absent until the day of, please call Camp Canton at 734/394-5369. This is very important because we may be holding up activities based on the assumption that your child will be at camp. If your camper will be late, if will be your responsibility to escort your child to the location of the other campers and staff. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Please let camp staff know when you drop your child off in the morning. This was we can have your child ready and waiting for you, no matter where camp is located at that moment. We reserve the right to ask for ID from anyone picking up a child from camp. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

If you need to have a person not listed on the Emergency Card pick up your child, please provide Camp Canton staff with a letter stating the day, time and full name of the person picking up your child from camp. Please list all persons, over the age of 18, eligible to pick up your child on their Emergency Card. The State of Michigan requires that anyone picking up a camper is over the age of 18, so please plan accordingly. Staff reserves the right to ask each adult picking up a Camp Canton camper for proper identification (license or state ID). This is to protect the safety of your child. If you are not able to give one of your fast passes to the person picking up your child, make sure they are either listed on the emergency card, you write us a letter with their name stated on it, or you call and give us their name so we may ask for their ID. We will not release children to anyone who is not listed on the Emergency Card, who is not 18 years of age, who does not have a fast pass, or to a person that the parent/guardian has not given us written permission for. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

As a health standard, courtesy to other campers and staff, and for the well being of your camper, sick campers (runny noses, fever, etc.) are not allowed to attend Camp Canton. A parent/guardian will be notified if your camper displays any symptoms of illness. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Campers will be separated by age for various activities such as crafts and guest speakers, to make these activities more age appropriate. For field trips, each staff member is assigned a small group of campers by age. Some field trips require us to stay in those small groups (museums), whereas other field trips allow larger group interaction. If you have a special request, please talk to a staff member and we will do our best to accommodate. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

If you have an emergency and need to speak with your camper, please contact the Summit on the Park at 734/394-5460. Please inform the front desk staff that this is an emergency and give them detailed information (your name and a number where you can be reached at). They will relay the information to Camp Staff via cell phone and your camper will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, you may contact the Camp Field Trip Cell Phone at 734/777-3494. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

A state licensed bus driver will drive the buses. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

We watch a movie every Wednesday when we return from the field trip. Any movie shown will be rated G or PG only. Occasionally we watch a movie on other days, but not very often! ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

We do not provide snacks to campers, so please pack a little something extra in their lunchbox. Before regular camp activities begin campers may eat a snack if time permits. After swim we have time designated as snack time for all to refuel. Please Note: We do not make trips to the vending machines for snack purposes. This needs to be done before dropping your child off for the day. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Please call Camp Canton headquarters at 734/394-5369 to notify camp staff as soon as possible. A late fee of $1 per minute per camper applies for any camper being picked up after 6:00 pm. This payment is expected to be paid at the time of pickup at the Summit front desk. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

The field trip fee is included in your registration cost for camp. Some field trips do allow campers to visit the souvenir shop. The Camp staff will notify families of the Field Trips where money may be sent with the camper. Campers are responsible for their own money on field trips. Money cannot be spent to purchase lunch on field trips. We ask that you not send any more than $10. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

There are cubbies and lockers at Camp Canton for campers to store their belongings in. We ask that campers not leave their belongings on the floor as this can be a safety hazard for all. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Each Camp Canton camper will receive one Camp Canton shirt for the summer. Please wear a current Camp Canton field trip shirt on Wednesdays– this is mandatory and is for the safety of our campers The campers can wear these throughout the week as well if they would like. At the end of the year we can sign these shirts! ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

The Camp Canton wait list policy is designed to provide a simple and fair process for all. If a space opens at Camp Canton, the space is offered to the first person on the wait list who meets age requirements. If this person declines the space at Camp Canton, then the next person is called on the wait list and so on. Camp Canton cannot make any guarantees regarding your child being enrolled in camp from a wait list. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

There are several Lost and Founds at the Summit on the Park. They can be found in the following areas: -Camp Canton – in the hallway outside the dance studios -Summit – on the main level, outside the elevator These areas are periodically cleaned out, please claim items as they appear. *To better manage Lost and Found items please label all of your camper’s belongings. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) is a program that was designed for those campers who have exceeded the age limit to be a camper, but may not be old enough to stay at home by themselves all day. The C.I.T. program offers important pre-employment and character building experience to eligible youth. To be eligible for the C.I.T. program, campers must be 11 years old by the start of camp. Informational packets go out after the New Year for campers who are eligible. These campers complete a written application and an interview with the Camp Director and Head Counselor. A special training is held for C.I.T.’s to help prepare them for their new responsibilities. Unfortunately we are not able to have all who are eligible attend Camp Canton as a C.I.T. due to the program’s rising popularity! ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Parents who wish to join Camp Canton on a field trip may meet us at the field trip location and will be responsible for paying their own admission fees. Please be advised that your camper must remain in our care while they are signed in with Camp Canton. If you wish to remove your camper from the care of Camp Canton, you may sign your camper out. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

At the time of registration, a receipt is printed for your records. Please put this in a safe location for the tax season. You can get the tax identification number from the front desk at the Summit on the Park or Camp Canton Director. The Camp Director can also sign any paperwork that needs to be submitted to work. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Participants wishing to withdraw from a class/program must complete the Camp Withdrawal/Transfer Form which is also available at the Summit front desk. This form must be submitted two weeks prior to the start of the class/program. The refund request form can be picked up and returned to the Summit Front Desk.  If approved, the participant will receive a Leisure Services Credit on Account; deposits will not be refunded, regardless if the refund is approved. This includes the Camp Canton deposit of $40 per week. There will be no refund or credit for a missed day of camp due to illness or scheduling difficulties. Class/program withdrawal requests due to medical reasons will be considered at any time if accompanied with a doctor’s note. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Camp staff can handle most situations that occur. We will take the child aside and let them know that the behavior they displayed was inappropriate. We may withhold pool time (or use other time-out tactics) to help reinforce our stance on the behavior. We may also have the child write a letter to the parent/guardian so you can be aware of any behavior problems. Discipline will be handled progressively as follows: -Discussion of the issue with the child. -Discussion of the issue with a parent/guardian. -If behavior is severe enough or repetitive, child will be expelled from program with no reimbursement of program fees. Any severe behavior issue, such as violence, will be taken very seriously and a child can be expelled immediately from camp. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Your comments are always welcome. To assist us in providing the best program possible, we will be passing out evaluations. Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire, and remember to ask your camper for feedback too! ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

The Camp Canton Withdrawal/Transfer Form is available at the Summit Front Desk or available here . Please note: Requests submitted less then 14 days will not be considered. No cash or credit card refunds will be issued. Camp Canton has a $40 cancellation fee per week. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Please provide your child with the following every day: -Lunch (with a small snack) -Water bottle -Sunscreen -Bathing suit -Towel -Lock What to leave at home: -Cell phones -Heelies -Toys/games/trading cards (Pokémon, Digimon and others) -Electronic equipment (CD players, iPods, DS's)* -Money** *These items are permitted only on days of a field trip for use on the bus; campers are responsible for keeping track of these items. **Please check the camp bulletin board to see if your camper has the option to bring souvenir money; campers are responsible for their own money. ( Summer Camps - Canton Township )

Summer property taxes are due in the Treasurer's Office by 4:30 pm on September 14. Winter property taxes are due in the Treasurer's Office by 4:30 on February 14. There is also a 24-hour drop-box located to the right of the Canton Center Road entrance to the Administration Building. However, drop-box payments received after business hours will be considered received the next business day. Tax payments made online by midnight on the due date are considered “on time.” Payments received after the due date will be posted as “late.” ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Yes, credit and debit cards can be used at the Treasurer's Office counter and at our website. Convenience fees will apply to every transaction. Mastercard, VISA and Discover are accepted. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

We mail you a copy of your tax bill in July and December. Please file for future referral. * If you’re paying through the mail please enclose the ENTIRE bill with your payment along with a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for a receipt. *If you’re paying in person, bring the ENTIRE BILL with you, and we will stamp and return the bottom of the bill to you. *If you pay your taxes through your mortgage escrow account, you may look up your tax information for FREE at: ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

The summer tax bill is remitted to the school districts and the county. Canton Township does not retain any of the funds from the summer collection. View an explanation of the different line items on your summer tax bill . The winter tax bill is remitted to numerous taxing entities, such as Canton Township, RESA, The DIA, The Detroit Zoo, Wayne County Jail, etc. View an explanation of the different line items on your Winter Tax bill. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

A basic knowledge of these terms will help you better understand Michigan property tax law. Assessed Value - The assessed value helps determine market value. Set by the assessor, the assessed value when multiplied by 2 will give an approximate market value of the property. The assessor is constitutionally required to set the assessed value at 50% of the usual selling price or true cash value of the property. State Equalized Value (SEV) - SEV is the assessed value that has been adjusted following county and state equalization. The County Board of Commissioners and the Michigan State Tax Commission must review local assessments and adjust (equalize) them if they are above or below the constitutional 50% level of assessment. Taxable value - Multiplying the Taxable Value by the local millage rate will determine your tax liability. Taxable value increases from year to year by the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is lower. Transfers of ownership and improvements to the property will increase the Taxable Value more than the rate of inflation. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

To insure properties are assessed uniformly and at 50% of market value, the assessor uses a one year sales study that is provided by the Wayne County Equalization Department. A sales study is an analysis of the sales price of the property compared to its SEV. The sales study for assessments runs one year from October 1 of the prior year through September 30 of the current year. The sales are then organized by economic neighborhoods by the assessor. An economic neighborhood can be a single subdivision or a grouping of subdivisions with similar characteristics. If the sales in a certain economic neighborhood indicate an increase or decrease then all of the properties in that economic neighborhood will be changed by what the sales have indicated. This insures all properties are assessed at 50% of market value as of December 31. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

On March 15, 1994, Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment known as Proposal A. The taxable value was created as a part of this legislation. Taxable value, or the figure which millage would be multiplied against, can only increase each year by the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is lower. The taxable value on the property is said to be “Capped” if the property owner has not had any additions or losses on the property or did not purchase it in the preceding year. The legislators who wrote and put Proposal A on the ballot intended to put a cap on the value of the property so that taxpayers wouldn’t be as affected by a robust housing market and a significant increase in valuation. The intention was to tie the increase in valuation to the inflation rate so that it would be more affordable for and would benefit those residents who intended to remain at their properties for longer periods of time. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Unfortunately, there isn’t a "yes" or "no" answer to that question. If you’ve owned your property for a significant amount of time, more than likely your state equalized value (SEV) far exceeds your taxable value. If this is the case, a decrease in valuation, caused by a cooling real estate market, will be reflected in the SEV. The taxable value is required by the Michigan Constitution to increase each year by the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is lower. In the case of a longtime property owner, the SEV could decrease, while the taxable value will increase. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

In the previous scenario, yes you would. The taxable value will rise by the inflationary increase (unless there is negative inflation, which has happened only once since 1994). This figure multiplied by the local unit's millage rate will determine your new property tax liability. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Proposal A allowed many residents to pay property taxes on less than half of their market value by “capping” the taxable value, while still allowing the assessor to determine the market value by adjusting the SEV. This has caused, for many property owners, a great disparity between the SEV figure and the taxable value figure. The assessor can reduce the SEV to reflect the change in property value, but if the taxable value is still well below the SEV, it will keep increasing until the 2 figures meet. Taxes are based on taxable value; therefore, you will end up with a tax increase. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

If a property’s value decreases each year, the SEV will eventually meet the taxable value. The taxable value cannot exceed the SEV. When this happens, decreases in SEV will cause decreases in taxable value, which will then lower your property tax liability. Due to the gap between the SEV and taxable value figures, it would take several years of depressed market conditions to make the SEV and taxable value equal. If you happen to be a property owner who purchased a property in the last few years and you have decreasing property value, the SEV and taxable value figures could meet sooner than someone who has owned the property for a long period of time. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Unfortunately, there have been a few downfalls. 2 big downfalls that we hear regularly are: Neighbors paying completely different tax amounts An uneasiness about moving to new properties because of the fear of a very high tax increase ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

If you own and occupy a home on your property before May 1 last year, you are entitled to a principal residence exemption. This will result in a credit on your summer tax statement. On the Assessment notice, the exemption will be illustrated by a 100.00% if you are eligible or a 0.00% if you are not. You are only entitled to one principal residence exemption in or out of Michigan. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Every property owner has the right to appeal their assessments. However, the opportunity only comes once a year and if the opportunity is missed, there isn't another opportunity that year. Your assessment change notice will provide you with the dates and times for the March Board of Review. If you wish to contest your assessments, you must either appear or send your appeal to the March Board of Review. Protest at the March Board of Review is necessary to protect your right to further appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal for valuation and exemption appeals. In other words, the Michigan Tax Tribunal will not hear cases that have not first been before the local March Board of Review. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Please visit the treasurer’s home page to utilize the Estimated Property Tax Calculator . Simply fill in the tax period (summer, winter or total), your school district and your taxable value from your assessment change notice. Select calculate and get an estimate of your upcoming tax liability. If you recently purchased your home, use half the purchase price for your taxable value estimate. ( Tax Collection / Property Value Assessment - Canton Township )

Payments made using your checking or savings account, commonly referred to as ACH payments, will be free of charge to the taxpayer. Payments made using your credit or debit card are subject to a convenience fee of 2.49% added to the amount of the payment. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

The cost to process an ACH payment is actually less than processing a paper check, therefore there is no need to recover additional costs. Credit and debit transactions are processed through Visa or Mastercard. Visa and Mastercard charge a fee to the merchant (Canton Township) for using their product. This fee, called an interchange fee, plus a handling fee for Chase Bank, makes up the 2.49% convenience charge. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

If Canton Township were to assume the cost of the fees, the funds would have to come from general fund operations and this is not viewed as an appropriate use of township funds as it benefits only some, not all, of the residents. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

That’s a decision you will have to make. In many cases the rewards program on your credit card will have a greater benefit than the amount of money being charged. Credit / debit card transactions are just one more option for payment that is now available to you. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

Yes, tax payments can be made using your debit or credit card at the Treasurer's Office. For debit transactions a convenience fee of $3.95 will be charged. The fee will be a separate transaction and will be remitted to Chase Bank. For credit transactions, a convenience fee of 2.5% will be charged. The fee will be a separate transaction on your credit card and will be remitted to Chase Bank. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

Yes, payments can be scheduled in advance up until the due date. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

No, due to the infrequency of tax payments, we elected not to allow registered users, but rather only unregistered users. The system will ask you for your information each time you make a payment. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

No, they are different programs. You can register as a user on the water program, but you are an unregistered user on the tax program. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

On ACH payments (checking or savings), a payment can be canceled before 5 pm. That is when our batch settles. A customer can return to the payment page and click on the Payment Inquiry button at the bottom of the page. They’ll need to enter their confirmation number and email address. They’ll then have the option to cancel the transaction if the batch hasn’t settled. On credit and debit card transactions the settlement process is real time. They automatically settle. Therefore there is no way to cancel the transaction. ( Tax Payments Online - Canton Township )

Programs Monday-Friday. Newspaper Club, art classes, Teen TV, music lessons, GLEE Club, cooking class, 3 on 3 basketball, and tutoring. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Monday-Thursday 2:30-8:30 pm, Friday 2:30-10:30 pm SCHOOL DAYS ONLY Special hours may be available during school breaks and summer vacation. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

No. Participants MUST be at least 11 years old to participate in BLOCK programs. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Every participant MUST have a completed Emergency Form to participate. Forms must be updated seasonally. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Yes, the daily drop-in fee is $2 for Canton residents, $3 for nonresidents. No transportation is provided with the drop-in option. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Pre-packaged snack items are available for purchase for under $2. These may include: individual pizzas, ramen noodles, ice cream, hot pretzels, chips, juice, and candy. Participants may also bring their own snacks. Food consumption is limited to the cafeteria area. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

No. Unfortunately, we are only able to pick up from the schools listed below: Achieve Academy Pioneer Middle School Canton Charter Academy PCA Central Middle School PCEP Discovery Middle School South Canton Scholars East Middle School ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Please join our waiting list. We may be able to accommodate you closer to the start of the school semester. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

We can pick him/her up if you also register for the Canton Express. Please keep in mind the service does not start until 4:30 pm and while we will out best to be there at the requested time, there is no guarantee. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

No. Registration is done by semester (fall or winter) only, regardless of the number of days your child attends. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Canton Express is only necessary if your child needs to be picked up at a special time after 4:30 pm (within an 11 mile radius of The BLOCK) or if you want us to take your child home. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

There is a payment plan available for the After School Program and the Canton Express. A $50 payment is due upon registration. The remaining payments will be split equally and charged to a credit card on the dates listed on your receipt. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Yes. The price will automatically be prorated by the day for the After School Program, Canton Express, and Membership. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

No. The Canton Express is designed to get your child to and from The BLOCK. Participants must spend a minimum of 1 hour in the facility before being taken home. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

While pre-registration is not required, it is recommended. Space is limited. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

The Outreach Program provides free services to residents living in these neighborhoods: Academy/Westpoint Holiday Estates Canton Crossings Sherwood Village College Park Wagon Wheel Fordham Green For more details on the Outreach program, please call 734/398-5570 and speak with BLOCK staff. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Tours are available on specific days/times beginning in September. Please call 734/398-5570 to schedule a tour. ( The BLOCK - Canton Township )

Therapeutic Recreation, also known as "TR", is Canton Leisure Services' inclusive programming effort which aims to allow for individuals with challenges or disabilities the opportunity to participate as fully as possible, while providing some reasonable accommodations and adaptations. Accommodations include individualized techniques and resources that enhance program participation without fundamentally altering a program. Canton Leisure Services currently serves participants with a broad range of abilities/disabilities. ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

Eligible Leisure Club participants must be 15 years of age or older. During the summer season, Canton Leisure Services offers a Therapeutic Recreation experience for youth with disabilities between the ages of eight and 14, called "Camp A.B.L.E." Registration for this program takes place each March at Canton's Annual Camp Fair. Leisure Club programming operates year round, and registration follows the same timeline as other Leisure Services programs, (typically March and August annually). ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

Yes. Special pricing is available to both residents and non-residents because of a generous Western Wayne County Therapeutic Recreation Grant. Programming is geared to serve residents residing in the communities of Western Wayne County, however, all eligible Wayne County residents are welcome to participate. ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

1.) Written notification is required two weeks prior to the registration deadline for each program. In some cases, reasonable accommodation may take longer. 2.) The requester will be contacted within four business days by appropriate staff. ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

Yes. All participants must be able to accomplish the following personal skills: Feeding, Toileting, and Dressing/Clothing themselves. An aide, family member, or other resource may attend alongside a participant in order to help them accomplish any or all of these personal skills while still enabling them to take part in the program. Additionally, it is important to note that for the safety off all participants, Canton's Therapeutic Recreation Program has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding behaviors that are violent in nature; this includes, but is not limited to, hitting, kicking, biting, pinching, etc. ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

Yes. Please make sure that the aide/parent/resource gets registered for any and all programs that they plan to attend. This helps Therapeutic Recreation Staff better plan & cover any additional expenses that may be incurred, especially in regards to trips or programs that include transportation or tickets. ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

Thanks for asking! There are several ways to support programming that serves individuals with special needs in Canton and Western Wayne County. Each November-December the Summit on the Park Lobby plays host to a TR 'Holiday Wish Tree'. It is decorated with festive gift tags for items, both small and large, that will benefit Canton's inclusive recreation programs. Items like sensory toys, antibacterial wipes, and other important supplies are always in demand. Taking one (or more) of these tags and donating the listed items is a wonderful way to show local support for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, a special fund was a established through the Canton Community Foundation to serve Canton's Camp A.B.L.E. program, which serves area youth with special needs each summer. Financial donations can be made directly on the Canton Community Foundation's Website. Simply 'select a fund', and choose "Camp A.B.L.E. Fund" to make a tax deductible donation. Or, if you have a better idea regarding how you might like to help, please let us know! We appreciate your interest and support! ( Therapeutic Recreation - Canton Township )

All items must be at curbside by 6:30 am on your scheduled pick-up day, regardless of the time it is usually picked up. If your collection day falls on or after a holiday, your rubbish pickup will be delayed one day that week. See the Refuse Collection Guidelines and Rules for more information. ( Trash - Canton Township )

The trash hauler is selected through a competitive bid process. ( Trash - Canton Township )

Canton offers curbside pick-up of solid waste and recycling year round as well as curbside pick-up of yard waste from April through November. Please visit the refuse collection webpage to download a list of collection guidelines. ( Trash - Canton Township )

Residents of a new constructed home can call GFL at 844/464-3587 and the bin will delivered. The cost for an extra recycling bin is $75 and you can contact the Canton's Public Works Division at 397-1011 ext 0. ( Trash - Canton Township )

The fee for solid waste collection is $152 per year. This fee will be added annually to your winter tax bill. ( Trash - Canton Township )

Call the township waste contractor, GFL Environmental USA Inc. at 844/464-3587.  If your issued is unresolved please call Canton Public Works at 397-1011 ext 0. ( Trash - Canton Township )

There are no discounts available for senior citizens as everyone receives the same level of service. ( Trash - Canton Township )

It's based on the true cost-of-service which includes, the annual solid waste and automated recycling collection services contract costs, a percentage of key Canton personnel's wages to manage the program, some printing and publishing costs, overhead expenses for administration and a contingency for unplanned expenses. The total expenses are divided by the total number of residential customers to arrive at the $152 fee. ( Trash - Canton Township )

Ordinance Chapter 58 provides for charges for these services. ( Trash - Canton Township )

Its purpose is to promote an increased quality of life through the regulation, maintenance and protection of trees, forests and other natural resources. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

The Tree Fund was established for maintenance and preservation of forest areas and the planting and maintenance of trees within Canton. It is used to replace damaged or dead trees in the public right-of-way. If a developer is required to replace trees removed from a site and does not replace on the site, he may elect to pay into the fund in lieu of replanting on the site. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Yes, the removal or relocation of any tree with a diameter at breast height (D.B.H.) of 6 inches or greater requires a permit. The removal, damage or destruction of any landmark tree or tree located within a forest is also prohibited without a permit. You must also obtain a permit for clear cutting or grubbing within the drip line of a forest on property larger than two acres. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Yes, all agricultural / farming operations, commercial nursery / tree farm operations and occupied lots of less than 2 acres in size, including utility companies and public tree trimming agencies, are exempt from all permit requirements. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

You can obtain a permit by submitting a Tree Removal Permit Application. The application contains the following information: The owner and/or occupant of the land on which the tree is located A legal description of the property on which the tree is located A description of the area effected by the tree removal including tree species mixture, sampling of tree size and the notation of unusual, scarce or endangered trees A description of each tree to be removed, including diseased or damaged trees, and the location thereof A general description of the effected area after the proposed tree is removed ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Whenever a Tree Removal Permit is issued for the removal of regulated trees, other than landmark / historic tree, with a D.B.H. of 6 inches or greater, trees must be relocated or replaced by the permit grantee if more than twenty percent of the total drip line area is removed. Tree replacement needs to be done in accordance with the following: If the replacement trees are at least two inches but less than 3 inches in D.B.H., the permit grantee will be given credit for replacing 1 tree. If the replacement trees are at least 3 inches, but less than 4 inches in D.B.H., the permit grantee will be given credit for replacing 1 and 1/2 trees. If the replacement trees are at least 4 inches in D.B.H., the permit grantee will be given credit for replacing 2 trees. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Whenever a Tree Removal Permit is issued for the removal of any landmark tree with a D.B.H. of 6 inches or greater, trees must be relocated or replaced by the permit grantee. Every landmark / historic tree that is removed needs to be replaced by 3 trees with a minimum D.B.H. of 4 inches. Size used to determine "landmarks" are determined by species. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

According to the ordinance, all replacement trees must: Trees must meet both the American Association of Nursery Standards and the requirements of the State Department of Agriculture. Trees must be nursery grown. Trees must be guaranteed for 2 years, including labor to remove and dispose of dead material. Trees must be replaced immediately after the removal of the dead tree, in accordance with the A.N.A. standards. Trees must be of the same species as the removed trees. When replacement trees of the same species are not available from Michigan nurseries, the applicant may substitute any species listed in section four of the ordinance provided that shade trees are substituted with shade trees. Ornamental trees don’t have to be replaced with ornamental trees but it is encouraged where feasible. Trees must be located on the same parcel of land on which the activity is to be conducted. Where tree relocation or replacement is not possible on the same property on which the activity is to be conducted, the permit grantee shall pay monies into the Canton Tree Fund for tree replacement within the township. These monies shall be equal to the per tree amount representing the current market value for the tree replacement that would have been otherwise required. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Certain invasive species, trees that are dead or dying at the time of inventory, trees in the public right-of-way, and 25% of the regulated trees removed do not have to be replaced. ( Tree Planting Partnership / Tree Planting - Canton Township )

Village Theater is community arts center owned and operated by Canton Township and is open to public on a daily basis. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

Numerous performances have a special rate for seniors / students and groups.  Senior rates are for patrons 60 years of age and older and student rates are for youth ages 18 and under.  ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

Visit the Village Theater at Cherry Hill for a full schedule and online tickets. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

The Village Theater main auditorium has 400 seats and Biltmore Studio seats 80. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

No, you do not – everyone is welcome , for more information email or call 734-394-5484. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

Send us your press kit and nonreturnable samples of your work to: Village Theater 50400 Cherry Hill Road Canton, MI 48187 We will contact you upon receipt and review. Please allow 30 days for the process. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

The Village Theater is open: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., one hour before every performance, or by appointment arranged via email to or by calling 734/394-5484 ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

Please visit the Human Resource area of the Canton Township website for employment information. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

There will be several parking lots within a few blocks of the Theater, there will be street parking and valet will be available for most functions. Cherry Hill Village has been designed as a neo-traditional walkable community. Download the Village Theater Parking Map for more detailed information. ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

Please contact Joe Kvoriak, Performing Arts Coordinator, at 734/394-5484 or ( Village Theater at Cherry Hill - Canton Township )

If your order has gone through, you will see an order confirmation page. Regardless of ticketing issues, this order confirmation page may serve as your ticket in the event of lost or not received tickets. If you are uncertain if your order was completed, you may call the Village Theater box office at 734/394-5300 and the box office manger will assist you. ( Village Theater Box Office - Canton Township )

Internet ticket sales are subject to the standard Village Theater ticket policy. There are no refunds. Ticket exchanges are subject to a $5 fee per ticket (if available) for the same production, no less than 48 hours prior to curtain. Exchanges must take place through the Village Theater box office. Please call 734/394-5300 and the box office manager will assist you. ( Village Theater Box Office - Canton Township )

If you requested that your tickets be emailed to you, SABO will email a PDF document attachment to the email address you provided on your order. To troubleshoot e-tickets please note: You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer in order to open the attachment. Your email account must not block unrecognized email addresses. If your email account is set up this way, please unblock Your email account must not block email attachments. If your email account is set up this way, please unblock the .PDF file extension. If you are able to open the PDF document attachment on your computer, it will ask you for a password. Please enter the password that you provided with your online order. The password is case sensitive. If you are unable to open the e-tickets attachment, or if you have not received an email, please call the Village Theater box office at 734/394-5300. The box office manger will either re-send your e-tickets to you or re-direct your order to Will Call. Will Call may be picked up from the Village Theater box office 1 hour before the show. ( Village Theater Box Office - Canton Township )

It may take 10 to 15 business days for you to receive your tickets. ( Village Theater Box Office - Canton Township )

This position is to promote volunteerism throughout the community. The Volunteer Events Coordinator organizes various volunteer activities for community members and develops programs to train, place, and recognize volunteers. Also, volunteers are needed to reduce the cost of local programming. Every organization lacks the resources, both in people and finances, to do everything they would like. Many programs would not exist if it were not for the volunteers. This holds true for the local service agencies that we assist with volunteer placement. ( Volunteer Events Coordinator - Canton Township )

The Volunteer Events Coordinator was created as a part-time township position in 1994. In 1998, the position was made full-time. This position is partially reimbursed with Community Development Block Grant Funds each year. ( Volunteer Events Coordinator - Canton Township )

The Volunteer Coordinator places volunteers in numerous township activities including the Liberty Fest, River Day, Christmas in Action, Make a Difference Day, The Village Theater Usher Program, Big Chill, Easter Egg Hunt, Corn Roast, Special Olympics, October Fest, Village Faire, Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, etc. Additionally, volunteers are placed with human service agencies throughout the community. ( Volunteer Events Coordinator - Canton Township )

Our relationship with the local schools is very strong. We work closely with the high school counselors and teachers to insure that many of the community service requirements are met by providing the students with placement in local events and with local agencies. Beginning with the 2007 graduating class, 40 hours of community service are needed to comply with graduation requirements. We are one of the largest volunteer resources for the local schools. Additionally, the Canton Township Youth Volunteer Corps has been developed in conjunction with the schools to provide students with a volunteer experience which includes a comprehensive student training program. ( Volunteer Events Coordinator - Canton Township )

Canton Township purchases its water from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). The GLWA operates the largest water system in the State of Michigan and supplies water to roughly four million people. The primary water sources are Lake Huron and the Detroit River. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The current rates for water/sewer usage are as follows: •$6.36 per 1,000 gallons of water purchased •$3.89 per 1,000 gallons of sewage treated ( Water Services - Canton Township )

In an effort to protect the health and safety of the public, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has devised three public water warning notices in the event of an emergency. Boil Water Notice - If this warning is issued, residents must bring all water to a boil for at least three minutes then let it cool before using. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and preparing food until further notice. Do Not Drink Notice - If this warning is issued, residents should not use the water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, or preparing food until further notice. Do Not Use Water Notice - This is the most severe warning issued. If issued, residents should not use the water for any reason. Bottled water should be used for all needs until further notice and resident should not, under any circumstance, run their water. That includes filling up bathtubs, flushing toilets or watering lawns. Canton will only issue these warnings in the event of an emergency. If you are notified of a water emergency but you still lose water pressure or service, simply run your tap until the water becomes clear once the pressure has been restored. By understanding the difference between these three warning you can better protect yourself and your family. For questions regarding the public water warning notices please call Canton’s Public Works Division at 734/397-1011 or the MDEQ at 800/292-4706. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The water rates set by GLWA are based on an annual forecast determined by historical data for water usage and estimated costs for water production and delivery services. GLWA uses the forecast to set a rate for each of its customers. By law, GLWA can only recover the cost of service, it cannot make a profit. If more water is sold than forecasted, the extra funds received must be used for the system and offset the need to increase wholesale water rates in the future. The water rate formula that GLWA uses has 3 primary components: Usage or demand by each community The distance from water treatment plants The elevation of the community relative to the treatment plants. These factors vary greatly in a service area as large as GLWA’s. All customers’ wholesale rates (i.e., the rate Canton pays to GLWA to buy water) are set by this formula. In addition to the cost to purchase water from GLWA, Canton has costs to operate, maintain and replace the 380 miles of local water distribution system piping. Canton also has fixed costs to cover such as administration, water billing staff, meter reading and meter replacements. The annual revenue requirements of the water system must be sufficient to cover both our costs and GLWA costs. The annual water rate increase needs to be passed through to the end customer, the Canton Township water and sewer user, in order that the water funds remain financially stable year-to-year. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The revenue generating capacity of GLWA is somewhat dependent upon the weather. Hot, dry weather generally results in more water sales to the suburban wholesale customers that produce extra revenue to be used by GLWA in a future year. Cool, damp weather can have the opposite effect, generally resulting in an annual revenue shortfall. In addition, there are costs involved in operating and maintaining existing system facilities and capital improvement programs necessary to meet existing and future customer demands. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The rates are approved annually by the Township Board with an ordinance amendment, based on staff recommendations. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

In addition to the fixed charges on the customer’s bill, the current rates for water / sewer usage can be found online. Residences with footing drains tied to the sanitary sewer system pay a slightly higher fixed charge to offset the increased usage of the sanitary sewer system during rain events. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

A residential water meter is read every other month (bi-monthly).  This reading is obtained from outside the home by one of 2 methods:  touchpad or radio read unit. The touchpad and radio read devices are able to electronically transmit a meter reading outside the building identical to that of the inside water meter.  The typical useful life cycle of a water meter is 10 to 15 years. After this time, the meter may develop problems providing accurate readings.  System audits are performed to monitor possible equipment failures. Canton has an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Program, which allow us to read all water meters in the community via radio frequency which is more accurate and more efficient. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The outside meter you are referring to is probably your gas meter, electric meter or remote water meter reading device unit. Water meters must be housed in an enclosed area, where heat is available throughout the winter months; otherwise, the meter can be damaged by frost. It is most common to find water meters in a basement; however, it might be in a crawlspace, cellar, storage room or 1st floor closet (if the home has been built on a slab). Wherever the meter is located, it must be accessible to our Division of Public Works (DPW) servicemen if our equipment needs repair or inspection. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

Often when Canton residents receive their bills, they wonder why it is so high. Residents are billed bi-monthly for water and sewer usage. One thing to keep in mind is that the bill reflects usage for the previous 2 months. In other words, a bill received in the fall may have summer usage on it. By this time we find that many residents forget how frequently they may have watered over the summer, and are shocked at their bill.  Reading dates are reflected on water bills. Irrigation systems are the biggest source of high water bills. An average sprinkler head can use 2 gallons per minute. If your system has 20 heads, and runs for 20 minutes each day, the result would be 24,000 gallons in a month or 48,000 gallons in a bi-monthly bill. One thing that you can do to monitor your watering is to take a reading at the start of a water cycle and again at the end. By performing this check, you will know exactly how much water is being used by your system. Based on this information, you can adjust your watering accordingly. For information on ways you can conserve water and reduce your costs, please contact one of our Engineering staff in the DPW at 734/394-5150. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

Following an extensive water and sewer rate study in 2004, it was determined that fixed charges were necessary to recover fixed costs that do not vary with the amount of water consumed or sewer usage. This includes the cost for system operation and maintenance, certain customer distribution related expenses, meter reading, billing and collections. The new true cost-of-service rate structure separates usage costs from these fixed costs. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The fixed charges vary based on the size of water meter in your home or business. For most residential customers, the fixed charge (based on a 1-inch meter or less) is $8.24 per bi-monthly billing. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The fixed charges vary based on the size of water meter in your home or business. The fixed charge for residential customers (based on a one-inch meter or less) is $6.04 per bi-monthly billing, if you have a separate sump pump system. For customers who do not have a separate sump pump system, a fixed charge of $14.90 will be assessed bi-monthly. This additional charge reflects the rainwater that enters the sanitary sewer system from the footing drain system that requires treatment at the wastewater treatment plants. If you are unsure whether you have a separate sump pump system or not, please contact the Water Billing staff in the Treasurer’s Office at 734/394-5240 and schedule an appointment to have an inspection by the DPW staff. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

Under the new 2008 Water Billing System, all minimum bills and sewer caps have been eliminated. Customers are now billed strictly on usage. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

Water and sewer bills are mailed bi-monthly. You will receive 6 per year for all Residential,  Businesses, apartments and condominium complexes. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

Canton Township offers many options for paying your water and sewer bill. Payments can be made by cash, check,  Mastercard, Visa and or Discover (additional fees apply) at the Treasurer’s Office located on the 1st floor of the Administration Building at 1150 S Canton Center Road. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. For your convenience, a 24-hour drop-box is located at the southeast corner of the Administration Building. Payments can also be mailed for processing. Electronic payments can be made through your checking or savings account, credit card or debit card at the Canton Township website.  Canton also offers "Interactive Voice Response (IVR)" by phoning in at 1-833-679-1711. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

There is no fee for an online payment if the money is taken directly out of your checking or savings account. However, a fee of $3.95 will be added to any payment made on a debit or credit card. Please note, the $3.95 fee passed onto residents by the bank and not Canton Township. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

You can make additional payments or partial payments on your account using any of the options described above. Be sure to include your account number to ensure correct posting of your payment. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

5% penalty is charged on the current water and sewer charges after the specified due date. Postmarks will not be honored. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

If you are planning to move, a final water reading should be performed on your residence. Please schedule a final reading, at least 48 hours in advance, by contacting the Water Billing staff at 734/394-5240. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

No, the township ordinance does not allow a second meter for outdoor water use. Sewer charges are based on 100% of the water consumption, and this is how Canton Township is charged for sewage treatment in the GLWA system. If a community chooses to remove the sewage charge component from an irrigation (outside water) meter, the cost must be made up by increasing the rate charged for domestic (internal) water use.  This would result in increasing the cost to modest users while decreasing the unit cost to users that use more (irrigation) water.  Theoretically, if every customer had dual meters and all the irrigation meters were not charged the sewage component, then the cost of water for every user would increase. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

A leak can occur in several different places in your home or business. The following tips will help you determine where the leak could be. Water meter Make sure no water is being used indoors or outdoors. Turn off all faucets, shower, washer, irrigation system, etc. Check to see if the small water meter dial is moving by watching the meter for three to four minutes. If it does not move, chances are you have no leaks. Check for slow leaks by reading the meter at night and again in the morning during a period when you have not used any water overnight. If the meter shows usage, you have a leak. If you have a water softener, check on a night when you are not recharging the system. Toilet Look at the toilet bowl after the tank has stopped filling. If water is running into the bowl, or if you can hear it running, your toilet is leaking. Most toilet leaks happen at the overflow pipe or the plunger ball/flapper valve inside the tank. Overflow Pipe - Take off the tank lid and flush. The water level should be ½ inch or so below the pipe. If it flows over the edge and down the pipe, you are losing water and need to adjust your float level accordingly. Plunger Ball or Flapper Valve - Your toilet could have a silent leak. To check, drop a little food coloring in the tank. Do not flush and wait for about 10 minutes. If the food coloring appears in the bowl, you have a silent leak, and can probably be repaired with parts from you local hardware store. If your toilet is leaking and you cannot get it repaired right away, shut it off at the valve behind the toilet when you are not using it. Outdoors & Elsewhere Check all faucets, shower heads and outside spigots for drips. A slow drip loses 15-20 gallons per day. During winter months, it is recommended that the water supply to outdoor spigots be turned off at the inside valve to prevent frost damage to the pipes. Check for standing water on your basement floor, especially around the water heater, washer, water softener or water meter. ( Water Services - Canton Township )

The following list illustrates how much water is wasted from a continuous leak over a 2 month period. 1/4 inch leak - 787,666 gallons per bi-monthly at 60 PSI pressure 3/16 inch leak - 444,000 gallons per bi-monthly at 60 PSI pressure 1/8 inch leak - 197,333 gallons per bi-monthly at 60 PSI pressure 1/16 inch leak - 49,335 gallons per bi-monthly at 60 PSI pressure A toilet running continuously amounts to the following amount of wasted water: 210 gallons per hour 5,040 gallons per day 35,280 gallons per week 141,120 gallons per month 282,240 bi-monthly ( Water Services - Canton Township )

These facts about water usage will help illustrate how much water you’re actually using and where. We’re also offering some suggestions on how to limit your usage. Indoor Uses: Showers Take shorter showers! Showers make up 23% of home water use. A 10-minute shower uses 50-100 gallons of water. A standard shower head uses 5-10 gallons of water per minute. A 5-minute shower daily uses nearly 10,000 gallons per year. Low-flow shower heads reduce water use by 50%. Baths Don’t fill the tub full! A full bath tub uses much more water than a shower. Toilets Replace older toilets with new more efficient models! Toilets use 5-7 gallons of water with each flush. The average toilet is flushed 8 times each day - that takes 390 gallons per week, or 20,280 gallons each year. Displacing water in the tank can save 1-2 gallons per flush or up to 5,800 gallons per year. Use a displacement bag or plastic bottle. Faucets Turn off the water while brushing teeth, shaving and washing your hands! Normal faucets flow at 3-5 gallons per minute. Most people use 2-3 gallons of water to brush their teeth. A low-flow faucet aerator reduces flow by 50%. Low-flow faucets can save up to 280 gallons per month for a family of 4. Outdoor Uses: Lawns Manage your outdoor water use! Comply with Canton’s voluntary water use restrictions. In some states, 50% of the water is used on lawns and gardens. Most people water too much, lawns only need about 1 inch per week. To measure, catch sprinkler water in an open can and determine how long it takes for 1 inch to accumulate and then water for that amount of total time. Keep your grass 3 inches in length - the roots will grow stronger and deeper. Use short frequent sprinkler cycles to give the lawn time to absorb the water (typically 5-15 minutes long per cycle). Gardens Add mulch to landscaped beds and trees! Mulch conserves water by retaining moisture and eliminating weeds. ( Water Services - Canton Township )